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Wrap Ponytail Extensions

Wrap Ponytail Extension: why wait months if you can have longer and fuller hair instantly? There are special events where you need that all full, perfect hair. When it comes to this, no worries! All thanks to wrap ponytail extensions!

ponytail hair extensions

This is one extension that easily wins the heart of hair fanatics. Ponytail extensions are perfect if you wish to dramatically change your look. Wrap ponytail extensions are installed easily and quickly, you can do the installation yourself at home. Since no glue, chemical products, or hot tools are being used, these extensions are safe for your hair. Designed to be discreet, no one will know that you are wearing a ponytail extension!




[+] How do I choose the right hair color?

Canada Hair extensions are offered in more than 20 beautiful hair colors and will blend seamlessly with your natural hair.

You can get 2 colors swatches for free! It will be delivered by Canada Post in 4 to 10 days. Get 2 free color swatches

Additionally, our team can help you choose the right hair color: email us a recent selfie taken in natural lighting with no direct sunlight, where we can see you hair from top to bottom, and with no filters added. Our team will be happy to make a recommendation!

Canada Hair orders are protected with an easy return policy. You can return your order for a full refund and we also pay your return fees! We accept returns under certain conditions. Read our return policy for more details.



[+] What's the difference between hair qualities?


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We offer hair extensions made of quality hair. Discover our premium remy hair extensions offered at affordable prices exclusively on Canada Hair!



We are a Canadian company with thousands of satisfied customers across Canada. We are the reference in hair extensions & wigs!



All orders ship quickly from Canada. Expect to receive your order within 1 to 5 business days. Your order is traceable online 24/7!



We accept returns for a full refund. We even pay your return fees, so you literally have nothing to lose! Read our return policy for more details.



We really care about you and your hair as much as you do! Our customer service team is at your disposal to answer any question you may have.



All visits and transactions are 100% secured, so you can buy with confidence, knowing that your information remains protected.


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    Ponytail Extension

    Ponytail Extensions | Canada Hair

    Ponytails are one of the most versatile hairstyles around—they can either be sporty and perky or sleek and chic, equally fitting for either yoga pants or an evening gown. The only thing is, you need to have a lot of hair to create a dazzling ponytail. If your hair is short or lacks volume, you may think wearing a ponytail is impossible for you, but that’s where ponytail extensions come to the rescue. Just add the extension to your natural hair and you instantly have a full and flawless ponytail.

    A ponytail extension is a great addition to your hair wardrobe. It is easy to attach to your own hair because you simply clip it in—plus, no chemicals or glue mean the extension is easy to take out when you’re done wearing it and it won’t cause any extra stress to your own hair, keeping it healthy. With the range of colors available at Canada Hair, you can find an extension to match your own color to create a natural, discreet look—your ponytail will look like it’s all your own hair. Plus, our ponytail extensions are priced affordably and are high quality. It’s one of the easiest ways to create a fabulous and dramatic new look.

    When it comes to ponytail extensions, there are two types you can choose from and each has its own benefits. At Canada Hair, our human hair ponytail extensions are made from only the best remy human hair, which means they will stay smooth, soft, and tangle free. One of the pros for human hair extensions is that you can style them as you would your own hair—you can use a curling iron to create a wavy pony, for instance. Caring for this kind of extension is also simple, because you can wash it with regular shampoo and conditioner.

    The other type is a synthetic hair ponytail extension. Our extensions use only the highest quality type of synthetic fiber to ensure a realistic look—these ponytails won’t look fake, but they’ll look luxurious instead. While a synthetic ponytail extension can’t be styled like the human hair version, they are sold at much lower prices, making beautiful ponytails accessible to everyone at every price point.

    A bouncy and bountiful ponytail that gracefully swings against your back can be yours just by ordering a ponytail extension at Canada Hair. Our wide selection and reputation for quality ensure the perfect pony is just a click away on our secure website—and you’ll get it for a great price. Once you place the order, you are assured of speedy delivery—usually between one to five business days via Canada Post—and you can track it throughout the shipping process online at any time. If for some reason the extension doesn’t work out, we have a customer-friendly, hassle-free return policy. Browse our website today and you’re sure to find the extension you need to create a flowing and fabulous ponytail.

    Browse Beautiful Ponytail Hair Extensions from Canada Hair

    Ponytail hair extensions offered on Canada Hair, your reference for ponytail extension in Canada, are tangle-free and discrete! You can have ponytail hair extensions installed quickly and easily. The best advantage ponytail extension have is that they are safe for your hair. These extensions will not damage your hair because no chemicals or glue are being used. In fact, you can install ponytail hair extensions yourself without professional help. Additionally, wearing ponytail extension will not prevent your hair from growing back naturally. Ponytail hair extensions are available in different type of hair qualities. Canada Hair proudly offers ponytail hair extensions in Canada made of synthetic hair and human hair. The human hair ponytail has the advantage that it is made of 100% real hair. In short, they can be washed, styled, treated, straightened, and curled like your own hair. This hair quality is also called remy human hair ponytails. On the other hand, you can choose a cheaper alternative to human hair ponytails. You can go for the synthetic ponytail hair extensions which are less expensive. Buying ponytail hair extensions in Canada is now easy thanks to Canada Hair. We are a national hair extensions distributor. We offer quality hair extensions, such as the ponytail extension, at low prices because we don't work with intermediaries. Consequently, we can reduce operational cost and pass on the savings to you. Benefit from our wide range of quality extensions offered in different hair extensions methods. If you have any questions about ponytail extension, or if you have questions about anything else, please keep in mind that we are only an email away and happy to help. We can guide in choosing the right type of hair extensions for you. If you are planning on buying ponytail extension in Canada, we invite you in browsing our website today. All orders ship quickly from Canada and are traceable online 24h/7.


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