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Hair Extensions Calgary

Calgary’s Top 5 Hair Extension Styles (You Will Love)

Whether you’re kicking up your heels to country music on Friday nights at Cowboy or getting your groove on at Jimmy’s Nightclub, you want to look your best—and that includes your hair. In Calgary, there’s an easy way to ensure your locks look luxurious and that’s by shopping at Canada Hair. As a national distributor in Canada, we offer several different options for hair extensions in Calgary, so you can find the one that best suits your lifestyle and the hairstyle you want to achieve. When you’re trying to decide on which extension to purchase, you’ll be looking at five main types: tape-in, clip-in, ponytail, micro bead and fusion.

Clip-in and tape-in hair extensions are popular because they are easy to put in and take out of your hair. If you’ve got a night out at Eden planned this week and want a style fix fast, these extensions are perfect for making your hair look longer and fuller immediately. Clip-ins hair extensions offer you variety and flexibility because they can be made with either human hair or synthetic hair. Synthetic hair extensions made with quality fiber technology are both durable and affordable, and still offer a realistic look that’s not fake. Tape-in hair extensions are made with a type of human hair called remy hair. This means the hair cuticle has been preserved on the extension for an extra soft and smooth look. Tape-ins are favorites among women who have fine and thinning hair because the extensions are lightweight and add volume—no one will know you have extensions in your hair.

Let’s say you want to change up your style and have it last longer than just a night out to listen to live music at Bespoke. If you want to commit to a look for several weeks, try micro bead extensions. Canada Hair is a premier purveyor of micro bead extensions in Calgary, so you’re sure to find something you like. Micro bead—also called micro loop or micro ring—aren’t attached to your hair with glue, but rather with a small bead or loop that’s at the end of each extension. Don’t worry about damaging your hair, because these extensions are super light, so even though they are permanent you won’t have any long-term wear and tear. Like tape-in extensions, micro bead extensions are made of remy human hair and can be styled just like your own hair. If you’re looking for something easy and fun for a night of dancing at the Hifi Club, you can still have fabulous-looking hair while twirling around the dance floor with ponytail extensions. Sweep your hair off your face and attach one of these thick and long pony extensions and you’ve got a beautiful, classic look.

And speaking of classics, fusion hair extensions are the most traditional type of extensions and have been in use the longest. They’re also referred to as pre-bonded extensions, because each strand is securely attached to your hair with an adhesive. However, because the glue is made from hair-friendly keratin, they won’t damage your locks even as they can be worn for many weeks at a time.

Whether you want a special occasion look with a clip-in, tape-in or ponytail, or you want something that lasts a little longer such as micro bead or fusion, Canada Hair gives you an array of options—in fact, you may even want to try out a couple of different looks with different extensions. We take pride in serving our Calgary customers with fast shipping and delivery and responsive attention to our customers. Shop online for hair extensions at Canada Hair today.

Where to buy hair extensions in Calgary?

Calgary is a cosmopolitan city, which is located in the Canadian province of Alberta. Over the years, hair extensions have gained popularity especially amongst the people who are residing at Calgary, Canada. They are primarily used to enhance the volume of the hair. Today, hair extensions are available in varying lengths, sizes, shapes and colors.

Problems with hair extensions stores in Calgary

However, there are few issues with respect to purchase of superior quality hair extensions in Calgary. Indeed, there is a rarity of reliable hair extension stores in Calgary. Majority of them are located in the downtown area of Calgary. If an individual is residing in and around the downtown area, she will not face major difficulties in finding a hair extension store. On the other hand, those people who are staying far away from the city need to travel longer distance by car or public transport in order to reach the downtown area. Another major problem with hair extensions stores in Calgary is with respect to options while choosing a suitable hair extension. There are plenty of hair extension stores in Calgary, who do not have adequate hair extensions stocked in their inventory. Indeed, residents of Calgary may easily find themselves limited in the choices of hair extensions. For example, you may not find your hair color or a specific type of hair extensions. A physical store will be limited in space and therefore the product selection will also be limited. Moreover, the prices of hair extensions in Calgary charged by the majority of the hair extensions stores are also extremely high.

Hefty price charged for the supply of hair extensions

One of the major factors why hair extensions stores in Calgary are expensive is due to miscellaneous expenses such as payment of rent, settling electricity bills and disbursement of salaries to employees, etc. There are instances during which the employees may pressure a customer to purchase a hair extension. This is unfortunate since buying hair extensions is sometimes a complicated process. After all, you may have lot of questions and need additional time before deciding to buy hair extensions. In order to avoid that, it is suggested to purchase hair extensions online. One of the most trusted, authorized and 100% certified e-commerce portal at Calgary is! We are an online hair extensions store with thousands of customers in Calgary. Instead of having to go in a physical hair extensions store, you can simply buy online. The greatest advantage is that you have more choices. You can browse among black shades, brown shades, and blonde shades from the comfort of your home. In addition, Canada Hair provides hair extensions at affordable prices. As a supplier of many hair extensions and hair shops in Canada, including Calgary, we are in a unique position to offer you quality remy hair extensions at low prices. Since we're an online shop, you can take all the time you need before placing your order without any pressure. Keep in mind that has the best return-policy ever crafted. In short, if you buy hair extensions from our store and you wish to return them, you will be issued with a full refund. Just be sure to respect our easy hassle-free return policy. What about the return fees? We'll pay them for you! That's right, we'll pay all postage fees so you literally have nothing to lose by choosing! Our company is registered in Canada and we are fully compliant with all Canadian laws. Buy with peace of mind by choosing Canada Hair when it comes to buying hair extensions in Calgary.

How to select the best hair extensions?

How to choose the best hair extensions? There are a few things to keep in mind:

    • When you are choosing a hair extension, you need to know if you wish to wear human hair extensions or synthetic hair extensions. Human hair is the best hair quality. The hair extensions will look more natural. However, they are more expensive than synthetic hair. If you wish to get the cheapest hair extensions, synthetic hair is the best option. One of the major setbacks with respect to synthetic hair is that heating and drying equipments like hair dryers and iron would damage it. Canada Hair offers synthetic hair only for clip-in hair extensions. These extensions can be installed in a few minutes by yourself. Clip-in hair extensions are also available in human hair. As for the other types of extensions, they are available exclusively in human hair.
    • Futhermore, how do you plan on using the hair extensions? If you wish to wear them temporarily, clip-in extensions are the best hair extensions. The extensions come in 7 different hair wefts. Each hair weft has pre-installed clips. In order to install them, you need to pop open the clips by applying gentle pressure, part your hair, and attach the clip-in extensions to your hair. Applying clip-in extensions is an easy, safe, quick, and discrete way of getting longer and fuller hair instantly. If you wish to wear your hair extensions 24/7 for a few months, then you need to choose a permanent type of hair extensions. They are available in tape in extensions (best for thin hair), micro loop hair extensions (best if you wish to avoid glue or chemical products), fusion hair extensions (long-lasting extensions used by celebrities), or sew-in extensions (cheapest permanent hair extensions method).
    • In order to keep your hair healthy, you are required to brush the extensions on a regular basis. Please, don't skip on this crucial step! It is imperative that you brush your hair extensions regularly to avoid knots, tangles, or any other annoying issues. Start from the bottom and gently work your way upward. Generally speaking, the less you wash your extensions, the longer they will last. Human hair extensions can be dyed, but we don't recommend you do it. They already went through a dyeing process and therefore dyeing the extensions again may damage or shorten their lifespan. Never bleach hair extensions neither. If the color doesn't match yours, simply follow our return policy's directives. We have one of the friendliest hassle-free return policy out there! All the details are explained on our website. 
    • Hair extension should blend well with your own hair. We supply a wide range of colors, which allows you to select a suitable shade. If you are unsure about which color you need to choose, send us an email or chat with us. We're here to help you the best we can! Feel free to send us a picture of your hair, that will help us tremendeously in assisting you. 

Canada Hair: One-stop shop for hair extensions is undoubtedly one of the top Canadian online stores who are focused on the supply of top quality hair extensions and wigs. One of the major highlights of our e-commerce portal is that the prices are cheap when compared to similar hair extension stores located in Calgary. The majority of our products selection were designed & manufactured directly by us. Consequently, we're not working with any middlemen and therefore we can pass on the savings to you. All orders ship quickly from Canada. Therefore, you will not pay any duty fees and will not experience any long shipping delay. Prices are in Canadian dollars. Shipping is free on orders over $125. Save 10% with coupon: super10

Canada hair is currently the ultimate platform to procure various types of hair extensions in Calgary. At Canada hair, the customers can select from a range of colors and styles. Reading online reviews before buying from a company is an important process. We're proud to let you know that Canada Hair has thousands of positive reviews posted on our social media pages, website, and various other places online. According to reviews posted by the valued customers of Canada hair, they recommend purchasing Real Remy Indian Hair Clip-in extension. They are very comfortable to wear and share similar features to that of a natural hair.

Hair extension consultation with Canada Hair

Canada Hair is the ideal online e-commerce portal for a budget conscious person. Canada Hair is blessed with a team of highly skilled hair extensions technicians and licensed hair stylists. They offer constant support and guidance when it comes to choosing a suitable hair extension. Canada Hair is the best online hair extension store in Calgary who supplies hair extensions, quality wigs, hair care products, ponytail extensions, and hot tools products.

Calgary Canada Hair Extensions

Hair extensions Calgary: buying hair extensions is one of the best investment you can do. Contrary to other types of beauty enhancements, such as make up, hair extensions are unique and easy to apply. You will get longer, fuller, and more luxurious hair in no time. Perhaps you are looking for hair extensions in Calgary. You may have noticed that it is difficult to buy hair extensions in Calgary. Indeed, not many hair extensions stores are located in Calgary. Why? Because hair extensions are a niche market. The market for this product is so small that it is not worth if for many businesses to open a hair extension store in certain cities. Most of the hair extensions outlets will be in big cities such as Toronto or Vancouver. Who has the time to drive (or fly) for many hours only to buy extensions? The best option is to buy online. However, there are many online shops and the price for hair extensions vary greatly. Some hair extensions stores will offer their extensions for $20, while others will offer them for $500. With such a wide price range, it can be quite confusing in deciding which hair extension store is the best. Until now, Canada Hair is a online hair extensions store located in Canada. Contrary to other hair extensions store, we specialized in offering the most affordable quality hair extensions on the market. In short, you will get the best price/quality ratio by placing your order on our secured website. We offer remy human hair extensions, which is one of the best quality out there. All our hair extensions are affordable because we are a national hair extensions distributor in addition of being a hair extension shop opened to the public. In other words, we are the supplier of many hair extensions stores in Canada. Therefore, if you are looking to get hair extensions in Calgary, you can buy on Canada Hair. All orders ship quickly from Canada and are traceable online 24/7. 

Which hair extensions are the best?

Clip in hair extensions in Calgary

Many of our hair extensions customers from Calgary prefer clip in hair extensions because they are easy to apply and remove. Contrary to popular belief, you can have hair extensions that are temporary. No commitment and no need to book an appointment with a hairdresser. You simply need to open the clips already attached on the hair wefts, part your hair, and attach them to your hair. It’s very easy. Perhaps you may be confused and wish to have a step-by-step installation guide. In that case, visit our clip in extensions category on our website for a full detailed explanation on how to install clip in extensions. The main reason why clip in hair extensions in Calgary keep gaining in popularity is because they are stress-free hair extensions. Perfect if you never worn hair extensions before!

Tape in hair extensions in Calgary

We also have many hair salons from Calgary that buy hair extensions from us. Usually, these extensions are permanent. Contrary to clip in extensions, you can have permanent extensions on you 24/7. No need for you to remove them before going to bed! Different hair extensions method are available. In Calgary, our customers love tape in hair extensions. It’s a great hair extension method especially if you have thin hair. If you have any questions, we’re only an email away!

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