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Hair Extensions Vancouver

Vancouver Canada Hair Extensions

Hair extensions Vancouver: the best place to buy hair extensions in Vancouver is on Canada Hair. Contrary to conventional hair extensions store, we operate exclusively online and therefore, we can offer to you quality hair extensions at affordable prices. Generally speaking, hair extensions in Vancouver tend to be very expensive. You are also limited in the selection of colors, length, qualities, and styles. Moreover, you may stumble upon a salesperson trying to make you buy hair extensions that are not within your budget. By placing your order online on Canada Hair website, you have many advantages. First, you benefit from a premium customer service department that have no commissions. You can use our chat feature in bottom right of this page to chat with a hair extensions specialist that will guide you in buying the best hair extensions. Secondly, you have access to thousands of different products. Canada Hair offers clip in extensions, tape in extensions, micro beads extensions, fusion hair extensions, and sew in hair extensions. Thirdly, all orders ship quickly from Canada. It is quicker and more efficient for you to place your order on our secured website and wait a few business days then having to leave the comfort of your home to buy extensions. We also accept returns hassle-free! We will also pay all postage fees, so you literally have nothing to lose by choosing Canada Hair! We understand that sometimes buy hair extensions online can be scary, and this is why we are dedicated in ensuring that your experience on our website is the best possible.

How to buy hair extensions in Vancouver

Simply by placing your order on our user-friendly website. If you never bought extensions before, we suggest you buy clip in extensions. Clip in extensions are the best hair extensions if you wish to wear extensions occasionally. Contrary to other hair extensions method, you don’t need a hairdresser to have them installed. You simply need to open the clips already installed on the extensions, and attach them to your hair. It’s really easy and simple to have them installed. We offer quality clip in extensions where the clips are already installed on the extensions. If you wish to wear extensions every day without having to remove them, you need semi-permanent hair extensions. These extensions are great because you wear them 24/7. However, there are a few limitations. First, you need to have them installed by a certified hair extensions specialist or a hairdresser with many positive reviews about installing hair extensions. Secondly, semi-permanent hair extensions tend to not last as long as clip in extensions. We offer different types of extensions such as tape in extensions, micro beads extensions, fusion extensions, and sew in extensions. Let’s begin with tape in hair extensions. These extensions are the best hair extensions for thin hair because they are almost invisible to the naked eye, reusable, and lightweight. Micro beads extensions, also called micro loop extensions or micro link extensions or micro rings extensions, are to be installed strand by strand. They are not recommended if you have thin hair. No glue or chemical product is required when installing these. Fusion extensions are similar to micro loop extensions. Instead of being installed with a loop at the end of each strand, they are installed by melting a glue that is pre-installed on each strand. Last but not least, sew-in extensions are popular extensions because they are inexpensive to install. If you have any questions about buying hair extensions in Vancouver, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We love hearing from you and we are eager to help.



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