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Clip in hair extensions Canada Hair
Canada Hair Extensions Hair Straightener Brush ceramic

Hair Extensions:hair extensions give you long, thick and luxurious hair instantly. Since we're a national supplier of several hair shops and hair salons in Canada, our hair extensions are sold at low prices while maintaining high standards of quality.

Clip in hair extensions

Clip in
Hair Extensions



Tape in hair extensions

Tape in
Hair Extensions

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Micro loop hair extensions

Micro Loop
Hair Extensions

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Fusion / Pre-Bonded hair extensions

Hair Extensions

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Hair Extensions Jet Black (#1)

Jet Black (#1)

Hair Extensions Black / Brown (#1b)

Black / Brown (#1b)

Hair Extensions Dark Brown (#2)

Dark Brown (#2)

Hair Extensions Chocolate Brown (#4)

Chocolate Brown (#4)

Hair Extensions Chestnut Brown (#6)

Chestnut Brown (#6)

Hair Extensions Light Brown (#8)

Light Brown (#8)

Hair Extensions Golden Brown (#10)

Golden Brown (#10)

Hair Extensions Honey Brown (#12)

Honey Brown (#12)

Hair Extensions Ash Blonde (#22)

Ash Blonde (#22)

Hair Extensions Strawberry Blonde (#27)

Strawberry Blonde (#27)

Hair Extensions Auburn (#30)

Auburn (#30)

Hair Extensions Dark Auburn (#33)

Dark Auburn (#33)

Hair Extensions Bleach Blonde (#613)

Bleach Blonde (#613)

Hair Extensions Honey Brown and Bleach Blonde (#12/24)

Honey Brown and Bleach Blonde (#12/24)

Hair Extensions Strawberry Blonde and Bleach Blonde (#27/613

Strawberry Blonde and Bleach Blonde (#27/613)

Hair Extensions Red


Hair Extensions Burgundy


Hair Extensions Red Wine

Red Wine

Hair Extensions Purple


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Hair extensions armpit length

Armpit length

Hair extensions bra strap length

Bra Strap length

Hair extensions mid back length

Mid Back length

Hair extensions waist length

Waist length


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