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Hair Extensions Calgary - The best hair extensions in Calgary, Alberta

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Looking for hair extensions in Calgary? Yes! We do ship hair extensions to Calgary. Stop paying for overpriced hair extensions. Canada Hair sells the best remy hair extensions in Calgary and all orders ship for free. We offer clip-in hair extensions in Calgary, tape-in hair extensions in Calgary, invisible wire hair extensions in Calgary, and a lot more! What makes Canada Hair so popular in Calgary for hair extensions? The answer is simple. Our hair extensions are made of high-quality hair so that the extensions can blend seamlessly with your hair & all orders ship to Calgary for free. You can order any types of hair extensions you want from Calgary, and Canada Hair will ship your order quickly & safely in Calgary. Order quality hair in Calgary at an affordable price! 

"Why is it hard to buy hair extensions in Calgary?"

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Hair Extensions delivery in Calgary | Canada Hair

Canada Hair already shipped 743 orders to Calgary

Shipping hair extensions in Calgary by is the go-to hair extension store for Canadians across the country who want to look their best! With free shipping in Calgary and offering hair extensions of all kinds, from clip-ins and tape-ins to wigs, hair toppers and more, Canada Hair has established itself as a dependable source of high-quality hair extensions at an affordable price. Shopping for hair extensions in Calgary doesn't get any easier than it is with - customers will enjoy a wide selection of hair products specific to their needs, shipped right to their doorstep! With the convenience and affordability offered by Canada Hair, it's no wonder why they're Canada's favourite online hair store.

Most Canada Hair customers in your area prefer to wearclip-in extensions.


The most popular of our extensions are by far the clip-in types: they are the easiest to install and you can even do it at home, without having to go to the hairdresser.
You simply open the clips, attach the extension and you are ready to go! Ready for the transformation? Browse colors!


Other popular hair extensions are tape-ins, micro loops, fusion, and sew-ins. Browse all hair extensions types.

Shipping to your city takes 1 to 7 business days after placing your order.

Have a question? Our customer service team is at your disposal if you have any questions!


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Canada Hair extensions are offered in more than 30 beautiful hair colors and will blend seamlessly with your natural hair. Canada Hair orders are protected with an easy return policy. You can return your order for a full refund and we also pay your return fees! We accept returns under certain conditions. Read our return policy for more details.

Hair Extensions reviews Calgary

...and here are some customer reviews from Calgary:

Hair extensions in Calgary
Hair extensions in Calgary
Hair extensions in Calgary

Hair Extensions: retail stores vs Canada Hair

The best extensions in Calgary: order online or buy in retail stores?

Retail Stores

  • Expensive hair extensions: as they have to cover more expenses than online stores, brick-and-mortar retailers are often more expensive to buy from.
  • Poor color uniformity: colors of different sets can sometimes differ.
  • Hair colors may not match: coloring of the extensions have to be controlled strictly, otherwise, they might not match perfectly.
  • No quality control: quality can't be fully controlled by offline retailers as they purchase their products from a supplier.
  • Limited Inventory: limited by space, a retail store may have a much smaller variety of extensions to offer.
  • You might waste your time: finding the perfect extension is a hard task in itself, but it might even be a waste of your time if you try to do it in offline stores.

  • Affordable hair extensions: Canada Hair is the place if you want to buy high-quality hair extensions for an affordable price (based on our reviews)!
  • Consistent hair colors: color uniformity is always perfect with our products.
  • Beautiful colors: we pay great attention to provide the most beautiful colors.
  • Strict quality control: our quality control process is very strict, therefore you only get the best extensions.
  • Huge variety of choices: we have a huge variety of extension types and colors available for all hair types.
  • Super fast shipping everywhere: we ship all our products from Canada so you can always expect to receive them in 1 to 7 days.
  • Hassle-free return policy: we accept returns with a full refund (and even pay for shipping).
  • Best customer service: if you are not satisfied with what you get, we have a very flexible return policy in place, we provide a full refund!
  • Popular in Calgary: we have already shipped thousands of order to Calgary - all to happy, satisfied customers.


Why buy from Canada Hair?

"I can’t wait to show them to all of my friends!"

  • Our reviews say that there is no better place in Canada to buy high-quality hair extensions from than Canada Hair.
  • Our extensions always blend seamlessly with your natural hair as they are very high quality.
  • Canada Hair is also a hair extension manufacturer - which means we get to control the quality of our products.
  • All orders are shipped in 1 to 7 days, and you can track them online 24/7
  • Not satisfied with the product? No problem: simply follow our hassle-free return policy and you get a full refund. We even pay for the shipping!

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Hair Extensions Supplier in Calgary, Canada

“Can you be my hair extension supplier in Calgary?”

Yes, we can be your hair extensions supplier in Calgary. We’d love to be!

We already work with lots of hair salons and shops in Calgary. We help hair salons in Calgary have happier customers by offering them quality products at affordable prices.

This is how it works:
1. Fill in our quick form to be approved for an exclusive price discount.
2. Once approved, all prices will be adjusted when you sign in with your account.

  • Exclusive access to reduced pricing on all hair extensions and hair tools
  • No minimum order required
  • Quality hair extensions that went through rigid quality control
  • Fast shipping to anywhere in Canada
  • Customer service at your disposal to answer all your questions.

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Human remy hair extensions Calgary

Not sure what you need? These are our most popular products in Calgary:

Clip in hair extensions Calgary

Clip-ins are the easiest extensions to install: you don't have to visit your hairdresser, you can simply attach them at home yourself!

You need only to open the clips, install the extension and you get a long, beautiful, full hair in minutes!

Tape-in hair extensions Calgary

Tape-in extensions are the best solution if your natural hair is thin and fine: they are specially designed for comfortable wear.

They are also very lightweight and durable, so they can be reused - which means they are also a very cost-effective solution.

Micro-loop hair extensions Calgary

Micro-loop hair extensions can be attached to your hair without using any glue and heat, which means they are a very healthy solution.

They are always made of real hair 100% and thanks to our quality control they are perfectly blending with your natural hair, providing a real wow factor!

Fusion hair extensions Calgary

If your natural hair is coarse, thick, this is the hair extension type that is going to fit you perfectly: it holds very firmly and provides a really comfortable wear.

They come with the glue pre-installed on every strand, so your hairdresser can very easily install them and give you the long, beautiful hair you always wanted.

Sew in hair extensions Calgary

Sew in extensions are one of our most popular products besides clip-ins. Celebrities, influencers, models also love them and use them often.

These are also the most cost-effective extensions: they are available for a very affordable price and installing them won't cost you much either.

Other hair extensions Calgary

Canada Hair offers lot of other different hair products, including ponytail extensions, and much more.

If you're in Calgary and you want to order hair extensions, you may have noticed that it's quite difficult to find a reliable hair extensions store in Calgary. Don't worry, your solution is right here! Canada Hair is the best hair extension store in Calgary. You can easily order high-quality real human hair extensions and wigs at affordable prices online without leaving the comfort of your home in Calgary. With Canada Hair, it's now easier than ever to purchase hair extensions in Calgary. All orders ship for free to Calgary and are delivered quickly. The most popular hair extensions in Calgary are clip-in extensions and invisible wire extensions. The reason why these hair extensions in Calgary are so popular is because of how simple it is to apply & remove these extensions yourself. You don't need to book a hair extension appointment in Calgary because you can wear these extensions without professional help. Whether you're searching for tape-in extensions in Calgary, clip-in extensions in Calgary, or any other type of hair extensions in Calgary, keep in mind that Canada Hair is your one-stop solution for all your hair extensions needs in Calgary! 

What hair extensions are the best extensions in Calgary? 

The best hair extensions in Calgary are undoubtedly Canada Hair clip-in extensions. These are extensions that you can install at home easily and safely. Canada Hair specifically designed clip-in extensions so that residents of Calgary can have longer and fuller hair instantly with no commitment. Installing and removing clip-in extensions is easy, fast, and safe. We also offer other types of temporary hair extensions in Calgary such as ponytail extensions and invisible wire extensions. invisible wire hair extensions in Calgary may be hard to find, but not anymore thanks to Canada Hair that offers remy hair invisible wire extensions in Calgary at affordable prices. There are different lengths of hair extensions available ranging from short hair extensions to long hair extensions. If you wish to wear permanent hair extensions, our tape-in hair extensions in Calgary are exactly what you need. Tape in hair are the best if you have thin hair. Canada Hair tape-in extensions are easy to install, they are lightweight, and perfect for those with fine or thin hair in Calgary. 

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