Tape in Hair Extensions Pros and Cons

Tape in hair extensions pros and cons? You came to the right place. Nothing in life is perfect, so normally you will have some disadvantages by wearing tape in extensions (as well as advantages). In this short article, we will explain you tape in hair extensions pros and cons.

tape in hair extensions pros and cons

Tape in hair extensions pros

  • Tape in extensions are comfortable

This is very important when you wish to wear hair extensions. If you are not comfortable wearing hair extensions, you will not enjoy wearing them. It is as simple as that! These extensions are comfortable because they are lightweight. In fact, many celebrities wear tape in extensions specifically because they are comfortable. Other extensions might be uncomfortable, especially if they were not installed correctly by the hairdresser. On the other hand, tape in hair extensions are so lightweight and comfortable, that you might very well forget that you are wearing hair extensions.

  • Tape in hair extensions are reusable

This means that you can remove them and replace them whenever you wish without any issues. Just be careful in choosing a professional hairdresser that has solid experience and training installing tape in extensions.

  • Tape in extensions are invisible to the naked eye

Each weft has a thin area with integrated transparent tape. The extensions are easy to install and will blend naturally with your own hair.

  • Tape in hair extensions are the best hair extensions for thin hair

Yes, tape in hair extensions are absolutely the best extensions if you have thin or fine hair. In fact, these extensions were specifically designed for the ones with fine or thin hair. Even if you have super thin hair, this technique is still the best for you. Other types of extensions may seem weird and too bulky, but not tape in extensions!

  • Tape in extensions are easier to install than other types of hair extensions

Some hair extensions are really hard to install. For instance, sew-in extensions require so much level of expertise that many hairdressers avoid this type of hair extensions. However, tape in extensions are easy to install. It’s a straightforward process.

You still need to have these extensions installed by a certified hair extensions specialist or a really good hairdresser with tons of good reviews, and it will not be hard to find one. Especially if you live in a big city!

  • Tape in hair extensions are safe and don’t damage your hair

Let’s clarify one thing: hair extensions don’t damage hair. It’s a myth. But why is that myth so popular? Because a hairdresser can damage your hair! In short, although hair extensions are not supposed to damage your hair,  it’s always possible they are installed correctly.



Tape in hair extensions cons

  • Tape in extensions will slip if the installation is not done correctly

Now the bad news: tape in extensions will slip easily if not installed correctly. That is why we are always repeating how important it is to go to trained hairdresser that not only knows hot to install them but also how to prep your hair for tape extensions. 

Let’s make it easy for you: go with a certified hair extensions specialist. Don’t let your friend install them for you. And please: don’t let your boyfriend or husband install them on you!!!

Hair extensions need to be installed by a professional with solid knowledge on installing tape in extensions. Although the installation process is relatively easy, keep in mind that there are many details to take into consideration. We wrote the best article ever on how to prevent tape in extensions from falling.

  • Generally more expensive than other types of semi-permanent hair extensions

Many people will say tape in extensions are inexpensive when you take into account all the great advantages they have. So let’s word it this way: tape in extensions are the most expensive extensions when compared to other types of hair extensions.

The cheapest extensions are clip-in extensions because you can install the extensions yourself.

However, tape in extensions will require the help of a professional. In other words, you will have to pay for both the extensions and for the service to have them installed.

Also, keep in mind that usually tape in extensions are sold 45 grams per pack. In English, this means: it’s not enough for a full head.

You will need 2 to 5 packs of tape in extensions for a full head.

The average cost of tape in hair extensions is explained here.

  • Requires lots of maintenance

It’s really annoying because tape in extensions require a lot of maintenance. If you don’t do it, you will pay dearly: the extensions will become tangled, they will fall apart, etc.

It’s really important to follow a few points to ensure that your tape in extensions last as long as possible:

  1. Use a clarifying shampoo before installing tape in extensions.
  2. Don’t use a conditioner or any other hair care product besides the clarifying shampoo before the installation.
  3. During the installation, don’t have any chemical products used on your hair: hair color, keratin treatment, etc. In fact, don’t use any chemical treatment at least 1 week before the installation!
  4. After the installation, wait 72 hours before washing your hair. This will help the tapes to really adhere to your hair.
  5. When washing your hair, once again use only sulfate-free shampoo. At this stage, you can also use a sulfate-free conditioner
  6. Don’t use any sprays, treatments, or any other products directly on the tapes

If you want the full picture of how annoying and long maintaining tape in extensions is, click here.

  • Doesn’t last very long when compared to other semi-permanent hair extensions

It sucks because other types of hair extensions can last a very long time. We regularly have customers telling us that their clip in extensions bought on our website are still in perfect condition after 1 year.

Tape in extensions are like the “Ferrari” or “Lamborghini” of hair extensions. They look great, they are perfect, they are comfortable, lightweight, natural looking… and they don’t last a long time.

Here is a chart on how long tape in extensions will last:

Condition How long it will last
Tape in extension installed by a boyfriend or husband A few seconds
Tape in extensions installed by my cool friend or sister A few hours
Tape in extensions installed by a regular hairdresser with no experience A few hours
Tape in extensions installed correctly by a professional/certified hairdresser up to 12 weeks


In short, tape in extensions can last up to 12 weeks… and that’s the best case scenario. Otherwise, it can last perhaps between 6 weeks to 12 weeks. And if you are a girl with naturally oily hair, life is really unfair for you because tape in extensions will last only up to 5 weeks… or 6 weeks at best. You can always have the tape replaced and re-install the extensions, but it is still unfair!

  • Can cause irritation if the installation is not done properly

The tapes need to be installed approximately 1/4th of an inch away from the root. If this isn’t done properly, the tape cannot move and it will cause irritation which can sometimes be really painful.


As a hair extensions specialists , we know the best and worst in each type of hair extensions. We think that tape in extensions are still the best extensions… if the installation is done correctly! We cannot emphasize enough on this. If you have your tape in extensions installed by a certified hair extensions specialist (or a hairdresser with TONS of great reviews on installing tape in extensions), you will have a wonderful life-changing experience.

Keep in mind that Canada Hair is a hair extensions distributor in Canada well-known among professional hair salons and hairdressers. As a result, we can offer you quality tape in hair extensions at low prices – usually 50% cheaper than in stores! Click here to find out how much do hair extensions cost in Canada

Furthermore, we offer hair samples so that you can try each type of hair extensions at a fraction of the price and be comfortable making the right decision for your hair type.

We also have a free color match service! To find the right colour here are your options:

  • Get 2 free color swatches by mail
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Tape in extensions are hard to find. If you visit a hair shop, you might not find tape in hair extensions in the desired color or length (you might even not find them at all). It is a relatively new hair extensions method. Thankfully, Canada Hair has a wide range of tape in extensions available in several shades and lengths.

We hope you enjoyed this article if you were searching for tape in hair extensions pros and cons. Keep in mind that each method of hair extensions has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you have thin hair, we recommend you tape in hair extensions. At all times, keep in mind that our customer service team is only an email away and happy to help! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


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