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22 INCHES and 24 INCHES Long Clip in hair extensions (Long hair, Waist Length)

22 inches and 24 inches clip-in hair extensions are the longest extensions offered on Canada Hair! This means that for a woman of average height, the extension will go slightly below her mid-back. Recommended for those who want the longest extensions possible. 22 inches and 24 inches clip-in extensions are offered in over 25 shades! 22 inches and 24 inches Clip-in hair extensions give you longer and thicker hair instantly! You can install 22 inches and 24 inches clip in extensions yourself at home in a few minutes. You don't need a hairdresser or any products/equipment. It's easy, quick, and safe. Simply part your hair, pop the clips open, and attach them to your hair. Canada Hair's 22 inches and 24 inches clip-in extensions are perfect for newbies because of how user-friendly and easy they are to install. Transform your look today with Canada Hair's 22 inches and 24 inches clip-in hair extensions!

Canada Hair clip-in extensions

Go from short, thin & boring hair to longer, thicker & more luxurious hair. The ideal choice for those who want a stress-free hair extension solution. Clip in extensions will blend seamlessly with your own hair for a natural & discrete result. Perfect if you wish to wear hair extensions occasionally. Dramatically transform your look today!



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  1. 22 Inch Clip-in Hair Extensions - Human Hair
    As low as $187.37 was $249.99
  2. 22 Inch Clip-in Hair Extensions - Remy Hair
    As low as $339.79 was $399.99
  3. 24 Inch Clip-in Hair Extensions - Synthetic Hair
    As low as $74.94 was $99.99
  4. Hair Extensions Hanger/Carrier & Detangling Brush
    Special Price $14.99 was $29.99
  5. Detangling Brush
  6. Get a sample of Clip-in Human Hair Extensions + $10 Gift Card [Final Sale]
    As low as $14.99
  7. Get a sample of Clip-in Remy Hair Extensions + $15 Gift Card [Final Sale]
    As low as $19.99
  8. Colour Ring 30 Colours (Human Hair) And A $30 Gift Card [Final Sale]
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  • Learn more about Canada Hair's 22 inch clip-in hair extensions

    Buy 22 inch hair extensions  

    22 inch hair extensions were recently introduced on Canada Hair's website, and it was met with instant success! Our 22 inch hair extensions are affordable & easy to apply. You can shop on Canada Hair different types of 22 inch hair extensions. For instance, if you wish to wear your 22 inch extensions only for a special event or occasion, our 22 inch hair extensions in clip-ins or invisible wire extensions are perfect for you because you can apply & remove these extensions easily & safely from home quickly. On the other hand, if you prefer to wear your 22 inch hair extensions every day and even sleep with them, you need one of our 22 inch hair extensions in the permanent category. Our permanent 22 inch hair extensions are the following: 22 inch tape-ins, 22 inch fusion, 22 inch micro-beads, 22 inch nano-beads, 22 inch sew-ins, and more! If you have any questions about Canada Hair's 22 inch hair extensions, please let us know!

    How to care for 22 inch clip in hair extensions?


    A lot of people are put off by 22 inch clip in extensions because they think that any type of extension comes with a high maintenance list of things that you have to do to keep them looking tiptop but honestly, clip ins are just as simple as the installation process. There are just a few simple steps you need to follow and your hair extensions can last you at least a year if not more. Plus, the hassle is minimum, there is nothing that you have to do that you wouldn’t do to your own hair and more or less, you can use the same kind of products as long as they don’t have any nasty or harsh ingredients.

    • Keep heat low.


    If you have synthetic hair clip in extensions, we suggest you avoid heat at all costs even though they can be heat resistant in some cases.


    If you do want to style your 22 inch clip in extensions, it is best to purchase human hair clip ins because you’ll be able to use heat, such as a blow drying, curling and straighteners without potentially causing the strands to melt or be damaged.


    When blow drying, keep the setting on cool. It is good practice to attach the 22 inch clip in to a hanger so that you can blow dry downwards. This will help to not only smooth the cuticle but will prevent the hair getting tangled as it is being blown in loads of different directions.


    If using a curling iron or straighteners, or any other heated tools, always set the temperature at a maximum of 150°C. However high they can go on the gauge you don’t need to do that.


    Always aim for one or two passes maximum and allow the hair to cool down as this will help the style to set and hold for a longer amount of time.

    The most important thing when using heat is to always use a heat protectant and not spray the hair with any styling products before hand and also make sure that the hair is completely dry. If not, you shall hear a horrible sizzle and damage the strands from the inside out which is irreversible and causes split ends or damages the colour of the hair.


    Excessive heat can damage the curl pattern and texture of the hair so if you have: curly,wavy or kinky 22 inch clip in extensions you must really minimise your use of heat where possible and only on special occasions. Because if you want your clip ins to last then you can buy an additional set with a straight texture to save you having to go through the effort of switching between the two.


    • Minimise washing and styling


    Even if you wear your 22 inch clip in extensions every day, there is no need to wash them as often as you would with your own hair, remember, because they’re not growing from the root,they are less likely to get a buildup of grease like your own natural hair or does.

    Synthetic hair can go for about 20 wears without being washed or cleansed, as long as you keep away from harsh smells and do not use any products on them.


    Human hair extensions require washing every 5 to 10 uses so that’s probably an average of once or twice a month depending on how often you wear your extensions.


    Like we said that excess heat styling can cause damage, you have to be just as careful with brushes and combs. They can leave micro tears in the hair shaft and cause split ends or tangles to occur.


    The best way to avoid this, is to choose 22 inch clip in extensions that match the style you would want to wear most regularly and as they are very cost-effective it’s great to have a few sets in different colours and textures so that you don’t have to waste time straightening or curling your extensions every time you want to switch up your look.


    Many people who have 22 inch clip in extensions, especially synthetic get around this by doing dry or wet sets. This is where the hair is manipulated while it is wet (or dry) by using rollers or laying them flat and brushing them out to recreate a texture or style. This process can take longer and is not suitable when you’re in a rush but when you plan ahead and do this after you’ve washed or cleaned the hair and have a few days in between to allow it to air dry naturally. If you live in a hot climate you can leave them outside just away from direct sunlight or anybody else who might pinch your extensions.

    • Go sulphate-free


    If you pay any attention to the news you know that many large companies are coming under fire for the chemicals that they put into food and beauty products, one of the worst offenders is sulphates.


    For many years, people thought they were harmless and they had been used as a cheap substitute for soaps and detergents, but new research is showing that not only are they damaging to the hair and scalp itself, but repeated use of these chemicals can cause an  allergic reactions and sensitivities. So if  after you shampoo, you find that your scalp is irritated or red or worse, chances are you could have a much more severe reaction and definitely need to stop using them.


    There are many natural alternatives and sulphate free shampoos that are very cost-effective and easily available at local grocery stores that won’t break the bank but will do wonders for your hair, skin and clip on extensions.


    Another point to note is that sometimes instead of these harmful chemicals some companies will promote that they are natural but use something in its place that is just as harmful as sulphates. Always do your research on the ingredients list to make sure that the products you choose are actually safe and healthy.


    • Minimal products


    Once the hair leaves the roots and appears on the scalp, essentially all the cells are dead and so even though we use lots of pills, potions and fancy creams to look after our hair, they only a few improve the physical appearance and will not do much with the structure. So with 22 inch clip in extensions you don’t want to spend all of your money on buying products to improve the look when a simple care regime as listed above, will do just that for you.


    Also if the hair becomes overloaded with products they become limp, greasy and horrible to look at. Always style your hair first with the products you need and then apply your 22 inch clip ins and add a finishing spray just the extra hold. Then you can brush it all out at the end of the night.


    • Brush gently


    Some people say should brush your hair a hundred times today but who has time to be counting when Instagram needs to be scrolled and Snaps need to be chatted.


    You can finger detangle your hair extensions to get most of the knots and  tangles out but sometimes you do need to brush or comb just for that extra security of knowing that your hair is a smooth as possible.


    If you’re hair extension is  highly textured,  then you can skip this process and just finger detangle as you don’t want to brush out the curls and end up with a ball of frizz. In contrast, if you have straighter clip in extensions, than this process is really important because any lumps or bumps show up really easily.


    • Store them carefully


    After a long day of work or after an evening out, the last thing you want to do is come home take off your makeup, take out you clips and carefully put them away. It can often take ages but these small little routines will keep your skin and hair in great shape as you get older. You may not see the rewards now but you definitely reap what you sow later on in life.


    Always take your extensions out at the end of every night because really they are very uncomfortable to sleep with in the first place and can cause damage because of the friction. If you are in a rush,leave them on your dressing table so in the morning you want to brush them and store them carefully in either the package they came in or hangers where they can be stored in the wardrobe away from harsh lights and smells or in a box where they are protected from dust and all the elements.


    Where ever you choose to store your clip in extensions just make sure that they are put away nicely and not rolled like a pair of old socks remember you paid good money for them and so treat them like a gift so that they can last you for ages.  22 inch extensions
    22 inch hair extensions


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