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Canada Hair extensions and Canada Hair wigs have been reviewed positively thousands of times accross Canada! The best place to order hair extensions online in Canada and wigs in Canada is on! 


Best Hair Extensions in Canada & Best Wigs in Canada - Canada Hair

Ordering hair extensions and wigs online in Canada is now easier than ever thanks to Canada Hair! As Canada's favourite online hair shop, Canada Hair is an influential, innovative, and progressive hair company reinventing a wholly modern approach to hair extensions and wigs. Regularly reviewed as the best hair extensions brand in Canada, all our hair extensions & wigs are made of high-quality hair and will blend seamlessly with your own hair for a natural and discreet result. We have redefined hair extensions and wigs in the 21st century, further reinforcing our position as one of the world's most reliable & desirable Canadian hair extension brand. You can finally stop searching online for human hair extensions in Canada or for a Canadian hair extension brand, because is your answer.  If you're searching for quality real natural human hair extensions, we're the real deal. All of Canada Hair's extensions and wigs are offered in different hair colours, hair lengths, and hair qualities. Whether it's for clip-in hair extensions, real hair extensions, cheap hair extensions, high-quality remy hair extensions, or any other types of extensions, you will find exactly what you need on! We proudly offer online in Canada the following remy human hair extensions: clip-in hair extensions, tape-in hair extensions, invisible wire hair extensions, fusion prebonded hair extensions, micro-loops hair extensions, nano-rings hair extensions, sew-in hair extensions, ponytail hair extensions, lace front wigs, hair toppers, men toupees, and much more at affordable prices! All orders on Canada Hair ship for free and are protected with our easy hassle-free return policy. 

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    Clip in hair extensions

    What is the best way of getting longer and thicker hair instantly and safely?

    It’s with clip in hair extensions!

    Clip in hair extensions are the most popular hair extensions because you can install and remove the extensions yourself. No need for you to book an appointment with a hairdresser to have them installed! You simply part your hair, open the clip open, and attach them to your hair. It only takes a few minutes.

    Go from short, thin, and boring hair to long, thick, and luxurious hair instantly.

    Tape in hair extensions

    What are the best hair extensions if you have thin or fine hair? It’s tape in hair extensions!

    Tape in hair extensions are comfortable, lightweight, discreet, and reusable. These extensions will add length and volume to your hair in a natural looking way.’s tape in extensions were specifically designed for women with thin hair.

    Get longer, thicker, and more luxurious hair in a safe and discreet way with our tape in hair extensions.

    Micro-loop hair extensions (micro-beads)

    If you wish to wear extensions 24/7, micro loop hair extensions are a great solution.

    Contrary to other hair extensions methods, these extensions are installed without glue or heat. In short, each strand has its own loop at the end of it. This loop will be used to attach your own hair with the strand of hair extension.’s micro loop hair extensions are made of 100% real hair, so they will blend seamlessly with your natural hair for a natural and discreet result.

    Dramatically change your hairstyle today by buying micro loop hair extensions on!

    Fusion hair extensions

    What are the most preferred hair extensions by celebrities? It’s fusion hair extensions!

    Fusion hair extensions come in different hair strands. Each hair strand has a glue at the end of it. This is why some people refer to fusion hair extensions as pre-bonded hair extensions or keratin tip hair extensions.

    These extensions are installed strand by strand, so the end-result is really natural. The glue at the end of each strand will be melted to your hair with the help of a hot tool called “fusion connector”. The greatest advantage of fusion hair extensions is that they hold firmly to your hair. This is why many celebrities love to wear fusion extensions.

    Are you ready to get longer, fuller, and more luxurious hair? Then place your order today on!

    Sew in hair extensions

    If you wish to wear extensions 24/7, sew in hair extensions are a great way of achieving this at a very low price.

    Indeed, sew in extensions are the most inexpensive type of permanent hair extensions. It works this way: the hairdresser will start by braiding small sections in your natural hair. After that, the weave will be cut into small pieces and sewed into the small braids in your hair.

    Dramatically change your look by placing your order today on!

    Ponytail extensions

    Why waits for months for your hair to grow back naturally when you can instantly have a long and thick ponytail with ponytail extensions!

    Ponytail extensions are prefect if you wish to dramatically change your look. These extensions are installed easily and quickly. You can install them yourself in a few minutes. They are safe and discreet.

    Discover quality ponytail extensions by placing your order today on!

    Invisible wire hair extensions

    Invisible wire hair extensions are installed in a few seconds only.

    These invisible wire extensions sit on your head gently and are attached to your head using an invisible wire. The wire attaches to both sides of the weft. The wire is undetectable and the invisible wire extension piece slides right onto your head like a headband. Keep in mind that the wire is so thin and undetectable that you won’t even know its in your hair!

    Easy to blend in with your own hair, make it look like your hair has grown exponentially overnight!

    Nano rings hair extensions

    Nano Rings hair extensions are one of the safest techniques for your hair because no glue is used.

    The process in installing nano rings extensions involves placing individual hair extension strands and securing them with a nano ring. One of the main benefit of wearing nano hair extensions is that their bonds are incredibly tiny. In fact they’re around 90% smaller than a micro ring, resulting in being crowned one of the smallest bonds available. The nano ring itself is tiny and less likely to be noticed. Plus it is more comfortable, especially for those with finer hair.Not to mention being superb at being discreet when fitted correctly to the hair.

    They do not require heat or glue to secure them, meaning they will be kinder and gentle on the hair. When it’s time to remove them, they are really easy to do so, and won’t require the typical alcohol or acetone based solution remover, unlike the prebonded hair extension method.


    Canada Hair wigs are offered at affordable prices. Canada Hair wigs are comfortable, lightweight, discreet, and easy to apply!

    The advantage of buying wigs in Canada online is that you will receive your order in a few days only. All orders ship from Canada, so you can expect to receive your order usually between 1 to 5 business days. There are several reasons why wigs are popular. Wigs can conceal natural hair issues. Wigs also have the advantage of being convenient. Contrary to hair extensions, you can wear a wig in seconds only.

    Canada Hair wigs were conceived to be easy to install. If you were looking to buy a wig online that can be installed quickly, Canada Hair wigs are the solution for you. Wigs are great if you want to experiment a new hairstyle without commitment. Indeed, you won’t have to go through the trouble of dying, styling, and cutting your hair. Not only this can be damaging to your own hair, but some of the wigs hairstyles are difficult to reproduce at a hair salon. In short, wigs help you achieve stunning hairstyles that would otherwise be damaging, expensive, and painful on your real hair.

    Hair Toppers

    Hair loss is a pretty common occurrence that causes many of those who suffer from it to lack confidence. However, rather than letting it take you down, there are plenty of options that you can choose from to cover that issue to boost your confidence up again and make your hair look fuller and healthier. There is a variety of options for that, including hair toppers, wigs, hair extensions, and the likes. Since hair extensions and wigs are something more commonly heard of, you must be thinking about what hair toppers are. What do they do? When should you use them? We are going to answer all your questions about hair toppers so that you can decide if it is the right fit for you or not. We will tell you all about hair toppers, what they do, how you can wear them, where to find them, and most importantly, how you can choose the right one for you. Hair Toppers sold on Canada Hair are the perfect way to conceal thinning hair and hair loss issues. Canada Hair toppers are easy to apply & remove, are made with 100% real remy human hair, and are available in different sizes, colours, and lengths.

    Canada Hair

    Shop Hair Extensions With Canada Hair Shop

    Canada Hair extensions are soft, tangle-free, discreet and will give you longer and fuller hair. Hair extensions in Canada are usually expensive, but not anymore because we now offer in canada hair extensions that are affordable on Canada Hair shop. Our favorite type of hair extensions are clip in hair because you can wear and remove them anytime you want. And it only takes 5 minutes! That’s what makes clip in hair extensions a best seller as one of canada hair extensions. Another popular type of hair extensions are permanent hair like weaves / sew-in hair extensions, which was the 1st method of hair installation to be introduced to the market. Canada Hair extensions are also available as tape in hair: a discreet way of having long hair. If you are looking for more volume, we suggest micro-loop hair or fusion/pre-bonded hair extensions. We offer 2 qualities of hair extensions: 100% real human hair and synthetic hair. Both will give you longer and fuller hair, but with 100% real human hair, you can style the hair with your hot tools and style them as you please without any danger. Canada hair extensions are available in many colors, lengths, styles, qualities and thicknesses, which makes us your #1 reference for hair extensions in canada and hair care products online in canada. Hair extensions in Canada used to be available only in big cities until our store, Canada Hair, made it easy to buy hair extensions online. Hair Extensions shouldn’t be luxury, we believe all Canadians should have access to quality hair extensions at low prices. Canada Hair extensions are possible because we have developed a sophisticated distribution system. As a result, you can find on Canada Hair’s website the latest and hottest products. We are also designing and producing trendy wigs, soon you might refer to us as Canada Wigs because we will be offering countless styles of wigs! Our mission is to offer top quality hair at affordable prices for Canadians. We have a hassle-free easy return policy, all payments are 100% secured and we ship from Canada. This means that your hair extensions, wigs, hair care products and hot tools will be delivered to you quickly and safely. Shop hair extensions in canada and hair care products online in canada by browsing our website now.

    Hair Extensions Canada - Human hair extensions

    Human hair extensions keep gaining popularity in Canada because they look more natural. Contrary to synthetic hair extensions, human hair can be styled with hot tools. If you feel that your hair line is getting thinner and short, you may consider purchasing human hair extensions. Human hair extensions are widely used in the field of fashion industry.

    Remy Human Hair Extensions on Canada Hair Shop

    Remy human hair extensions are the best in terms of price/quality ratio. Remy Human Hair Extensions are extremely versatile and flexible. However, they are more expensive than synthetic hair extensions due to its quality. One of the major drawbacks with respect to synthetic hair and its hairpieces is that it is difficult to manage and is vulnerable to damages. A human hair extension stands apart since it is the most preferred extensions by the customers and hair stylists. Now let us discuss some of the major reasons behind investing money in remy human hair extensions.

    • Easy to manage and style human hair extensions: One of the major advantages of wearing human hair extensions is that it can be styled in any ways such as hair straightening and curling. Although the extensions made of real hair can be dyed, we always recommend you don't change the color of the extensions. Changing the color of the hair extensions may damage them and shorten their lifespan. If you dye the extensions, this is done at your discretion and we cannot be held accountable if you are unhappy with the outcome.

    • Easy to wash and minimum maintenance : You can wash and rinse human hair extensions and manage them like a natural hair. Note that if it is properly taken care of, you can extend its longevity.

    • What are the differences between remy hair and human hair? Remy Hair Extension is one of the superior quality hair extensions available in the market. It is designed in such a way that all the cuticles are paired and positioned in the same direction. By doing so, the hair follicles are placed in exact direction. The hair strands are carefully aligned in a particular direction as and when it grows. It would help in eliminating further tangling issues when compared to standard human hair extensions and least expensive hair extensions. It ensures durability and lasts for a long period of time.

    How to wash clip-in hair extensions?

    • At first, you may pour large quantities of cool or lukewarm water into a bucket.

    • Remember to detangle the hair extension before they are immersed into the water. You should not twist or rub the hair. Include small quantities of mild shampoo and gently swash it.

    • Now thoroughly rinse the hair using cold water.

    • Remove the excess water by using a towel.

    • Allow the hair to get dried up. Ensure that it is not exposed under direct sunlight.

    • After it is completely dried, pick the hair extension and style it according to your needs and preferences.


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