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Hair Extensions Montreal

Looking for hair extensions in Montreal?

Yes! We do ship hair extensions to Montreal.

Stop paying for overpriced hair extensions in Montreal. 

Canada Hair is a leading hair extensions company that offers high-quality remy human hair extensions in different types of extensions: clip ins, tape ins, invisible wire extensions and more! We deliver hair extensions in Montreal quickly, safely, and for free!

Order quality hair in Montreal at an affordable price.

Hair Extensions delivery in Montreal | Canada Hair

Canada Hair already shipped 17,483 orders to Montreal

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Most Canada Hair customers in your area prefer to wearclip-in extensions.


Clip-ins are a popular type: you can install them without special help or equipment, at home, in a matter of minutes.
This is exactly why they are considered as an entry-level type, but they are also perfect if you are in a rush or just want a temporary solution. Ready for the transformation? Browse colors!


Other popular hair extensions are tape-ins, micro loops, fusion, and sew-ins. Browse all hair extensions types.

Shipping to your city takes 1 to 7 business days after placing your order.

Have a question? Our customer service team is at your disposal if you have any questions!

Hair Extensions reviews Montreal

...and here are some customer reviews from Montreal:

Hair extensions in Montreal
Hair extensions in Montreal
Hair extensions in Montreal


Hair Extensions: retail stores vs Canada Hair

The best extensions in Montreal: order online or buy in retail stores?

Retail Stores

  • Expensive hair extensions: as they have more expenses, brick-and-mortar retailers usually have to ask for higher prices.
  • Poor color uniformity: from one set to another, color may be different if you shop in an offline store.
  • Hair colors may not match: the color might be off, if the method of coloring is not perfect.
  • No quality control: hair quality may not be perfect, as retailers are not the ones in charge of quality control.
  • Limited Inventory: because they are limited by the space of their store, offline retailers can't offer the same variety of extensions.
  • You might waste your time: you might not even be able to find a store that can provide exactly what you need.

  • Affordable hair extensions: base don recommendations Canada Hair is the best place to buy hair extensions from in Canada.
  • Consistent hair colors: our sets of extensions always have uniform coloring.
  • Beautiful colors: the method of coloring is strictly controlled, so we always offer the same quality.
  • Strict quality control: we control the quality of every extension we sell.
  • Huge variety of choices: Canada Hair offers a huge variety of types, colors and lengths for you to try.
  • Super fast shipping everywhere: as all orders are shipped from Canada, you can expect to receive them in 1 to 7 days.
  • Hassle-free return policy: if you don't like the product you received, simply follow our policy and we offer a full refund!
  • Best customer service: we are eager to answer any and all questions you might have.
  • Popular in Montreal: we have already shipped to thousands of satisfied customers in Montreal.


Shop without risk from your home.


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Canada Hair extensions are offered in more than 30 beautiful hair colors and will blend seamlessly with your natural hair. Canada Hair orders are protected with an easy return policy. You can return your order for a full refund and we also pay your return fees! We accept returns under certain conditions. Read our return policy for more details.

Why buy from Canada Hair?

"I can’t wait to show them to all of my friends!"

  • Canada Hair is frequently reviewed as the best place to buy hair extensions in Canada.
  • All extensions are made of quality hair so that it blends seamlessly with your own.
  • We’re also a hair extensions manufacturer so we can offer you extensions at affordable prices.
  • All orders ship quickly in Canada and are traceable online 24/7
  • You get a full refund on your order if you aren’t satisfied. Simply follow our hassle-free return policy. We also pay your return fees, so you literally have nothing to lose!

Get longer and thicker hair right now!

Hair Extensions Supplier in Montreal, Canada

“Can you be my hair extension suppliers?”

Yes, we can be. We’d love to be!

We already work with lots of hair salons and shops in your area. We help hair salons in Montreal have happier customers by offering them quality products at affordable prices.

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Human remy hair extensions Montreal

Not sure what you need? These are our most popular products in Montreal:

Clip in hair extensions

A perfect entry-level solution for those who just want to try extensions or want something temporary.

They can be very easily installed by yourself at home, there is no need for a visit to the hairdressers, so they are also perfect if you are in a rush.

Tape-in hair extensions

Tap-in extensions are the perfect type for those who have fine hair: you can get fuller, longer hair fairly quickly and they are also very cost-effective.

They are attached using an adhesive, but they can also be reused, so you won't have to buy new extensions every time.

Micro-loop hair extensions

With pre-installed loops on every strand, there is no need for the use of adhesives and heat, the extensions can be installed very discretely and safely.

If you want a completely natural and customizable look, micro-loop extensions made 100% of real hair are a very good solution for you.

Fusion hair extensions

We recommend using fusion extensions for those who are experienced with extensions in the first place: they are the top-level permanent extensions that require maintenance but also provide a real wow effect.

You can wear them for many months and are also a perfect solution for coarse and thick hair.

Sew in hair extensions

If you want the most cost-effective extensions, sew in types are for you: their cost is low and attaching them is also very easy so you won't have to spend much at the hairdresser either.

You have to take care of these permanent extensions as they cover your full hair, but this also means you get to try out a wide variety of looks and can completely change your style if you want.

Other hair extensions

Canada Hair offers lot of other different hair products, including ponytail extensions, and much more.

Where to buy human hair extensions in Montreal ?

Canada Hair is a hair extension company that sells high-quality human hair extensions in Montreal at affordable prices. Online orders for Montreal are delivered in 1 to 3 days only. You may have noticed that it's hard to find a good hair extension store in Montreal . You may be searching for affordable hair extensions in Montreal but not finding any. Don't worry, because with Canada Hair extensions, it's now easier than ever to order hair extensions in Montreal at reasonable prices. Our extensions are sold in Montreal in different hair lengths ranging from 14 inches to 22 inches. We also proudly carry different types of hair extensions in Montreal . For example, our tape-in hair extensions in Montreal are really popular for those with thin or fine hair. Tape-in extensions by Canada Hair were designed for those with thin hair. So if you have any thinning hair issue and you live in Montreal , keep in mind that Canada Hair is the solution you've been looking for! 

How much do hair extensions cost in Montreal ?

The cost of hair extensions in Montreal is Between $50 and $300. The price of hair extensions inMontreal will depend on the type of extensions, quality, color, and length. For example, Canada Hair synthetic clip-in extensions are $50 the set - the most affordable hair extensions the company offers. However, Canada Hair also sells in Montreal premium remy indian human hair extensions in Montreal that can go up to $300 the set.

Clip in hair extensions Montreal and Hair extensions stores Montreal

The best clip in extensions in Montreal are clip in extensions. It's a hair extension method where you apply & remove the extensions yourself. It's an affordable way of getting longer & thicker hair thanks to hair extensions, without any commitment! Perfect for special occasions where you want to get longer & fuller hair with no hassle. 

Hair extension salon Montreal & 

Canada Hair is an online hair extension shop that delivers high quality hair extensions everywhere in Montreal. If you were instead searching for a hair extension salon in Montreal that can install hair extensions, visit Orly Afrika

Best hair extensions Montreal

Canada Hair carries the following hair extensions in Montreal: 

  • clip in extensions in Montreal
  • Tape in extensions in Montreal
  • invisible wire extensions in Montreal
  • and a lot more! 

Tape in extensions Montreal

Tape in extensions in Montreal? You can get them installed by the best hair salon in Montreal.

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