How much do hair extensions cost in Canada?

Hair extensions are one of the best investment you can do!

Contrary to make up, it is a very unique accessory that not a lot of people think of.

Hair extensions will give you longer and fuller hair in no time.

Canada Hair offers quality hair extensions that are safe for your hair. You might be wondering: how much do hair extensions cost?

There are 2 things to keep in mind:

  1. The cost of hair extensions
  2. The cost of installing the hair extensions

Hair extensions cost

How much do hair extensions cost

The price of hair extensions will vary with:

  1. The quality of the hair
  2. The type of extensions
  3. The length and color of the hair

Hair extensions quality

Canada Hair offers one type of quality: remy hair. This is one of the best hair quality you can have because the hair is soft, tangle-free, shiny, and will last for a long time.

Hair extensions type

There are different types of extensions. Each one has a different price.

  • Clip in hair extensions
  • Tape in extensions
  • Micro loop extensions (also called micro beads or micro rings hair extensions)
  • Fusion extensions (also called pre-bonded extensions)
  • Weaves / Hair Wefts

Length and color of hair extensions

The price will vary accordingly to the length and color of the extensions. This is the case for human hair extensions. Usually, the price of synthetic hair will be the same regardless of the length or color.

how much do hair extensions cost

How much do clip in hair extensions cost

The first thing to note is that clip in hair extensions are the cheapest extensions you can have.

The difference with the other hair extensions is that clip in can be installed in a few minutes without the need of a hairdresser. You can install them and remove them whenever you want to in only a few minutes. This is why clip in extensions are the most popular hair extensions.

However, you cannot wear clip in extensions 24h/7. You will have to remove them before going to bed. This also has the advantage that they will last considerably longer than other extensions.

Usually, clip in extensions will last 6 months but it is not rare to see it last as long as 1 year! Keep in mind that this is only when you buy quality hair extensions like the ones found on Canada Hair website. The ones from ebay are cheap extensions that will barely last a few weeks. So if you are in need of quality extensions that will last a long time, be sure to place your order today on our website.

The price for human hair clip in extensions will vary between $80 and $200 depending of the length and color. For the exact price, be sure to visit our clip in hair extensions category on our website.

If you wish to have cheaper hair extensions, you can opt in with synthetic clip in extensions. Although they give the same dramatic change when you wear them on, you cannot style synthetic hair with hot tools. You are more limited in what you can do with the extensions when you are using synthetic hair. The price for 20 inches synthetic clip in extensions is usually around $40. You can find the exact price by visiting the product page of synthetic clip in extensions.

The cost of installing clip in extensions? Free! Yes, free! You can install them yourself 🙂

How much do tape in extensions cost

Tape in hair extensions are the best hair extensions for thin hair.

However, it is also the most expensive type of hair extensions. Many celebrities use it because the extensions are so discrete that you may even forget that you are wearing hair extensions!

The cost of tape in extensions will vary with the length and color. It will approximately be between  $90 to $150. Check out our website for the exact prices of tape in extensions.

To install these extensions, it will be approximately $100.

The total price for tape in extensions, including the hair installation, will be approximately $190 to $250.

How much do micro loop and fusion hair extensions cost

Micro loop hair extensions are extensions that are installed strand by strand. No glue or chemical products are used. Whereas fusion hair extensions are installed by melting the glue found at the end of each strand to your own hair (it is also installed strand by strand)

The price for micro loop and fusion hair extensions will vary according to how many hair strands you need.

Generally speaking, you would need between 80 strands to 100 strands for a full head. Therefore, the price of the micro loop or fusion extensions will be starting at $120 for a full head (14 inches extensions). It is important to note that it may be more than if you take longer hair extensions (example: 24 inches).

Once again, be sure to check out the micro loop section or the fusion section on our website for an exact price.

To install these extensions, hairdressers usually charge anywhere between $2 to $5 the strand. So if you bought 80 strands of hair, the hairdresser will charge you between $160 to $400.

We believe $5 the strand is a lot. A fair price would be $2 to $3 the strand. As usual, always choose a professional hairdresser that has solid experience in installing these extensions.

How much do hair wefts extensions cost

Hair wefts are one of the first method used when it comes to hair extensions. Traditionally used by black people, hair wefts are a fantastic way of having longer and fuller hair, but it is not the most popular method of hair extensions. If you never had extensions before, we don’t recommend you to buy hair wefts (also called weaves).

The price for hair wefts will vary between  $80 and $200. The exact prices can be found on our hair wefts / weaves category on our website.

To install these extensions, be sure to work with a hair salon that has solid experience with these extensions. For instance, the hair salon Orly Afrika located in Montreal (Canada) is well-known among hairstylists as the go-to place when it comes to installing hair extensions. The price for installing these extensions will be between 60$ and 100$.

So in short, the total price for hair wefts / weaves will be approximately between $120 to $300 including the installation.


The cheapest hair extensions are clip in extensions because you don’t need to book an appointment with a hairdresser to have them installed.

The most expensive hair extensions are tape in extensions because they are very discrete and the best extensions for thin hair!

Micro loop and fusion hair extensions are in the middle. Just like tape in extensions, you can wear them on 24h/7 and the total cost will be less than tape in extensions. But, they are not the best extensions if you have thin hair.

Hair wefts are great too, but it is usually used by black people or by people who have experience with hair extensions.

If you never had hair extensions before, don’t buy weaves. Instead, go with clip in extensions, tape in extensions, micro loop extensions, or fusion hair extensions.

Be sure to check out our website for a detailed price list.

If you have any questions, keep in mind we are at your disposal 🙂

How much do hair extensions cost in Canada?
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