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Hamilton Hair extensions

Hamilton’s Top 5 Hair Extension Styles (You Will Love)

If you’ve never experienced the wonder of hair extensions, now is a great time to start. Canada Hair extensions are versatile, beautiful, and affordable, making it a snap to transform the look of your hair instantly. If you’re interested in trying them out for yourself, it’s important to know what kind of hair extensions are out there and which ones will best suit your needs. From clip-in and tape-in to microbead and fusions—and even ponytails—here are the top hair extension styles in Hamilton.

Clip-in extensions and Tape-in extensions in Hamilton

Clip-in and tape-in hair extensions are popular in Hamilton. They are easy to add to your hair—no stylist necessary—they can create volume and length for an abundant head of hair and they offer high quality at low prices. Clip-in extensions are perfect for special occasions—just clip them into your natural hair for the night, then unclip and remove them when you’re done using them. Not only can clip-in extensions create length and thickness, you can also find versions that give you instant bangs. Our clip-in extensions offered in Hamilton are made with either premium synthetic fibers or real human remy hair. Synthetic extensions are usually offered at lower prices, while human hair extensions can be styled just like your normal hair. Tape-in extensions—which adhere to your hair with a thin strip of transparent tape—can generally be worn for five to 12 weeks. These permanent extensions are especially good for thin and fine hair because they can blend so easily with your natural hair to seamlessly create a full head of hair. Our tape-in extensions are made with top-notch human remy hair so they will stay smooth, sleek, and tangle free, plus you can care for them and style them as you do your own hair. Because clip-ins and tape-ins are easy to put in and take out, they are comfortable and won’t put a lot of wear and tear on your own hair.

Micro loop hair extensions Hamilton

If you want a professional stylist to work on your extensions, then microbead or microloop extensions are a great choice. Tiny loops, or beads, are at the end of each strand of hair in the extensions, and that microbead attaches to your own hair. This is an intricate style because each strand is placed individually, so you can customize the extensions by having them placed exactly where you want them for a natural look—and you don’t have to use any glue. These extensions are lightweight but also durable, lasting anywhere from three to six months with proper care. Because they are made of human remy hair, it’s easy to style and care for these microbead extensions. Perhaps, though, you are more the type to wear your hair back off your face—in that case, ponytail extensions are the greatest way to get a buoyant, bouncing pony that is lustrous and thick. Made with either synthetic or human hair, ponytail extensions allow you to simply clip them on and go.

Fusion hair extensions Hamilton

Finally, another great hair extension style in Hamilton is the fusion extension. Fusion extensions are similar to microbead extensions, in that they attach to you hair by placing individual strands around your head. However, the way they attach is different—fusion extensions come pre-bonded with a keratin tip that is heated before it is applied to your own hair. Again, these extensions are made with 100% real human hair to allow for easy all-over styling—even with hot tools! If you’ve ever seen a celeb with a bob one week and long, luxurious locks the next, there’s a good chance she’s using fusion extensions.

Once you make your selection, wear your extensions out on the town. Create an elegant look for dinner and a show at the Hamilton Family Theatre Cambridge, wear something funky to go listen to live music at This Ain’t Hollywood or The Underground, or just wear your hair flowy and long to grab a drink and hang out at The Brain or Rust City Brewery.

Looking for hair extensions in Hamilton? Look no further than Canada Hair. With our terrific selection of colors and lengths, as well as our many types of quality extensions, you can create any of these top styles easily and affordably. Canada Hair is proud to also offer a satisfying customer experience, with streamlined online ordering, package tracking, quick delivery, and a no-hassle return policy. Browse our website today and find beautiful hair that is just a click away.

Shop hair extensions in Hamilton on Canada Hair

As a national hair extensions distributor in Canada, we are in a good position of offering you quality extensions at affordable prices regardless of where you live. For instance, if you are in the city of Hamilton, be assured that you will receive your hair extensions in a few days after you place your order. Canada Hair proudly offers hair extensions in Hamilton at affordable prices. One of the best advantage of buying extensions from us is that you are saving big! Most hair extensions stores in Hamilton are expensive. This is because a traditional physical store has many overhead expenses which result in price hikes. Canada Hair took a different approach. Instead of opening a hair extensions store in Hamilton, we decided to operate exclusively online so that everybody in Canada can have access to quality hair extensions at affordable prices. Most of our customers in the Hamilton area prefer clip in hair extensions and tape in hair extensions. The difference between these 2 extensions is on how you install them. Clip in extensions are to be installed by yourself. In short, you don't need a hairdresser or a to book an appointment with a hair salon. You can simply install these extensions yourself. Clip in extensions come in different hair wefts. Each hair weft has pre-installed clips. You open the clip and attach them to your hair. It's really simple and straightforward to apply clip in extensions. The result is natural and discrete. Other girls in Hamilton prefer to wear tape in hair extensions. Tape in extensions are the best extensions for thin or fine hair. These extensions need to be installed by a professional hairdresser. It is really important that you have them installed by someone knowledgeable in installing tape in extensions. The most decisive factor in determining the longevity of tape in hair extensions is the quality of the hair extensions installation. Although it may seem simple and quick to install tape in extensions, please note that you still need a professional hairdresser to ensure the best result. In short, if you are looking to buy quality hair extensions in Hamilton, Canada Hair is your reference.

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