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18 INCHES and 20 INCHES Long Clip in hair extensions (Medium hair, Mid-Back Length)

18 inches and 20 inches clip-in hair extensions are the most popular! Perfect if you want the length of the extensions to reach the middle of your back or shorter. 18 inches clip-in extensions on Canada Hair are available in over 25 shades! 18 inches and 20 inches Clip-in hair extensions give you longer and thicker hair instantly! You can install 18 inches and 20 inches clip in extensions yourself at home in a few minutes. You don't need a hairdresser or any products/equipment. It's easy, quick, and safe. Simply part your hair, pop the clips open, and attach them to your hair. Canada Hair's 18 inches and 20 inches clip-in extensions are perfect for newbies because of how user-friendly and easy they are to install. Transform your look today with Canada Hair's 18 inches and 20 inches clip-in hair extensions!

Canada Hair clip-in extensions

Go from short, thin & boring hair to longer, thicker & more luxurious hair. The ideal choice for those who want a stress-free hair extension solution. Clip in extensions will blend seamlessly with your own hair for a natural & discrete result. Perfect if you wish to wear hair extensions occasionally. Dramatically transform your look today!



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  1. 18 Inch Clip-in Hair Extensions - Human Hair
    As low as $199.99
  2. 18 Inch Clip-in Hair Extensions - Remy Hair
    As low as $349.99
  3. 20 Inch Clip-in Hair Extensions - Synthetic Hair
    As low as $63.70 was $74.99
  4. Hair Extensions Hanger/Carrier & Detangling Brush
    Special Price $14.99 was $29.99
  5. Detangling Brush
  6. Get a sample of Clip-in Human Hair Extensions + $10 Gift Card [Final Sale]
    As low as $14.99
  7. Get a sample of Clip-in Remy Hair Extensions + $15 Gift Card [Final Sale]
    As low as $19.99
  8. Colour Ring 30 Colours (Human Hair) And A $30 Gift Card [Final Sale]
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  • Learn more about Canada Hair's 18 inch clip-in hair extensions

    Buy 18 inch clip-in hair extensions  

    18 inch hair extensions are ideal if you wish to have long hair, but not unnecessarily too long. This is important to mention because longer hair is more expensive. The price for 22 inch hair extensions for example can easily be 20% more expensive than 18 inch hair extensions. What's the point of spending more money for a length you don't necessarily need? 18 inch hair extensions are enough to make a dramatic change in your hairstyle. Our 18 inch hair extensions on USA Hair are available in different types of extensions. Our best-selling type of hair extensions are clip-ins. The reason is that clip-in extensions can be applied & removed at home easily & safely. It's simple & straightforward to install clip-in extensions. So normally, our best-selling category is 18 inch clip-in hair extensions! Our 18 inch hair extensions in the clip-in category are available in different hair colors: 18 inch black hair extensions, 18 inch blonde hair extensions, 18 inch ombre hair extensions, 18 inch brown hair extensions, and more! Canada Hair is the reference in Canada when it comes to ordering online 18 inch hair extensions at affordable prices. Canada Hair sells clip in extensions in 18 inch extensions, 18 inch hair extensions, 20 inch extensions, 20 inch hair extensions.

    How to wash 18 inch clip in hair extensions?

    So you been wearing your hair extensions for a couple weeks and they’re starting to smell a little less than fresh and now it’s time for your first wash so what do you need to do? 

    If you have synthetic hair extensions then we suggest washing or cleansing them after every 15 wears which is roughly once a month.

     Human hair extensions require you to do a little bit more and we suggest you wash them after every five or so wears, which is on average about every fortnight. 

    The process is a little different for each type of 18 inch clip in extensions and we will focus on synthetic hair first.

     Remember we told you that synthetic hair is made from artificial fibers, therefore you don’t need to treat them like natural hair when you wash them. All you really want to do is cleanse them of any extra dirt or debris from while you have been wearing them.

    You can rinse them quickly under warm running water holding the 18 inch clips together and letting the water trickle down the length of the hair. Then using a mild shampoo, smooth this over the hair and then give it a rinse.

     Synthetic hair can get tangled very easily so you don’t want to swish or scrub. If you don't hold it together you end up with a knotted mess that is unusable. 

    You don’t need to use a conditioner or any fancy creams or serums, just make sure all of the dirt and shampoo is rinsed out thoroughly and allowed to air dry flat. Once it is dry, you can then use a large brush or wide tooth comb to gently detangle, as when its wet it becomes very elastic and can snap. 

    Washing human hair 18 inch clip in extensions is really easy and just follows the same steps as you would wash your own hair. You can choose to do it under running water or in a bowl filled with warm soapy water.

     When conditioning the hair extension, try not to get any of the product too close to the roots or where the 18 inch clips are as it can damage the hair and make them greasy in the long run. Aim for a least 2 inches down.

     Where ever possible, always try to deep condition or leave the conditioner to soak in for a least 30 minutes before rinsing.

     You can expect some shedding with these extensions, so always be gentle and detangle with your fingers first to minimise any extra hair loss.

     Dry the 18 inch clip-in extension on a flat towel or smooth surface will work to reduce the possibility of damage when compared to using a blow dryer or other heaterd tools. 

    Just before the hair is completely dry, when it’s still a little bit damp to the touch, you can add a little oil such as Argan or jojoba or a serum to help smooth and coat the strands.

     When the hair is completely dry, you can store them as usual without styling beforehand unless you plan to year the straightaway.

    18 inch extensions, 20 inch extensions 

    Canada Hair clip in extensions are available in: 

    18 inch extensions
    18 inch hair extensions
    20 inch extensions
    20 inch hair extensions


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