Hair Extensions for Volume

We all know hair extensions for adding incredible length and color to natural hair, for everyday and special occasions. But many people don’t realize that hair extensions can be used for the sole purpose of adding volume and thickness.

If you’re dealing with less-than voluminous hair, embarrassing hair loss, or thin fine hair, hair extensions can give you the thick, luxurious full head of hair of your dreams, while still looking completely natural.

Hair Extensions for Volume

Hair Extensions for Everyday Volume

Whether you have short, medium, or long hair, you can use hair extensions to add volume to your everyday look. Added volume will give lift to your hair, and give your down style that full look you see on celebrities. Except your secret won’t be hours and hours of professional styling. Yours will be because of clip-in, tape-in, fusion or micro loop hair extensions, or wefts, that are as versatile as they are beautiful.

Yours will be because of clip-in, tape-in, fusion or micro loop hair extensions, or wefts, that are as versatile as they are beautiful.

If you’re looking to plump up your tresses everyday or just on occasion, clip-in extensions will give you the most options and flexibility since they simply clip in and out whenever you want some extra volume.

Fusion hair extensions offer a bit more permanence and are applied by a hairdresser. They attach to the hair with a pre-bonded keratin strip and seal with heat. They are very seamless and discreet, but many hair extension users don’t like the added heat on their hair.

Micro loop and tape-in extensions don’t use heat to attach to the hair, but still need to be applied by a hairstylist. Micro loop is the friendliest to your natural hair, not needing heat or glue, while tape-in extensions attach with a strip of adhesive.

Hair wefts are long strips of hair that attach horizontally in sections to the scalp. They are one of the most popular options.

Hair Extensions for Extra Special, Special Occasions

In addition to adding length, hair extensions are often used to plump up the hair to make special occasion hairstyles even more glamorous. Most people aren’t born with long voluminous hair  and when you’re having it styled in an updo, a low chignon, or a half up half down style, natural hair tends to appear thinner and less full than it really is. If you’re planning your look for your upcoming wedding or prom night, add a few clip-in hair extensions to thicken your hair and create a fuller up-do or voluminous down style. Hair extensions can also help you create gorgeous everyday styles that no one will believe took you only a few minutes.

Hair Extensions for Volume from Canada Hair

As the number one retailer of top quality human hair extensions, wigs, and styling products and tools, Canada Hair offers Canadian residents the volume-boosting products they need for effortless everyday style and for making their dream hair a reality. Hair extensions create impossibly perfect hair, without any of the hours spent getting ready, curling and teasing.

Turn everyday into a great hair day with a few hair extensions from Canada Hair to give your natural hair lift, fullness, and volume.

Hair Extensions for Volume
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