Least Damaging Hair Extensions for Fine Hair

If you wish to have hair extensions, you may have heard about how hard it is to get  natural looking hair extensions when you have fine or thin hair. You may also have read that if you have thin or fine hair, you are more likely to have damaged hair when installing hair extensions. Not all of us were blessed with long and thick hair. In fact, most women will find their hair to be too thin or fine. In that case, which hair extensions are safe to wear for thin or fine hair? What are the least damaging hair extensions for fine hair? least damaging hair extensions

Will hair extensions damage my hair

Let’s go straight to the point: hair extensions should not damage your hair. When worn properly and installed by a trained hair dresser, hair extensions are generally very safe.

The hair extensions that might damage your hair are fusion hair extensions if they are installed incorrectly or on the wrong type of hair. Since fusion hair extensions, also referred sometimes as pre-bonded extensions, are installed by melting glue to your hair with the help of a special hot tool, you might end up with damaged hair if they were not installed correctly or if your hair is already too week and damaged to handle this kind of application. In short, no, hair extensions don’t damage hair, even fusion hair extensions. But if the installation was done incorrectly, yes it can damage your hair. So what should you do then? The best option would be to go with hair extensions that simply cannot damage your hair like temporary clip in hair extensions. This way, you can have peace of mind.

If you live far away from a major city, you may have a hard time finding a hairdresser that is competent and experienced in installing hair extensions. Most hair salons outside the city center are focused on regular hairstyles and simple haircuts.

As for hair extensions, you can find someone that can do a proper hair extensions installation. You will have more success finding the right hairdresser if you live in a big city. For instance, micro loop hair extensions are installed in a similar way than fusion hair extensions. Micro loop extensions come in different hair strands, each hair strand has a bead at the end (instead of glue). That bead will be used to attach the hair strand to your own natural hair. No glue, chemical products or hot tools are being used. This doesn’t change the fact that you might have the extensions installed incorrectly by inexperienced hairdressers, but at least your hair won’t be as damaged. If you have thin or fine hair, we recommend you neither fusion hair extensions or micro loop hair extensions. We also don’t recommend sew in extensions if you have thin or fine hair. Usually sew in extensions are for experienced people who know exactly what they want and already found a reliable hairdresser to have them installed (sew in extensions are very hard to install).

Least damaging hair extensions for fine hair

You have 2 options if you wish to have hair extensions that will not damage your hair when you have fine hair:

The difference is that clip in extensions are temporary, whereas tape in extensions are permanent. Clip-in extensions are to be installed by you without the need of a hairdresser. You part your hair, open the clips already installed on the extensions, and attach them to your hair. It’s great for those special occasions where you want to dramatically change your look in just 5 minutes. You can use them for a wedding, prom, or simply for everyday life. Tape in extensions are different. These extensions need to be installed by a trained hairdresser. They are more expensive than clip in hair extensions, but at least you get to keep them on all day long, 24h/7. Tape in extensions should last a few weeks, and they are definitely the best hair extensions for thin or fine hair. Tape in extensions were designed specifically for women with fine or thin hair. Initially, most hair extensions were simple hair wefts that had to be sewed in. Traditionally used by black people, hair extensions are now being used by almost every women who wish to have long and full hair. Since Caucasian hair is different, using sew-in extensions didn’t work out well. Therefore, new hair extensions were introduced, such as tape in extensions and clip in extensions. To conclude, the least damaging hair extensions for fine hair would be clip-in hair extensions (for temporary use) and tape in hair extensions (for permanent use). In both cases, these extensions will simply not damage your hair.

Furthermore, we offer hair samples so that you can try each type of hair extensions at a fraction of the price and be comfortable making the right decision for your hair type.

Here are some first-hand experiences of people who have fine hair and bought tape-in extensions

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