The Benefits of Short Hair Extensions

Short Hair Extensions

Discover the benefits of wearing short hair extensions

If you have short hair and you want long, lustrous hair without the wait or expensive hair growth treatments, short hair extensions are the perfect solution for you. At Canada Hair, we provide top quality synthetic and all natural hair extensions for everyone to have the beautiful, healthy hair they deserve.

Short Hair Extensions

The Types of Short Hair Extensions to Choose From

There are five main types of hair extensions that we sell, including clip-ins, tape-ins, micro loop, fusion, and weave/weft. Each of these different types are applied differently and offer different advantages. The best hair extensions for short hair are the ones that are most comfortable for you and are easily disguised within your natural hair.

Clip-in hair extensions are the easiest way to get started with extensions and don’t require the help of a professional hairdresser. All you need to do is clip them in and you’re set!

Tape-in hair extensions Use glue but are slightly more involved than clip-ins and you will want a hairdresser’s help.

Micro loop hair extensions also don’t use any glue and use loops attached to each hair strand to connect them to your natural hair.

Fusion hair extensions come pre-bonded with keratin bond strips. They need to be applied by a hairdresser because the extensions are heated and applied to sections of the hair.

Hair wefts or weave extensions are one of the most popular and safest for your hair. A hairdresser attaches them to your hair by braiding small sections of your natural hair and sewing the extensions into these braids.

Why Choose Short Hair Extensions?

If you’ve recently gone through a health crisis and lost your hair due to treatments or for other reasons, hair extensions can give you your hair back and make you feel more like yourself. If you have short hair and you want your long hair back, or your short hair is slowly growing, invest in hair extensions and fool everyone who sees you into thinking you have long gorgeous hair, naturally.

It takes many, many months for short hair to grow into long hair and hair extensions can give you inches of length in an instant!


Wigs can be itchy on the scalp and look less than realistic but hair extensions are attached to your natural hair, secured underneath the top layer of hair to be completely hidden from view. You’ll look more natural with hair extensions than you would with a wig.

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Natural Remy hair creates the best hair extensions for short hair and gives you the option to color the hair and use hot tools just like you would with your own hair.

For information on how to properly take care of and maintain your hair extensions, read this blog post. If you’re wondering where to buy hair extensions for short hair in Canada, look no further than Canada Hair, your source for the best hair extensions for short hair.

The Benefits of Short Hair Extensions
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