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Audree Darveau Styliste Beaute

Audree Darveau Styliste Beaute excels in creating hair colors that blend seamlessly with your natural tone, specializing in a wide range of extension techniques including tape, beads, keratine, and cutting-edge V-Light technology. Her approach is centered on providing a personalized and serene experience, ensuring every client receives attentive service tailored to their individual needs and style preferences. With a focus on maintaining the health and integrity of your hair, Audree Darveau is committed to transforming your look while ensuring you feel relaxed and rejuvenated throughout the process.

Salon Information 

  • Salon name: Audree Darveau Styliste Beaute
  • Address: 6110 Bd Chevrier #1, Brossard, QC J4Z 0L2
  • Contact info: 5149134177,
  • Social media handle: Facebook & Instagram

Services Offered

  • Tape in extensions
  • Fusion bonded extensions
  • Nano bead extensions
  • Micro bead extensions
  • V-light technology extensions 

Additional Information:

  • Monday to Friday


What inspired the creation of your salon?

My passion to reveal beauty in every person

What sets your salon apart in terms of service and approach?

Personalized and calm service

What qualities do you look for when hiring hairdressers/stylists?

Working alone now lol

What have been some of the most significant challenges in running your salon?