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Ombre Ash Blonde Tape-in Hair Extensions - Human Hair

Blonde #60 Tape-in Hair Extensions - Remy Hair

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Please note that these lengths might look different on you depending on your height.

As most wefts will be applied around the crown of your head, to get a fairly good idea on how the extensions will look on you, you may measure 14-18-22 inches down from the top of your ear with a measuring tape.

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Type: tape-in extensions

Quality: 100% real premium remy hair "double-drawn"

Quantity per set: 20 tape-in wefts (10 "sandwich") 45g

Brand: Quality Hair ™ by CanadaHair.ca ©

Recommendation: 2 to 5 sets for a full look

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Rallonges bandes adhésives

Les rallonges à bandes adhésives sont les meilleures rallonges pour cheveux fins.

Elles sont légères, confortables et discrètes.

Alors si vous avez des cheveux fins et vous voulez porter des rallonges, on vous recommande les rallonges bandes adhésives.

Les rallonges à bandes adhésives (aussi appelées à tapes) se présentent sous forme de petites bandes autocollantes. Au bout de chaque bande, il y a une fine couche de colle végétale invisible appelée « Kératine de synthèse », elle est appliquée mèche par mèche. Il faut placer une fine couche de cheveux entre chaque deux bandes collantes. C'est une technique de pose de rallonges très faciles à utiliser puisque la technique est très simple et rapide.

Les rallonges sont réutilisables et très légères. Un paquet contient 20 bandes solides, durables et déjà installées sur les rallonges. Si vous avez des cheveux fins ou moyennement épais, on vous recommande de prendre 1 à 2 paquets. Si vos cheveux sont très épais, on vous recommande de prendre 3 à 4 paquets. Chaque paquet contient 20 bandes (pour un total de 45g). En général, elles durent 6 à 8 semaines avec un bon entretien.

Les rallonges se mélangent très bien avec les cheveux et donc le résultat est tout simplement naturel! Parce que ces rallonges pour cheveux sont faites de vrais cheveux, vous pouvez les coiffer, couper, lisser et friser sans danger.

Achetez des rallonges à bandes adhésives de qualité aujourd’hui!

Type: rallonges bandes adhésives

Qualité: 100% vrais cheveux naturels (remy hair)

Distribution: 20 Bandes (ce qui veut dire 10 "sandwich")

Poids approximatif par paquet: 45g



Do you have thin or fine hair and thought hair extensions are not for you? Well with tape extensions you don’t have to worry as they are totally risk free. If you would like to use extensions that are going to fit naturally with your present look and add a noticeable flair and effortless style, then tape extensions are the number one choice. Fine or thin hair? Not anymore!

Tape ins are the best hair extensions for thin or fine hair.

  • Express installation - it only takes 60 minutes or less.
  • Suitable for very delicate hair types without the risk of any damage.
  • They are comfortable, lightweight, discreet, and reusable.
  • These hair extensions are made of 100% premium remy hair, one of the best hair qualities on the market. In addition to sharing all the benefits real human hair extensions, premium remy hair last longer. The extensions look natural and will blend impeccably with your hair.
  • Tape extensions are the perfect choice if you wish to dramatically change your look by getting longer and fuller hair.

Tape ins are the best way to add extra style and volume to your hairstyle in the most flexible way. Tape ins have a thin area at the top of the weft with an integrated transparent tape. That tape will be pressed against a section of your own hair. They are almost invisible to the eye and won’t show whichever way you decide to wear your hair.

Tape ins were specifically designed for women with thin/fine hair who wish to have longer and fuller hair in a safe & discreet way.

Get longer, fuller, and more luxurious hair with tape in hair extensions today!

Easy & Quick to install

Installation of these tape in hair extensions could not be easier.

  • Before installing tape in extensions, be sure to shampoo the extensions & your hair without using a conditioner. Any oils, grease or products will make the tape slip.
  • To make the most of these extensions, you simply need to straighten/curl the extensions as you would with your own hair, and then attach.
  • Use a thin hair strand of your own hair, and apply a pre-taped extension underneath and then on top to add a classy, finished look. Kind of like making a hair sandwich- the extensions are the bread and your hair is the filling.
  • To secure, you simply need to find the transparent glue tab attached to the top of the weft. This is then pressed against your own hair until it sticks. For better results, apply pressure with a hot flat iron.
  • Please wait 2-3 days before washing your hair as first-time applications need time to set in.
  • Removing tape ins is also easy. You simply apply the bond remover (available on CanadaHair.ca) directly on the tapes.
  • We'd like to remind that if you have any allergies to adhesive products, it's recommended that you do a patch test on your skin before installing your hair extensions.

CanadaHair.ca's tape in extensions can double or even triple the volume of your hair.

Quality 100% premium remy hair tape in extensions

These tape ins are made of 100% premium remy hair. In short, these hair extensions will blend seamlessly and naturally with your hair for a dramatic result! You can straighten, curl, crimp and set these extensions without fear of heat damage. The extensions are comfortable, discreet, and safe. To get the most natural blend, we offer them in a range of colors and lengths so you don’t have to worry or struggle to find the best match. The quality premium remy hair is one of the best on the market. In addition to sharing all the benefits real human hair extensions, premium remy hair last longer.

Get longer, fuller, and more luxurious hair instantly today!


Quality: 100% real premium remy hair "double-drawn"

For fine or medium hair, we suggest 2 to 3 sets. For thick or very thick hair, we suggest 4 to 5 sets.

Distribution: 20 wefts (10 "sandwiches")

Approximate weight per set: 45 grams

Brand: Quality Hair ™ by CanadaHair.ca ©


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    All orders ship quickly from Canada, so expect to receive your order between 1 to 5 business days!

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General questions about hair extensions

  • How long do hair extensions last?

    It depends on how well you take care of the extensions and how often you wear them. With proper care, clip in extensions can last anywhere from 3 months to 12 months. Tape in hair extensions, micro loop hair extensions, fusion hair extensions, and sew-in hair extensions last anywhere from 4 weeks to 12 weeks. As for hair extensions made with the quality premium remy hair, the extensions will last considerably longer!

  • Can I dye the extensions?

    We recommend you don’t. Canada Hair extensions aren’t virgin hair, and therefore have already been processed. Dyeing them may reduce the quality of the extensions. If you still wish to dye the extensions, always avoid bleaching the extensions. Test one weft before dyeing the full set. Keep in mind that by dyeing your hair extensions, you can no longer return them. If you decide to dye the extensions, you do it entirely at your own discretion. We cannot be held accountable for the outcome. If you don’t like the color you’ve received, simply follow our return policy in order to get a full refund.

  • Can I use heat styling products on hair extensions?

    If they are made of 100% real human hair or premium remy hair, yes you can. Always use low heat settings. If you bought synthetic hair extensions, you cannot use hot tools on them.

  • Difference between Human Hair, Remy Hair, and Synthetic Hair

    Human Hair: hair extensions made of real hair are silky, soft, and can safely be styled with hot tools. These hair extensions look & feel real!

    Remy Hair: this hair quality is one of the best on the market. In addition to sharing all the benefits real human hair extensions, premium remy hair last longer.

    Synthetic Hair: this quality is budget-friendly. Synthetic hair extensions are the most affordable extensions and a great way of getting longer & thicker hair.

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    Payment methods are: Credit card, Paypal, check and money order. In order to guarantee your own safety, we do not accept any transaction by telephone.

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