Cyber Monday Deals on Hair Extensions, Wigs & More

This coming Cyber Monday, don’t forget to treat yourself with the gift of beautiful, healthy hair when you’re scouring the internet for the latest gadgets and products. If you’ve been wanting to update your hairstyle and achieve full luscious locks, take advantage of the savings this Cyber Monday with deals on hair extensions, wigs, and other hair products from Canada Hair.

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Remy Human Hair Extensions

Whether you want a hairstyle that’s low-maintenance and low commitment you can do yourself, or a permanent change for longer-lasting results, Canada Hair has the hair extensions you need to accomplish your hair goals. In our online shop, you can find hair extensions in brown, blonde, black, red, and bright colors, in the highest quality natural human hair.

If you’ve been wanting to update your look, do it now before the holidays. Achieve your hair goals, like added length, volume, or color, and save on our hair extensions this coming Cyber Monday.

  • Clip in extensions—Clip-ins are the least permanent option and simply clip in and out to your natural hair whenever you want added length and volume.
  • Tape in extensions—Tape-in hair extensions are applied by a professional hair dresser and can stay in the hair while sleeping and bathing. They form a seamless bond to your natural hair for a completely natural, discreet appearance.
  • Micro loop extensions—Micro loop extensions can stay in the hair for weeks without needing to be re-attached and don’t use any heat or glue. They are one of the best types of extensions for damaged hair and provide a perfectly natural look.
  • Fusion/pre-bonded extensions—Fusion, or pre-bonded, extensions attach to the hair with a keratin bond that is applied with heat. They blend with the hair seamlessly and can add volume and length.
  • Hair weftsHair wefts are made from long strips of hair that attach to the scalp in rows. They are best for thicker hair that won’t as easily reveal the extensions.

Beautiful Wigs

Wigs aren’t just for those with thinning hair or hair loss. Choose a wig in your natural color and texture to amplify your natural look, or completely change your appearance with a wig in a totally different color, texture, and length. Whether you wish to boost your self-esteem with a full head of thick, beautiful human hair, or you want to have some fun with a different look temporarily, wigs are easy to use as often as you want a change.

Salon-Quality Haircare Products and Styling Tools

To complete your haircare routine and take care of your new hair extensions or wig, you need the right tools. Nourish your natural hair and human hair extensions with our luxurious salon-quality hair products, combat knots and tangles with our specialty brushes and combs, and color your hair at home when you want a change.

For everyday and special occasions, we have the professional-grade hot styling tools you need to straighten your strands, curl your tresses, and dry your locks with our top quality straighteners, curling irons, and hair dryers.

This Cyber Monday, treat yourself and save on our top quality hair products and tools and give yourself the gift of beautiful, healthy hair.

Save with Canada Hair on Cyber Monday

If updating your hair this holiday season is on your wish list, take advantage of our upcoming Cyber Monday deals on hair extensions, wigs, hair products, styling tools, and more.

As the number one online retailer of high quality, affordable 100% human hair extensions and wigs, Canada Hair can make your hair dreams a reality this Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday Deals on Hair Extensions, Wigs & More
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