Fusion Hair Extensions Pros and Cons

Fusion hair extensions pros and cons… of course, you are Googling this!

Who in their right mind would want hair extensions installed on them without weighing the pros and cons?

Fusion hair extensions, which are sometimes referred to as ‘Pre-bonded hair extensions’, are the most preferred hair extensions by celebrities.

It is one of the oldest techniques, which is still utilized by hair extension technicians.

How are fusion hair extensions applied to an individual’s hair? This type of hair extension is applied to an individual’s hair using a heat gun. In short, fusion hair extensions come in different hair strands. Each hair strand has a glue pre-installed at the end of it.

A heat gun, also called fusion connector, will be used so that the glue is melted on your real hair. It solidifies the keratin bond and later flattened by a technician using their fingers in order to cool it down.

Most of the consumers hold the view that ‘Pre-bonded hair extensions’ are less effective when compared to other types of hair extensions. This may be true depending on your situation.

Before proceeding in installing fusion hair extensions, let’s weigh the pros and cons.

Fusion hair extensions pros and cons

Pros of fusion hair extensions

Cons of fusion hair extensions


Pros of fusion hair extensions


Fusion hair extensions are a great way of getting longer and fuller hair

A Pre-bonded hair extension provides adequate length as well as volume to our natural hair.

There are a few types of hair extensions that just doesn’t do the trick.

For instance, you may have heard of sew-in hair extensions. This type of extension is great for getting long and full hair, but it’s quite difficult finding a hairdresser that can install hair wefts by sewing them. You’ll have considerably more chances of finding somebody who can install sew-in hair wefts in a major city.

On the other hand, fusion hair extensions are easier to install.


Most hairdressers can install fusion extensions properly.

As always, ensure to choose the best hair technician when it comes to installing fusion hair extensions.

Fusion hair extensions last a long time

The average lifespan of a pre-bonded hair extension is considerably longer than other types of hair extensions.

For example, tape in extensions last only up to 3 months, and that’s if you are lucky. Girls with naturally oily hair will enjoy tape in extensions for 6 weeks at best.

Fusion hair extensions are different: they last a long time. It’s impossible to tell you exactly how long these extensions will last. It depends on many factors such as how often and how well you take care of them.

The quality of the extensions and the quality of the installation will determine the longevity of pre-bonded hair extensions.

Generally speaking, fusion hair extensions should last anywhere between 2 months to 6 months.



Fusion hair extensions hold firmly to your own hair

Perhaps the greatest advantage of wearing fusion hair extensions is that they hold firmly to your hair.

Many hair extension enthusiasts avoid wearing micro beads hair extensions because they are subject to slipping and falling. These extensions are similar to fusion hair extensions with one major difference, instead of having a glue pre-installed at the end of each strand, you have a loop/bead. In short, no glue is being used. Great, right? Unfortunately, if a micro beads extension wasn’t installed properly, the hair strands may slip or fall. Fusion hair extensions have the advantage that they hold firmly to your hair and will not slip. This is most likely why they are preferred by celebrities!



Fusion hair extensions are great for coarse/thick hair

If you have coarse or thick hair, the best hair extensions are fusion hair extensions.

These extensions will hold firmly on your hair and will certainly add impressive volume and length. Since these extensions are installed strand by strand, the result tends to look very natural and are virtually undetectable.


Cons of fusion hair extensions


Fusion hair extensions’ installation involves glue

A pre-bonded hair extension involves the process of heating in order to melt and pair it with the natural hair. This part sucks. Let us explain why…

Fusion hair extensions are not supposed to damage your hair. Actually, any hair extensions should not damage your hair.

Notice that this doesn’t mean you are guaranteed that your hair will not end up being damaged.

Indeed, if the hairdresser makes a mistake with the heat gun or any other errors, your hair can become damaged.

This is why many people prefer other hair extensions methods over fusion hair extensions.


Fusion hair extensions require a certified technician

We strongly discourage you to have fusion hair extensions installed by someone who isn’t certified in installing fusion hair extensions.

If you are dealing with a hairdresser who doesn’t have a certification in installation pre-bonded  extensions, please ensure that this hairdresser possesses great experience in installing this type of extensions.

You may also wish to check for positive online reviews before proceeding forward.

If the installation of fusion hair extensions was done incorrectly, it could be a real nightmare!

Additionally, fusion hair extensions take a long time to be installed.

Contrary to tape in extensions, which can be installed in under an hour, fusion hair extensions can take up to 6 hours before the installation is complete!

Of course, this depends on your hair, the number of strands being installed, and the hairdresser/hair technician experience.

However, it still takes a long time.


We hope you enjoyed our blog post about the pros and cons of wearing fusion hair extensions. You can read Canada Hair reviews where customers publish their reviews about Canada Hair fusion hair extensions. You can also read this blog post where a hairdresser reviewed Canada Hair extensions.

If you have any questions or comments about the pros and cons of fusion hair extensions, please let us know in the comments!

We love hearing from you.


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