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Clip-in hair extensions

Colours: 50+ colours
Lengths: 14" 16" 18" 20" 22" 24"
Qualities: Human hair, remy hair, or synthetic hair
Weights: 85 grams to 240 grams
Prices: from $65

Our Clip-in Hair Extensions are easy to apply and easier to remove. Canada Hair's clip-ins are the stress-free solution to those seeking longer and fuller hair without any hassle. Perfect if you need to elevate your hair game for a special occasion, or just for everyday life. They come in 7 wefts, with a total of 16 clips. Each clip is made of solid materials with silicone for a strong grip. Our clip-ins are comfortable, lightweight, and will not slip. Want to pump up the volume for a night out? Or add a little thickness to your everyday style? Our clip-in extensions have you covered. 

Our Clip-ins are SO EASY to use – no hairdresser, no problem! Whether you're at home, on vacation, or prepping for a spontaneous event, these extensions are your quick-fix to a stunning transformation. They play well with all hair types and require minimal upkeep. Made with top-notch silicone grips, they promise to stay put, so you can shake your hair like you just don’t care, without any slip-ups. And if a clip ever dares to give up on you, just drop us an email. We'll swoop in with a free replacement clip faster than you can say “Canada Hair rescue!” But guess what... every pack of Canada Hair clip-in extensions already include 2 extra clips! All our clips are easy to pop open and close. The hair quality? Simply top-shelf! Imagine thick, silky strands from root to tip, in the most vibrant and beautiful colours you’ve ever seen. You can even style our human hair clip-in extensions and remy clip-in extensions with hot tools. These extensions blend seamlessly with your natural hair, promising a look that’s both sophisticated and fun.

At Canada Hair, we take pride in being a Canadian company. Enjoy free shipping across the country with Canada Post and other reliable carriers. No jokes, shipping is always free, all the time, on every single order. If you need a colour change, no sweat! Our hassle-free return policy and prepaid return labels make exchanges a breeze. And as a local brand, say adios to those pesky duty fees! Shopping with us is more than a purchase – it's an experience. We offer 2 colour swatches by mail for $1, quick shipping from within Canada, and a delightful 5% cashback in in-store credits on all purchases. So, are you ready to elevate your hair game? Dive into the vibrant world of Canada Hair's Clip-in Extensions and let your hair do the talking! Available in 14 inch, 16 inch, 18 inch, 20 inch, 22 inch, 24 inch, +40 colours, 3 qualities offered - Synthetic Hair, Real Human Hair, Premium Remy Hair. Different thicknesses: standard, thick, and very thick. BLACKS BROWNS BLONDES OMBRES & BALAYAGES RED, PURPLE & BURGUNDY 14 INCH 18 INCH 22 INCH HUMAN HAIR   REMY HAIR   SYNTHETIC HAIR   

2 Colour Swatches For $1 Coupons Get A Return Label Recommend Me a Colour Hairstylists Discounts In-Store Credits Samples Colour Ring Ship From Canada Help & Contact Youtube tutorials Canadian Company

Enjoy FREE Shipping via Canada Post and other carriers. Benefit from a hassle-free 60-day return policy—return orders with our prepaid label for a FULL refund, no restocking fees. Fast shipping from our Ontario, BC, and Quebec warehouses. No duty fees. We're a proud 100% Canadian company. FREE Colour Match Services >

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  1. Jet Black #1 Clip-in Hair Extensions - Human Hair
    As low as $116.92 was $149.99
  2. Honey Brown & Ash Blonde #12/24 Clip-in Hair Extensions - Human Hair
    As low as $116.92 was $149.99
  3. Black/Brown #1b Clip-in Hair Extensions - Human Hair
    As low as $116.92 was $149.99
  4. Dark Brown #2 Clip-in Hair Extensions - Human Hair
    As low as $116.92 was $149.99
  5. Bleach Blonde #613 Clip-in Hair Extensions - Human Hair
    As low as $116.92 was $149.99
  6. Ombre Chestnut Brown Clip-in Hair Extensions - Human Hair
    As low as $116.92 was $149.99
  7. Ombre Blonde Clip-in Hair Extensions - Human Hair
    As low as $116.92 was $149.99
  8. Ombre Light Blonde Clip-in Hair Extensions - Human Hair
    As low as $116.92 was $149.99
  9. Ombre Balayage Clip-in Hair Extensions - Human Hair
    As low as $116.92 was $149.99
  10. Blonde #60 Clip-in Hair Extensions - Human Hair
    As low as $116.92 was $149.99
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76 items

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The #CanadaHair Advantages



We offer hair extensions made of quality hair. Discover our premium remy hair extensions offered at affordable prices exclusively on Canada Hair!



We are a Canadian company with thousands of satisfied customers across Canada. We are the reference in hair extensions & wigs!



All orders ship quickly for free from Canada. Expect to receive your order within 1 to 5 business days. Your order is traceable online 24/7!



We accept returns for a full refund. We even pay your return fees, so you literally have nothing to lose! Read our return policy for more details.



We really care about you and your hair as much as you do! Our customer service team is at your disposal to answer any question you may have.



All visits and transactions are 100% secured, so you can buy with confidence, knowing that your information remains protected.


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Tip of the Month from Canada Hair™!: Want to keep those clip-in extensions looking fab for longer? Here's a golden nugget of advice: The less you wash them, the longer they'll last! Aim to give them a good cleanse only every 15 to 20 uses. This little trick helps preserve their quality and keeps your hair game strong. So, less washing, more swishing!

Myth of the Month Alert! Think clip-in extensions are a mane menace? Think again! The myth that clip-in extensions damage your natural hair is just that - a myth. When used correctly, these extensions are specifically crafted to be gentle on your locks, ensuring you get that extra volume or length without the ouch. Time to clip in and shine without the worry!

Popular questions and answers about clip-in hair extensions

How to Choose My Clip-In Extensions Hair Colour?

Embark on a colour-matching quest with Canada Hair! Grab two swatches for a mere dollar (that's less than a Timbit!) or get fancy with our full-colour ring and a bonus gift card. Too busy? Snap a selfie and email it to our style gurus for a personalized recommendation. Whether you choose the 2 color swatches or samples, please keep in mind that shipping is always free. Click here to get help choosing the right hair colour >

What's the Difference Between Synthetic, Human, and Remy Hair?

Navigate the hair jungle with Canada Hair! Synthetic hair is your budget-friendly, fairy godmother for a quick glam-up. Human hair is the MVP, blending with your natural hair like gravy on fries. But Remy Hair? It's the hair royalty with unmatched smoothness and longevity. Choose your hair hero and let the transformation begin! So here's a recap: 

Synthetic hair = Budget-friendly, perfect for those rare moments where you need longer and thicker hair. 

Real Human Hair = our best-selling hair quality! The hair looks so real, it's scary. Our real human hair clip-ins will blend seamlessly with your own hair. 

Premium Remy Hair = this is for those who want the best hair quality possible. 

Read more about our 3 hair qualities >

Can I Shower With Clip-In Hair Extensions?

Think of clip-ins like sugar on snow – best enjoyed dry! So, before diving into your shower, unclip those beauties to keep them tangle-free and terrific. Same thing if you were going for a swim. Look, we could advise you to wear a swim cap whenever showering or swimming with your clip-ins, and that would be totally fine, but make your life simpler and simply remove your clip-ins before hopping in the shower or the swimming pool. 

How Do I Select the Appropriate Length?

Measuring for the right length is like fishing for the perfect catch – start from where you'll clip them in and measure down to your dream hair goal. Whether you're after a subtle wave or a dramatic cascade, Canada Hair has the ruler! We offer different hair lengths, ranging from 14 inch to 24 inch. For human hair and remy hair, our clip-ins are sold in 14 inch, 18 inch, and 22 inch. As for synthetic clip-ins, they are sold in 16 inch, 20 inch, and 24 inch. View our hair length chart >

What's the Difference Between Tape-In and Clip-In Hair Extensions?

Canada Hair’s tape-ins are like semi-permanent snow tires for your hair, sticking around for the long haul. You need a hairdresser to apply your tape-ins. Tape-ins last anywere from a few weeks to a few months, and are generally speaking more expensive than clip-in extensions. Clip-ins, on the other hand, are the winter boots you slip on and off with ease – perfect for those who love to switch things up! Clip-ins are the best-selling extensions on Canada Hair for the simple reason that there's no commitment. It's the perfect stress-free solution for anybody looking to achieve longer and thicker hair safely, discreetely, and quickly. 

How Do I Wash or Dry Clip-In Hair Extensions?

Washing your clip-ins is like pampering a polar bear – gentle and sulfate-free. Let them air-dry to keep them looking as fresh as a Mountie's uniform. We can't tell you exactly how to care for your clip-ins in 1 or 2 sentences. We actually need a video to show you how to properly handle your clip-ins. And guess what? We have a video on how to wash your clip-ins >

Can I Sleep With Clip-In Hair Extensions?

Sleeping in your clip-ins is like camping with syrup – it gets sticky. Best to unclip before you hit the hay to avoid any hairy situations. Why make your life complicated? Why are people even searching for this question on the internet? Just remove your clip-ins before heading to bed, so much easier and simpler! 

How Do I Put in Clip-In Hair Extensions By Yourself?

Self-installing your Canada Hair clip-ins is as easy as making poutine – just part, clip, and blend for an instantly fabulous mane. We developed our clip-ins so that they're easy & quick to attach and remove. Putting in clip-ins is really easy and straightforward, but we made a tutorial video anyway. How to put in clip-in extensions >

How Do I Choose the Right Thickness?

Picking the right thickness is like layering for Canadian weather. Thin hair? Go 'standard'. Medium? Pick 'thick'. If you've got hair as dense as a forest, 'very thick' is your buddy.  View our thickness hair chart >

How Long Can I Keep Clip-In Hair Extensions?

Treated right, your Canada Hair clip-ins will stick by you longer than the longest hockey game – around 12 months of style and fun! It also depends on how often you wear them, and how often you wash them. As a general rule of thumb, the less you wear your clip-ins, and especially the less you wash them, the longer they will last. 

What Products Can I Use on Clip-In Hair Extensions?

Alright, so here's the scoop on pampering those clip-in hair extensions – think of them like that high-maintenance friend who only drinks almond milk lattes. Stick to sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners. These are like the yoga and green smoothies for your extensions, keeping them fresh without the drama. A spritz of light leave-in conditioner or detangling spray works wonders – it's like giving your hair a little pep talk to stay smooth and untangled. And let's not go heavy on styling products; think of them like that over-the-top jewelry we all regret wearing in our 20s – less is more. If you’re going to use heat, a heat protectant spray is a must – because we all know the horrors of a bad hair day, right? Keep it light, keep it breezy, and your extensions will be the envy of your brunch club!

Does Canada Hair Offer Other Types of Extensions?

Absolutely! Canada Hair is like a hair buffet – offering tape-ins, sew-ins, and more. There's something for everyone's taste! In general, our clip-in customers are content wearing clip-in extensions. They may try a ponytail extension, or a volumizer clip-in extension (which gives an extra boost of volume). However, some clip-in wearers eventually get bored and tired of always having to wear and remove their clip-in extensions. The solution? Pick a semi-permanent extension method such as tape-ins, sew-ins, micro-loops, fusion, nano-rings, and much more! Canada Hair has everything that you need when it comes to hair extensions. 

How to Prevent Clip-In Hair Extensions From Falling Out?

To prevent clip-in hair extensions from falling out, start by backcombing the roots of your natural hair where the clips will be attached for extra grip. Lightly spritz these areas with hairspray for additional hold. When attaching the extensions, ensure they are close to the roots but not too tight, and check that the clips are securely fastened. Avoid overburdening any single section of your hair with too many extensions to maintain a secure and comfortable fit.

How Often Should You Wash Clip-In Hair Extensions?

You should wash your Canada Hair's clip-ins every 15 to 20 uses.

How Long Will It Take for My Clip-In Hair Extensions to Arrive?

Canada Hair delivers faster than a moose on a mission – expect your new hair mates in 1 to 5 business days, eh! The delivery of your clip-in extensions will depend on where you live exactly in Canada. Although we deliver quickly anywhere in Canada, we can only have so many warehouses. If you reside in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario, well you're in luck, because our customers from these 2 provinces usually receive their clip-in extensions in 1 to 3 days (we know, it's really fast). As for those in the maritimes, mainly Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, and New Brunswick, delivery takes a bit longer, somewhere between 3 to 5 days. As for our customers residing in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, delivery takes 2 to 5 days. If you're in a big city, like Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Surrey, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, etc. delivery will be considerably faster than if you were in a remote palce. Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut customers... don't worry! Delivery is super fast too, but it takes around 4 to 5 days generally speaking. We don't care where you are, we will get your order delivered to you! We ship for free, always, no exclusions! 

How Much Is the Shipping Fee When Ordering Clip-in Extensions?

With Canada Hair, shipping is always free. We have nothing else to tell you, shipping is literally $0. We don't care whether you spend $5 or $5000, you will get free shipping. You can test it yourself: add any item(s) in your cart and look at much we're charging you for shipping. That's right, it's literally a big FAT zero $0! 

Can You Wear Clip-In Hair Extensions Daily?

Rocking your clip-ins daily is fine, but like a good pair of skates, give them and your hair a break now and then.

Will My Clip-In Hair Extensions Be Noticeable to Others?

When applied right, your Canada Hair extensions blend like maple syrup in coffee – seamlessly and sweetly. Our entire business model revolves around you getting longer and thicker hair, where your transformation boosts your self-confidence, without anyone noticing. Our clip-in reviews regularly mention how discreet our clip-in extensions are compared to competition. 

Can I Dye or Colour My Clip-In Hair Extensions?

Dyeing your clip-ins is like ice fishing – possible, but tricky. Best to leave them as they are to keep them looking as majestic as the Northern Lights. Some customers dyed their Canada Hair clip-in extensions and were really happy with the outcome. Others not so much. So take our words for it: don't dye your extensions. This includes purple shampoo and toners. Our clip-ins include a tester swatch so that you can see what the color of the extensions are without opening the main package. If the color doesn't work for you, you can initiate a return online. We will give you a prepaid Canada Post return label so that you can return your order without paying any return shipping fees, and we will give you a full refund. We made our return policy so easy, don't risk dyeing your clip-ins. You will void any possibility of returning the item and you may even damage the quality of the hair! And we don't make any exceptions: if you dye your extensions, we're unable to assist you whether in granting you a refund or helping you restore the quality. Don't dye your clip-ins! We've warned you! 

How to Brush Clip-In Hair Extensions?

Brush your extensions like you’re grooming a gentle Canadian moose (which of course, all Canadians do on a regular basis according to our American friends) – with a wide-tooth comb or special brush, and always from the ends up.

Do Clip-In Hair Extensions Cause Bald Spots?

Clip-ins from Canada Hair are like a gentle hug for your scalp – no bald spots if you apply and remove them with care. 

Can You Wear Clip-In Extensions If You Have Curly Hair?

Certainly! With Canada Hair, choose extensions that are either made of human hair or remy hair so that you can style them with hot tools to match your curls. 

What Is Remy Clip-In Hair Extensions?

Remy hair extensions are the maple syrup of hair – premium, smooth, and sourced with care for that extra shine and durability. Remy Hair = the best quality possible. 

Can I Style Clip-In Hair Extensions With Heat Tools?

Styling with heat? Go for it! But treat your extensions like a delicate snowflake – use a protectant to keep them as pristine as a Canadian winter morning. However, we need to point out something really important: you can't use hot tools on synthetic hair. You can only style your Canada Hair clip-ins when it's made of human hair or remy hair. 

Can I Wear Clip-In Extensions For My Wedding?

For your big day, Canada Hair clip-ins are like the perfect wedding cake – versatile, stunning, and sure to turn heads! Of course clip-in extensions will work for your wedding. Actually, so many of our customers are ordering clip-ins for their big day. Wearing clip-in extensions at your wedding is a smart move! 

What's Your Return Policy for Clip-In Hair Extensions?

Change your mind? No problem! You have a cool 60 days to return your purchase, and we make it easy with a prepaid label. That's the Canada Hair way! By the way, your refund will be a full refund. There will be no shady restocking fees! Unlike competition, we refund you in full, 100% litearally. Also, we refund your payment method directly. It will not be "in-store credits", or "gift cards", or "exchanges". We refund your payment method in full!  Return your clip-ins >

What Is the Difference Between Invisible Wire Extensions and Clip-In Hair Extensions?

Invisible wire extensions are like a magic trick – they use a wire for attachment, while our clip-ins use sturdy clips for a secure, yet easy-to-remove fit. Both are fine, it really depends on your taste. 

Do Clip-In Hair Extensions Damage Your Hair?

With proper care, Canada Hair's clip-ins are as gentle on your hair as a canoe ride on a calm lake – no damage, just beauty.

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