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tape-in human hair extensions	Bleach blonde #613	remy hair


micro-loop human hair extensions	Bleach blonde #613	remy hair



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Type: sew-in extensions

Quality: 100% real premium remy hair

Brand: Quality Hair ™ by ©

Recommendation: 1 set is enough for a full head

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Blond Platine (#613) Rallonges COUSUES 100% vrais cheveux naturels

Les meilleures rallonges de cheveux pour les cheveux moyennement épais à très épais!

Les extensions de cheveux cousues sont les extensions les plus abordables.

  • Les rallonges cousues peuvent être installées rapidement et en toute sécurité.
  • Ces rallonges de cheveux sont faites de 100% de vrais cheveux humains, elles ont donc l'air naturel et se mélangeront parfaitement avec vos cheveux.
  • Parfait si vous souhaitez changer radicalement votre look en ajoutant de la couleur, du volume ou de la longueur.

Les rallonges de cheveux cousues

Les rallonges de cheveux cousues, aussi appelées rallonges en trames, sont une des premières techniques de pose de rallonges de cheveux à voir le jour.

Comme les rallonges sont directement posées en fonction de la forme de votre tête, vous avez des options de coiffures plus variées.

Obtenez des cheveux plus longs & plus épais avec les rallonges cousues aujourd'hui!


Les rallonges cousues contiennent une seule bande très large qui sera directement cousue sur les cheveux. Cette bande sera coupée puis cousue sur des petites tresses sur la tête. Le nombre de paquets que vous devez prendre varie selon l’épaisseur de vos cheveux. Voici nos recommandations: si vous avez des cheveux fins ou moyennement épais: on vous recommande de prendre 1 paquet. Si vos cheveux sont très épais, on vous recommande de prendre 2 paquets. Si vous entretenez très bien les rallonges, vous pouvez les utiliser de nouveau et les remonter quand vos cheveux poussent.

Les rallonges de cheveux offertes sur se mélangeront parfaitement avec vos cheveux pour un résultat naturel et discret!

Qualité 100% vrais cheveux naturels

Ces extensions de cheveux cousues sont faites de 100% vrais cheveux naturels. En bref, les extensions de cheveux se mélangeront naturellement avec vos cheveux pour un résultat spectaculaire! Vous pouvez également utiliser des appareils chauffants sur les extensions sans aucun problème. Les extensions sont confortables, discrètes et sécuritaires.

rallonges cheveux cousues
extensions cheveux cousues trames
extensions en trames rallonges


Qualité: 100% vrais cheveux naturels

1 paquet est suffisant pour une tête complète.

Distribution: 1 bande

Poids approximatif: Les 14" sont 85g. Les 16", 18", 22", et 24", sont 100g chacun.

Obtenez des cheveux longs, épais et luxueux aujourd'hui!

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The best hair extensions for medium - thick hair!

Sew-in hair extensions are the most cost effective type of hair extensions.

  • Sew-in hair extensions can be installed quickly and safely.
  • They can be used as a partial or full protective style.
  • These hair extensions are made of 100% premium remy hair, one of the best hair qualities on the market. In addition to sharing all the benefits real human hair extensions, premium remy hair last longer. The extensions look natural and will blend impeccably with your hair.
  • Perfect if you wish to dramatically change your look by adding colour, volume or length.

What are sew-in hair extensions

Sew-in hair extensions are a great way of adding length and volume to your hair and it has the lowest cost for hair & installation out of all the permanent hair extension methods. Many Celebrities and Fashionistas love to wear sew-in hair extensions to add the wow factor to their hairstyle. Recently, it has gained real popularity, especially among Canadians.

Sew-in extensions are the best for coarse - thick hair.

Get longer, fuller, and more luxurious hair with sew-in hair extensions today!

Easy & Quick to install

To install these hair extensions, you will need the help of a professional hairdresser. To install the weave, the hairdresser will start by braiding small sections in your natural hair. After that, the weave will be cut into small pieces, these pieces will be sewn into the small braids in your hair. If your hairdresser knows how, they can even be used to cover areas or hair loss.

Canada Hair's sew-in hair extensions will blend seamlessly with your hair for a natural & discreet result!

Quality 100% premium remy hair sew in extensions

These sew ins are made of 100% premium remy hair. In short, these hair extensions will blend seamlessly and naturally with your hair for a dramatic result! You can straighten, curl, crimp and set these extensions without fear of heat damage. The extensions are comfortable, discreet, and safe. To get the most natural blend, we offer them in a range of colors and lengths so you don’t have to worry or struggle to find the best match. The quality premium remy hair is one of the best on the market. In addition to sharing all the benefits real human hair extensions, premium remy hair last longer.


Quality: 100% real premium remy hair

1 set is enough for a full head

Distribution: 1 weft

Approximate weight: 14" are 85 grams. As for 16", 18", 22", and 24", they weigh 100 grams each.

Brand: Quality Hair ™ by ©

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General questions about hair extensions

  • How long do hair extensions last?

    It depends on how well you take care of the extensions and how often you wear them. With proper care, clip in extensions can last anywhere from 3 months to 12 months. Tape in hair extensions, micro loop hair extensions, fusion hair extensions, and sew-in hair extensions last anywhere from 4 weeks to 12 weeks. As for hair extensions made with the quality premium remy hair, the extensions will last considerably longer!

  • Can I dye the extensions?

    We recommend you don’t. Canada Hair extensions aren’t virgin hair, and therefore have already been processed. Dyeing them may reduce the quality of the extensions. If you still wish to dye the extensions, always avoid bleaching the extensions. Test one weft before dyeing the full set. Keep in mind that by dyeing your hair extensions, you can no longer return them. If you decide to dye the extensions, you do it entirely at your own discretion. We cannot be held accountable for the outcome. If you don’t like the color you’ve received, simply follow our return policy in order to get a full refund.

  • Can I use heat styling products on hair extensions?

    If they are made of 100% real human hair or premium remy hair, yes you can. Always use low heat settings. If you bought synthetic hair extensions, you cannot use hot tools on them.

  • Difference between Human Hair, Remy Hair, and Synthetic Hair

    Human Hair: hair extensions made of real hair are silky, soft, and can safely be styled with hot tools. These hair extensions look & feel real!

    Remy Hair: this hair quality is one of the best on the market. In addition to sharing all the benefits real human hair extensions, premium remy hair last longer.

    Synthetic Hair: this quality is budget-friendly. Synthetic hair extensions are the most affordable extensions and a great way of getting longer & thicker hair.

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