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Permanent Hair Extensions

Canada Hair ™ is the largest online hair extensions & wigs store in Canada.

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Smoothly browse thousands of high-quality hair extensions & wigs offered in different shades, lengths, styles, & qualities.


Tape in hair extensions are the best hair extensions for thin or fine hair.

Tape in extensions

Micro loop hair extensions are the safest hair extensions technique because no glue or heat is used!

Micro beads hair extensions

Fusion hair extensions are the best extensions for coarse and thick hair.

Fusion extensions

Sew in hair extensions are the most affordable permanent extensions and perfect if you have coarse/thick hair.

Hair wefts indian remy hair extensions

Nano Rings hair extensions, are one of the safest techniques for your hair because no glue is used.

Nano Rings hair extensions

Premium remy hair is one of the best hair quality on the market. Available in tape in, micro loop, fusion, and sew in extensions.

Indian Premium Remy Hair Extensions

Hair extensions tools are important when installing hair extensions. Discover's affordable hair tools.

Installing hair extensions
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  1. Lace Brush On Wig & Toupee Glue, Extreme Hold Silicone Adhesive 1.4oz by Walker Tape
  2. Sew In Extensions Kit, Weaving Needles & Threads 4 pieces combo sets
  3. Nano-Rings (Nano-Beads) Extensions Kit
  4. 28 Inch Tape-in Hair Extensions - Human Hair
    As low as $324.99 As low as $0.00
  5. 28 Inch Nano-rings Hair Extensions (Nano-Beads) - Human Hair
    As low as $139.99
  6. 28 Inch Micro-loop Hair Extensions (Micro-Beads) - Human Hair
    As low as $139.99
  7. 28 Inch Fusion Hair Extensions (Pre Bonded Keratin) - Human Hair
    As low as $139.99
  8. Strawberry Blonde & Bleach Blonde #27/613 Nano-rings Hair Extensions (Nano-Beads) - Human Hair
    As low as $49.99
  9. Dark Auburn #33 Nano-rings Hair Extensions (Nano-Beads) - Human Hair
    As low as $49.99
  10. Strawberry Blonde #27 Nano-rings Hair Extensions (Nano-Beads) - Human Hair
    As low as $49.99
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  • Learn more about Canada Hair's permanent hair extensions

    Buy permanent Hair Extensions Online

    Permanent hair extensions

    This is where everybody gets lost. Permanent hair extensions come in different types and have to be installed by a certified professional hairdresser. You cannot simply install them yourself! Although it looks easy when you watch YouTube videos, keep in mind that there are many possibilities where things can go wrong.

    Permanent hair extensions are:

    • Sew-in hair extensions
    • Tape in hair extensions
    • Micro loop hair extensions
    • Fusion hair extensions
    • nano-rings hair extensions

    Sew-in hair extensions

    Sew-in hair extensions were the first hair extensions method to be introduced in the market.

    It consists of sewing the extensions onto your hair, and many hairdressers don’t install sew-in extensions.

    If you never had hair extensions before, we strongly discourage you from getting sew-in extensions. You are better off proceeding with other permanent hair extensions method.

    Tape in hair extensions

    A really popular type of permanent hair extensions are tape in extensions. These extensions are the best extensions for thin hair.

    You can have them installed easily and quickly. Generally speaking, installing tape in extensions take approximately 45 minutes. This depends on your hair, how many tapes in wefts you are installing, and the experience level of your hairdresser.

    Tape in extensions are the most expensive extensions in the market and they are the least durable, they can last anywhere from 4 weeks to 12 weeks.

    If you are a girl with naturally oily hair, you are in a disadvantaged position when it comes to tape in extensions because they will last only for 5 to 6 weeks.

    Thankfully, tape in extensions are reusable.

    Micro-loop hair extensions

    Micro-loop hair extensions use no glue and no heat. It’s the preferred hair extensions method by many because it’s a safe way of adding length and volume to your hair without risking any damage or whatsoever.

    Fusion hair extensions

    If you have coarse or thick hair, and wish to have hair extensions that will hold firmly to your hair, we recommend fusion hair extensions.

    This type of hair extensions, commonly referred to as pre-bonded extensions or keratin extensions, are installed strand by strand. It involves glue and heat, but that doesn’t automatically mean that it will damage your hair.

    Fusion hair extensions are not supposed to damage your hair, but we cannot guarantee the work of the hairdresser installing these extensions.

    In other words, you may have hair damage if the hairdresser makes a mistake or install the extensions incorrectly.

    Nano-Ring Hair Extensions:

    Now that we’ve gotten the short-term, quick, and easy hair extensions out of the way, let’s move on to the more long-term commitments. Nano-ring hair extensions are ideal for those that are looking for a long-lasting and completely undetectable result. Since nano-ring hair extensions are installed strand by strand, the installation process is very time-consuming and is best executed by a professional hairstylist. However, all that waiting will be worth it in the end when you see the ultra-realistic and discreet result. The installation process is very different from clip-in hair extensions and tape-in hair extensions since nano hair extensions don’t come in wefts. They come in strands, each of which has a small loop attached to the top, through which your natural hair is looped. These loops are about 90% smaller than micro-loop hair extensions, which we’ll talk more about later, and are known as the smallest bonds available on the market. You can totally count on these undetectable nanorings to blend in with your real hair seamlessly and stay invisible, while also ensuring a great bond for a long time. If they are installed professionally and maintained correctly with regular appointments to the hairdresser, nano ring hair extensions should last anywhere between three to four months.