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The best hair extensions & wigs in Canada 

High-quality hair extensions & wigs at affordable prices in Canada

Canada Hair is a proud Canadian company that offers high quality hair extensions, wigs, hair care, hot tools and hair accessories. In short, everything that is related to hair!

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Empowering Women's Beauty.

A woman’s beauty begins from their hair and there is no doubt that every lady desires a hair style that would make them elegant. There are several products and accessories women use in adorning their hair. At Canada Hair, we are dedicated to attending to the ever changing demands of our clients in high end hair extensions, wigs, hot tools, and hair care products. Our major aim is to ensure that our clients trend in the best hair styles. 

A Canadian story.

Well-known among hairstylists who are knowledgeable in the field of hairdressing, Canada Hair quickly became the benchmark for hair extensions, wigs and hair care products. Prior to the launch of our company, it was hard to obtain quality hair extensions and wigs at affordable prices from a Canadian retailer. Canada Hair made it easier than ever! Our energetic team creates, designs, markets and distributes our own brands. We also offer hair care products from top brands. Quality is at the center of our concerns, from the initial concept to the finished product. Our mission is to offer quality products at the lowest possible price to Canadians.

The credibility of our company is greatly attributed to our huge commitment at ensuring that all our products are outstanding in quality. To guarantee this, we have set a high quality standard through which all our hair products have to go through before offering them to our clients. Besides the quality of our products, we also pride in the extensive variety available at our company. We understand that different people have different tastes and at our company we strive to meet everyone’s highest expectations. We are still striving to as inclusive as possible and to enable our clients do a comprehensive shopping all under one roof.

All our orders are shipped from Canada, so it’s always quick and traceable and there is no duty fees paid. We also accept returns hassle-free for a full refund. Moreover, all the transactions through our website are 100% secured and guarantees maximum levels of security. If looking for the best wigs, hair extension and hair products, search no further because at Canada Hair we’ve got it all.

We put the customer first.

First and foremost, we are dedicated to our customers who helped us make Canada Hair the company it is today. Our team is diverse, but we are all bound by common elements: our passion for hairdressing and our commitment to providing exceptional customer service. Customer service is our top priority and of utmost importance to us. We take every product seriously and every flaw or concern from our clients, we are always willing to extend a helping hand in one way or another. If customer satisfaction is not achieved, we offer an easy to understand return policy in which 100% total refund can be received. This is our way of saying that customer satisfaction is important to us and we want our clients to feel that. In terms of product delivery, we have logistics ready to ship every product purchased online at any time of the day. And since we are shipping from Canada, our customers can be assured that it will be delivered right away, with no duty fees at all.

One of our goals is to have a strong and longstanding partnership with various hair salons, individual hair stylists and hairdressers and to have a continuous supply of hair extensions for them to use on their trusted clients. To show our gratitude and willingness for strong partnerships, we will be offering periodic discount offerings that they will be exclusively enjoy.

We are firmly established in the hair industry. This allows us to buy in large quantities with few middlemen. We then sell these items at low prices on our website and in hair salons. We have a very long experience in hair extensions & wigs and great knowledge as to which item to buy on the market. We have also invested heavily in a sophisticated distribution system that is fast, efficient and profitable. We are aware of the costs at all levels, which ultimately allows us to offer our clients the best possible prices :)

With our international network, we are able to offer a unique shopping experience that uses a secure technology - while ensuring to offer quality hair products at low prices. All in all, we at Canada Hair not only provide the best quality wigs and hair extensions in Canada, but are also mindful of our customer satisfaction and our willingness to take part in increasing the Canadian Economy by providing merchandise exclusively fit for local consumption.

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