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OMBRE BALAYAGE hair extensions and wigs

Buy online hair extensions and wigs in colour: Ombre Balayage

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Ombre Balayage


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  1. Ombre Balayage Clip-in Hair Extensions - Synthetic Hair
    As low as $64.99 As low as $0.00
  2. Ombre Balayage Clip-in Hair Extensions - Human Hair
    As low as $149.99
  3. Ombre Balayage Tape-in Hair Extensions - Human Hair
    As low as $149.99 As low as $0.00
  4. Ombre Balayage Invisible Wire Extensions - Synthetic Hair
    As low as $48.71 was $64.99 As low as $0.00
  5. Ombre Balayage Invisible Wire Extensions - Human Hair
    As low as $112.42 was $149.99 As low as $0.00
  6. Ombre Balayage Micro-loop Hair Extensions (Micro-Beads) - Human Hair
    As low as $49.99
  7. Ombre Balayage Wrap Ponytail Hair Extensions - Synthetic Hair 20 Inches
    Special Price $56.21 was $74.99
  8. Ombre Balayage Wrap Ponytail Hair Extensions - Human Hair 18 Inches
    Special Price $187.37 was $249.99
  9. Ombre Balayage Fusion Hair Extensions (Pre Bonded Keratin) - Human Hair
    As low as $49.99
  10. Ombre Balayage Nano-rings Hair Extensions (Nano-Beads) - Human Hair
    As low as $49.99
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80 items

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We offer hair extensions made of quality hair. Discover our premium remy hair extensions offered at affordable prices exclusively on Canada Hair!



We are a Canadian company with thousands of satisfied customers across Canada. We are the reference in hair extensions & wigs!



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  • Learn more about Canada Hair's Ombre Balayage hair extensions and Ombre Balayage wigs

    Buy Ombre Balayage Hair Extensions Online

    Hair extensions Ombre Balayage  are a great hair accessory. Usually, women spend fortunes on clothing and make-up, but how about having long and thick hair safely and quickly? Before discovering, many of these women thought Ombre Balayage hair extensions were expensive. Although this can be true, that’s not the case with us!

    As a national hair supplier, we are in a unique position to offer you quality products at affordable prices.

    Since most of the Ombre Balayage hair extensions available in the market have additional length and volume, the user’s styling options also automatically increase.

    Listed below are some of best ways to use this amazing product. 

    Ombre Balayage Hair extensions

    • Ombre Balayage Hair extensions come with different installation methods, such as clip in extensions. This method is the easiest and simplest. In short, you can install these extensions in a few minutes quickly and safely. Get longer, fuller, and more luxurious hair instantly.
    • You can also wear them 24/7 with our permanent Ombre Balayage hair extension selection. These extensions are to be installed by a certified hair technician.
    • Hair extensions don’t damage your hair. They are safe.
    • Will it prevent your hair from naturally growing back? No, it doesn’t! Ombre Balayage Hair extensions are a great way of adding length and volume to your natural hair without preventing your hair from naturally growing back.
    • If you have a wedding or a high school prom, or simply any special occasion, wearing extensions is a sure way of standing out.
    • You can buy extensions at affordable prices on popular websites such as Canada Hair. If you are budget-conscious, we suggest synthetic clip in extensions which are approximately $50.
    • You can find almost any color or length when you buy extensions. Browse a wide range of color varieties such as black shades, brown shades, blonde shades, and fantasy shades such as red, burgundy, and purple.
    • No need to wait for months until your hair grows back! With hair extensions, you can get longer and thicker hair quickly. The extensions are discrete and will blend seamlessly with your hair.
    • With hair extensions, you have ”more hair to work with” so you can try different new hairstyles. Those individuals who would prefer to have longer and thicker braids may opt for hair styling options such as fishtail braid, dutch braid, bow braid as well as mermaid braid.
    • Human haircan be straightened and curled without any issues. This is a great way of styling your new long and thick hair in any way you wish.
    • Sometimes, hairdressers & hairstylists make mistakes when working on your hair. It might be that you didn’t explain what you wanted exactly, or simply because the hairdresser made a human mistake. Things like that can happen, and that’s why hair extensions are great. You can fix a bad haircut easily by opting for Ombre Balayage hair extensions.

    Canada Hair ombre hair extensions