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Hair Extensions Montreal

5 Popular Hair Extension Styles in Montreal (You Will Love)

There’s a lot to do at night in Montreal, whether you are clubbing on Crescent Street or Saint Laurent Boulevard or sipping on a craft cocktail at one of the city’s fashionable bars. When you’re out on the town, you want your hair to look its best, and one of the easiest ways to do that is with hair extensions. For the best selection of hair extensions in Montreal, go to Canada Hair. We offer a wide variety of extension styles, from clip-in and tape-in to microbead and fusion. If you want a long, classic ponytail, we have extensions for that, too. Whatever look you have in mind, we have the extensions to make it a reality.

Clip-in extensions Montreal and Tape-in extensions Montreal

We have an amazing selection of clip-in and tape-in hair extensions in Montreal. You don’t even need a stylist to add these extensions to your natural hair. Clip-in extensions are perfect if you’re new to hair extensions, because you can simply clip them wherever you want to add volume and length, and then unclip them when you’re done wearing them. Tape-in extensions are considered permanent—because you attach them to your hair with a thin strip of transparent tape, they can be worn for as long as five to 12 weeks. Our clip-in extensions in Montreal come in two versions—made from premium synthetic fibers or real human remy hair—and the tape-ins are crafted with 100% human hair. Synthetic extensions are traditionally more affordable, so they are a good option when you want to take a new style for a test run. Human hair extensions can be styled just like your normal hair with products and hot tools, giving you a lot of versatility in creating new looks. Both tape-ins and clip-ins are lightweight, durable and can be blended in seamlessly with your natural hair to create a glorious crown of hair that looks completely natural.

Ponytail extension Montreal

Another type of do-it-yourself extension is the ponytail extension. To get a sleek, long ponytail, just clip this extension to your natural hair and you’re ready for a night out in a style that can work with casual or formal outfits. Ponytail extensions come in synthetic or human hair varieties, so you can simply pick your personal preference. If you’re looking for something more elaborate, try microbead or microloop extensions. Tiny loops, or beads, are placed at one end of each strand in the extension; these extensions are then applied strand by individual strand to your own hair for a completely customized look. These long-lasting extensions—which can last for up to six months with proper care—are made with the best human remy hair for easy all-over styling that stays tangle free.

Micro beads extensions Montreal and Fusion extensions Montreal

Another type of extension similar to microbead is fusion. Instead of the loop at the end of each strand, fusion extensions come with a pre-bonded keratin tip that is heated and then applied to your head. If you’ve ever seen a celeb whose hair seems to miraculously go from short to long in just days, she is probably using fusion extensions.

Once you’ve got your new hairstyle in place, you’ve got to go out and show it off. Sleek and sophisticated longer styles are perfect for an evening at the clubs such as Le Rouge Bar or La Voute. If you’re going to listen to live music at a funkier venue such as Foufounes Electriques or Stereo Nightclub, go for wavy and bounteous long locks. You can also look stylish and sleek with a high pony or clip-in bangs while savoring the lively cocktail scene at places such as Atwater Cocktail Club or Nacarat in the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth hotel.

Canada Hair offers the best hair extensions in Montreal. With our varied selection of colors and lengths, as well as our different kinds of extensions, you can create any hairstyle you want. Canada Hair specializes in offering high-quality products at low prices, and goes the extra mile when it comes to customer service—simply order online, and we will get your extensions to you in one to five business days, with a no-hassle return policy on your purchase. Beautiful hair is just a click away at Canada Hair.

Where to buy hair extensions in Montreal?

Hair extensions in Montreal

If you are in Montreal and you are looking for a reliable place to buy quality hair extensions at affordable prices, you came to the right place! Canada Hair is a national hair extensions distributor located in Montreal. All orders ship directly from Montreal so you can expect to receive your hair extensions within a few days only. It is not rare for our customers to receive their set of quality hair extensions within a day only! All orders are traceable online 24h/7 and are shipped quickly through Canada Post. Hair extensions in Montreal is now easily accessible thanks to Canada Hair. If you are skeptical of buying online, please bear in mind that we accept returns hassle-free for a full refund. All postage fees will be paid by us so you literally have nothing to lose by buying hair extensions in Montreal on Canada Hair

The best place to buy tbe best brands of hair extensions in Montreal

We have many top hair salons in Montreal that buy hair extensions from our website. Our quality is indian remy hair (100% human hair). Our hair is soft, tangle-free and shiny. We offer many type of hair extensions in Montreal ranging from clip in hair extensions, to tape in hair extensions, to micro loop hair extensions, to fusion / pre-bonded hair extensions and to weaves / hair wefts hair extensions. As a national hair extensions distributor located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada Hair can offer quality hair extensions at low prices. Tape in hair extensions are ideal if you wish to have very discrete hair extensions that are lightweight, comfortable and re-usable. Micro loop hair extensions are popular in Montreal because the hair installation is easy and no glue is required. Our micro loop hair extensions in Montreal come in 2 different formats: 20 strands and 100 strands. Each strand will have a bead at the end so that it can be installed on your own hair firmly and discretely. If you have any questions regarding hair extensions in montreal, please do not hesitate to send us an email and we will reply to you quickly. Hair extensions in Montreal best place is Canada Hair online website of hair extensions. Shop hair extensions today!

Best hair extensions in Montreal can be found on our website. You can buy hair extensions without having to visit a hair salon in downtown Montreal. Indeed, Canada Hair offers quality extensions at affordable prices exclusively online.

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