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Hair Extensions Ottawa

You have a special night out coming up on your calendar. You’ve got a gorgeous outfit, and you want a gorgeous head of hair to go with it. The only problem is, your natural hair doesn’t have that luxurious look to it. If you live in Ottawa, you’ve got an easy solution—visit Canada Hair. It is the best way to get hair extensions in Ottawa to create an elegant look for a special occasion without damaging your hair.

Clip-in extensions in Ottawa

At Canada Hair, we offer some great and easy ways to change up the look of your hair. If you’ve never had hair extensions before, clip-ins are the ideal place to start. We offer the widest selection of clip-in hair extensions in Ottawa so you can create a style that fits you perfectly. Clip-in extensions are an affordable way to transform your hair, plus they’re easy to do on your own. All you need to do is open up the clip, attach it to your hair, and you’re set. When the night’s over, just unfasten the clip and you’re back to your normal hair. You can use clip-in extensions to build length into your hairstyle, as well as thickness—just add as many as you want to your hair, wherever you want. Clip-ins are also the perfect way to try out bangs without actually cutting them into your hair (and then having to wait for them to grow out). Clip-in bangs are super easy to put in and can accentuate your face in a new and fun way. Clip-ins are easy to care for and can last a long time, so you can use them again and again, whether it’s a night out with the girls or a formal gala. You can choose from synthetic or real human remy hair clip-in extensions—human hair extensions can be styled as you would your own hair, while synthetic extensions are generally more affordable but the use of premium fibers still ensures high quality.

Tape-in hair extensions Ottawa

If you want to take things to the next level, we are the place to go to find tape-in extensions in Ottawa. Tape-ins are permanent extensions that are attached to your hair with thin, transparent tape. These lightweight, natural-looking extensions are just the thing for fine or thin hair because the extensions blend so well with your normal hair, and they don’t cause any damage. They’re comfortable and, because they are made with human hair, they are easy to care for—just shampoo like normal! To keep your extensions in good condition, use sulfate-free shampoos and oil- and alcohol-free hair care products; also, don’t sleep with wet hair or brush or comb it when wet. Tape-in extensions are versatile because you can style them with hot tools to create waves, curls or stick-straight looks. You can add the tape-in extensions on your own, and they are simple to take out with a glue remover—tape-ins can be worn anywhere from five to 12 weeks.

Hair extensions pros

With the versatility you get from using extensions, you can achieve a look suitable for any occasion. Sleek, soigné waves are just the thing for a night out enjoying the symphony or a touring Broadway musical at the National Arts Centre. Whip your hair around—your long, richly abundant hair—while dancing at the Mercury Lounge. Or opt for something dramatic, such as a rich fringe of bangs, and try your luck at Ottawa’s nearby Casino du Lac-Leamy, which is also home to ALEÁ nightclub. Wherever you go, your extensions ensure that you will always look fabulous.

Where to buy hair extensions in Ottawa?

Canada Hair is the premier place for anyone in Ottawa looking for hair extensions. We are committed to providing terrific customer service, from our stock of high-quality extensions and accessories to speedy delivery and no-hassle returns. Visit Canada Hair today to get a beautiful head of hair.

Ottawa Canada Hair Extensions

Hair extensions Ottawa: get the best hair extensions at the most affordable price by buying from Canada Hair. Contrary to other hair extensions seller, we are a Canadian company that offers quality extensions at affordable prices If you wish to buy extensions in Ottawa, you will quickly notice 2 scenarios. The first one being that it is difficult to find a hair extensions store that is reliable in providing high quality hair extensions. Secondly, buying hair extensions in Ottawa is usually expensive. Many retailers have plenty of overheads costs which will only cause the price of extensions to increase. Canada Hair is different. We began as a hair extensions supplier of many hair extensions shops and top hair salons in Canada. We manufacture and distribute hair extensions ourselves. Consequently, we are in a unique position to offer quality affordable hair extensions. All orders ship quickly from Canada. Delivery time of hair extensions in Ottawa takes only one or two business days. It is more convenient and efficient for you to place your order on our website than to buy extensions from a physical store in Canada. Our prices are more competitive and the quality of our extensions better.

Buy hair extensions in Ottawa

Different types of hair extensions are offered. If you never had extensions before, the best extensions are clip in extensions. These are the extensions that we suggest for beginners. There are many reasons why this is the case. To begin, you don’t need a hairdresser to have clip in extensions installed. You can do the installation yourself. The benefit? You are already saving lot of money because you are not paying anybody for the installation. Installing clip in extensions is easy. You can apply and remove them in a few minutes only. Clip in extensions are safe for your hair and will not damage them. It will also not prevent your natural hair from growing. The only disadvantage you will find from wearing clip in extensions is that you will have to remove them every day. In short, you cannot go to bed with your clip in extensions. Although you can sleep with them technically, it will not be comfortable at all. Clip in extensions are very popular in Ottawa! On the other hand, you may want to wear your extensions 24/7. This is what we call permanent hair extensions. These extensions need to be installed by a professional hairdresser who possesses solid experience in installing extensions. Be careful not to have them installed by a friend, yourself, or even worse: a husband or boyfriend! We offer different types of permanent hair extensions: tape in extensions, micro loop extensions, fusion extensions, and sew-in extensions. Keep in mind we are only an email away if you have any questions!

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