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Black Clip in hair extensions

Black Clip-in hair extensions give you longer and thicker hair instantly! You can install black clip in extensions yourself at home in a few minutes. You don't need a hairdresser or any products/equipment. It's easy, quick, and safe. Simply part your hair, pop the clips open, and attach them to your hair. Canada Hair's black clip-in extensions are perfect for newbies because of how user-friendly and easy they are to install. Black clip-in hair extensions are a great way to get the look of long, thick hair without all the hassle. Made from high-quality hair, these black clip-in extensions look and feel completely natural. Plus, they're incredibly easy to apply and remove, so you can have longer hair one day and take it out the next without any stress. With free shipping on all orders in Canada, there's no reason not to try black clip-in hair extensions from Canada Hair today! Transform your look today with Canada Hair's black clip-in hair extensions!

Canada Hair clip-in extensions

Go from short, thin & boring hair to longer, thicker & more luxurious hair. The ideal choice for those who want a stress-free hair extension solution. Clip in extensions will blend seamlessly with your own hair for a natural & discrete result. Perfect if you wish to wear hair extensions occasionally. Dramatically transform your look today!



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There are 4 ways to find your colour from the comfort of your home! Click here to find out how.



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  1. Jet Black #1 Clip-in Hair Extensions - Human Hair
    As low as $149.99
  2. Black/Brown #1b Clip-in Hair Extensions - Human Hair
    As low as $149.99
  3. Ombre Grey Clip-in Hair Extensions - Human Hair
    As low as $149.99 was $149.99
  4. Detangling Brush
  5. Jet Black #1 Clip-in Hair Extensions - Synthetic Hair
    As low as $64.99
  6. Black/Brown #1b Clip-in Hair Extensions - Synthetic Hair
    As low as $64.99 As low as $0.00
  7. Ombre Grey Clip-in Hair Extensions - Synthetic Hair
    As low as $55.21 was $64.99 As low as $0.00
  8. Hair Extensions Hanger/Carrier & Detangling Brush
    Special Price $14.99 was $29.99
  9. Jet Black #1 Clip-in Hair Extensions - Remy Hair
    As low as $349.99 was $349.99 As low as $0.00
  10. Black/Brown #1b Clip-in Hair Extensions - Remy Hair
    As low as $349.99 As low as $0.00
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  • Learn more about Canada Hair's black clip-in hair extensions

    Buy black clip-in hair extensions  

    black Clip-in hair extensions which are sometimes referred to as ‘black Clip-in-wefts’ are available in synthetic hair and natural remy human hair. One of the major highlights of this method is that users can easily apply and detach this extension whenever required. The total time taken to execute this application is about five to fifteen minutes. This type of extension does not contain the presence of any sorts of chemical solutions and no heating is required. Moreover, you don’t need a hairdresser or any professional assistance in installing clip in extensions. Therefore, you are automatically saving a considerable amount of money since most hair extensions installation requires professional assistance. Clip in hair extensions are the most popular type of extensions… and also the cheapest hair extensions available. What is the average lifespan of clip in hair extensions? It is also based on how the user handles and manages the extensions such as types of cosmetic products used to clean it and usage. If they are treated properly, the lifespan will extend from six months to one year. Many of our customers claim that their clip in extensions lasted for more than one year!

    black Clip on extensions are are gateway drug of choice for many, leading you into a amazing fantasy world of hair extensions. Now, with other addictions you may have concerns about side-effects but with clip in extensions that only affects are great hair, a boost in confidence and absolutely living your best life.

    If you are new to this world, it can be overwhelming, confusing and scary not knowing who to trust with all of the info about black clip in hair extensions but worry not! 

    We are your fairy godmother, willing to walk you through the process of 

    • buying 
    • keeping
    • caring for your black clip in extensions 

    and wearing them like the boss babes you are.

    At Canada Hair, we are all about the hair, well it is in our name and we want to make sure that you guys not only purchase the best products but have a complete understanding of how to wear different extensions and any other questions that may be on your mind.

    What are black Clip in Hair Extensions?


    black Clip in extensions are a magical product, that once applied to your hair will seriously up your viva and make you completely irresistible to the opposite sex and a style icon to your peers. By just adding a few tracks you can completely transform your look in minutes, giving your hair a serious volume boost and make it look like you sped up the growth cycle making you a 10/10.  black Clip in extensions are varying lengths of hair secured to a weft and attached to a metal or plastic clip that can be easily placed on to the natural hair for a temporary elongated look. They are available in a range of colours, textures and lengths that are suitable for all types of hair except for those with severe hair loss, damaged strands or very short hair (under three inches long). black Clip in extensions are very safe to use and can even be used on young teens for very special occasions and one of use. You can wear clip ins as regularly as you like, from once in a while to everyday use.


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