What happens if I don’t tip a hairdresser?

Some countries have no ideas what tipping is all about.

For example, our hair extensions company recently attended a beauty fair in Japan.

We ate at a restaurant where dinosaurs were fighting robots. No jokes, this was literally the concept of the restaurant. It was so epic that we wanted to leave a tip for the actors & waiters. When we tried doing so, they refused.

They were absolutely confused why we were leaving a tip.

We tried insisting, but they kept refusing. We were arguing with dinosaurs and robots.

However, the situation is different in Canada and other countries.

In some cases, you are expected to leave a tip. Sometimes, it is even mandatory to leave a tip!

In some circumstances, not tipping in Canada makes it look as if you disliked the service received. Even worse, it might be perceived as very rude of you.
In this post, we’ll explain you if you should leave a tip for your hairdresser and what happens if you don’t tip.

Should I give a tip to my hairdresser?

Generally speaking, yes.

If you are satisfied with the service you received, leave a tip.

Unlike other professions where you might think that tipping is too much (example: hotel’s doorman), it is a different story with hairdressers. Your hairdresser might be doing things that you will not notice: doing something extra without charging you, squeezing you in her tight schedule, etc.

Some hairdressers are better than other hairdressers. This plays a major role in your overall satisfaction.

In short, hairdressers deserve a tip if you are satisfied.

How much to tip my hairdresser?

According to our informal survey, the tip percentage will change on average depending on where the hairdresser is operating from. If the hair salon is located in an establishment (Wal-Mart, Airport, Hotel, Shopping Mall, etc.), tips tend to be very low compared to other places. In big cities like Toronto, tipping tends to be higher than smaller cities.

We recommend a tip of approximately 15% of the total bill before tax although this is not required.

Keep in mind that you can leave more than 15% if you feel it is deserved. Sometimes, hairdressers give an exceptional service and you might want to give more.

If several people worked on your hair, be sure to tip each one separately. Contrary to restaurants where waiters share tips with the cooks, this is not the case with hair salons.

Is tipping mandatory?

Although there are very few businesses with mandatory tipping, this is not the case with hair salons. It would be quite surprising to have a hair salon imposing a mandatory tipping policy. Should that be the case, it needs to be clearly indicated before you visit the hair salon.

Personally, we wouldn’t recommend you visit a hair salon that has a mandatory tipping policy.

It destroys the whole concept of a tip. Why not simply call it a price raise?

Anyway, this is up to you!

But what if my I’m unsatisfied with my hairdresser?

Explain to your hairdresser clearly why you are unsatisfied. Most of the time, everything will turn out for the best with a simple talk. Hairdresser definitely try their best to have you satisfied. If at the end of the day you feel as if your hairdresser doesn’t deserve a tip, then don’t leave a tip.

What if my hairdresser asks for a tip

It is unprofessional for a hairdresser to be asking for a tip! Most hairdressers understand this.

If a hairdresser asks for a tip, it’s to your discretion how to manage this situation.

If I am satisfied but I don’t leave a tip, is that okay?

If you are satisfied with your hairdresser work but you don’t want to leave a tip, that’s up to you. It’s not mandatory to leave a tip.

However, be aware that you are placing yourself outside the social norms. You might very well be one of the only customer of that hairdresser who didn’t leave a tip.

Your hairdresser should stay professional at all time even if you don’t tip.


Let us know in the comment your thoughts and if you agree/disagree with us. We love reading your comments!

What happens if I don’t tip a hairdresser?
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This article was written by Olivia. After working as a celebrity hairdresser for several years, she joined CanadaHair.ca as the editor-in-chief. In her free time, Olivia loves fitness, dancing and traveling.

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