5 reasons to buy ponytail extension on Canada Hair

Unfortunately, most of us will not be blessed with long and full hair. This is a problem many women will experience in their lifetime. Perhaps this is why hair extensions became very popular, especially in Canada. More precisely, one of the most preferred types of hair extensions is ponytail extension. Here are 5 reasons why ponytail extensions are popular in Canada.

Ponytail extensions pros 

ponytail extension

Ponytail extensions are safe for your hair

Contrary to other types of hair extensions, they don’t require special chemical products or hot tools for installation. You only need to open the clip pre-installed on the ponytail extension and attach it to your hair.

In short, they are safe for your hair, will not damage it or cause hair loss.

Ponytail extension are discrete

The most important thing about hair extensions is that they need to be discrete. Of course, you will always find cheaper alternatives than the hair extensions offered on Canada Hair. For instance, you can buy a synthetic hair extension on eBay for only $5. The problem with these extensions is that they look fake and most likely everybody will notice it.

The ponytail extensions you will find on our online shop were designed to be discrete, nobody will know you are wearing a ponytail extension.

Ponytail extensions are easy to install

You can install ponytail extension yourself. You don’t need to book an appointment with a hairdresser and have chemical products used on your hair. These extensions are installed with a clip that is pre-installed on the extension. The process is straightforward, easy, and quick.


Ponytail extension are affordable

Our hair extensions company specialize in having quality products offered at affordable prices. Since we operate exclusively online and don’t deal with any middleman, we can reduce company costs and pass on the savings to you.

As a result, you can buy them at affordable prices when you shop on Canada Hair.

Ponytail extensions are the best solution when you want to make a dramatic change

We all love to make a dramatic change from time to time. Whether it’s for a wedding, prom, or simply for fun, making a dramatic change in our look is always exciting. One of the easiest ways of making a dramatic change is by using a ponytail extension.

It’s hair accessory rarely used by women. You will be unique when you use a ponytail extension.

Canada Hair offers ponytail extension at low prices. All orders ship quickly from Canada. Returns are accepted hassle-free for a full refund. Give us a try by placing your order today on Canada Hair!

5 reasons to buy ponytail extension on Canada Hair
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This article was written by Olivia. After working as a celebrity hairdresser for several years, she joined CanadaHair.ca as the editor-in-chief. In her free time, Olivia loves fitness, dancing and traveling.

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you guys are amazing i received my order yesterday i cant believe how soft the hair is, really happy !!