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J|C Hair Beauty Med Spa

Salon J|C Hair Beauty Med Spa is a family-run business, founded and operated by a dedicated mother and her two daughters. This trio embarked on their beauty industry journey 16 years ago, fostering a deep-seated love and passion for all aspects of beauty that continues to thrive today. What distinguishes Salon J|C in both service and approach is their unwavering commitment to quality. They are known for exclusively using the finest products and techniques available, underpinned by continuous research and development. This dedication not only keeps them at the forefront of the industry but also cements their status as leaders in the field.

Salon Information 

  • Salon name: J|C Hair Beauty Med Spa
  • Contact info: 905-264-7008,
  • Website:
  • Social media handle: @salonjcspa

Services Offered

  • Tape in extensions
  • Fusion bonded extensions
  • Nano bead extensions
  • Clip in extensions
  • Invisible wire extensions
  • Tinsel extensions
  • Ponytail extensions

Additional Information:

  • Tuesday-Saturday 11am-7pm


What inspired the creation of your salon?

We are a family run beauty salon and med spa mom and 2 daughters! We started in the beauty industry 16 years ago and it was love at first sight and we still love and are passionate daily about everything beauty!!!

What sets your salon apart in terms of service and approach?

We only use the best quality products and techniques constantly doing R&D to keep us on top of the industry and staying industry leaders!

How do you ensure a personalized experience for each client?

Listening and doing a thorough consultation showing realistic pictures of what’s achievable for the most enhanced beautiful you.

What qualities do you look for when hiring hairdressers/stylists?


How do you foster a collaborative and creative environment among your staff?

Learning from each other daily staying humble there is no I’m the boss in our salon environment we are all creators of beauty!

What have been some of the most significant challenges in running your salon?

Covid 19 opening up our new location amid a nation wide lock down but we thrived and flourished where we were planted.

Could you share a particularly rewarding moment or achievement in your salon's journey?

When we have clients travelling from all around the globe to get their beauty service done by us is the biggest compliment

What future plans or expansions do you have for the salon?

We want to start our J|C Beauty Academy

How do you envision the growth of your salon in the upcoming years?

More locations!