Which celebs are rocking hair extensions

Wigs and hair extensions used to have such a bad stigma attached to them. They were reserved only for people who had ‘bad hair’ and couldn’t grow it themselves. This shouldn’t be the case as extensions can be used to enhance not hide. Also the cost previously made them only accessible to the rich and famous.

Celebrities have been wearing extensions for the longest time, while many did the utmost to hide it, most are now embracing the trends and switching up their styles more often and being very open about the process. Even with the best stylists, the fact we see more of these celebrities, makes it easier to tell that they are wearing hair extensions.

We have listed a few of our faves below, who are not afraid to wear extensions in the public eye and are showing us just how it is done.

1. Rihanna

While the queen of pop has been taking a break from music to expand her empire, she has not let up, serving us looks everywhere she goes. Rihanna has done it all, from long flowing curls, to super edgy shaved looks and she isn’t afraid of colour.

Her extensions of choice changes just as much as her hair style.
For one off looks such as her signature high ponytail, she opts for clip ins or tape extensions. However when we see her with the same style over a few events you can be sure that she has gone with a sew in.

If you are like Rihanna and can’t decide on a hairstyle that you want to keep longer than a few day, Clip in extensions are the product for you. They can be easily installed and removed daily, so you can choose who you want to be each morning.

2. Beyonce

Even though Miss Tina showed us that Beyonce has all of the inches she will ever need, she still chooses to wear extensions to protect her luscious locs.

Touring and motherhood may leave her with little time and so having hair extensions means that her hair is always at least 50% done.

Plus having to style it so often can be damaging so have extensions will save her hair from excessive heat and colour damage.

If like Beyonce, you want your hair to make a statement in terms of colour and volume, then opt for fusion or micro beads. This style of extensions allow for the greatest increase in density as the extensions are added to small pieces of hair and can almost double the volume.

3. Emilia Clarke

The mother of dragons is not a true blonde nor is her hair that long. Our favourite game of thrones actress relies on wigs. Honestly we could barely tell either and we know hair! Her icey blonde hair, is courtesy of a lace front wig. These were first used in theatre but are becoming very popular.

Throughout the show, her hair is styled in a range of braided updos, that further highlight how your hair can be styled when wearing extensions.

In each scene we see her hair in plaits, braids and twist, from afar look super intricate but a quick YouTube tutorial will show how simple it can be.

If you have extensions, take your style to the next level by adding a braid or accessories.

4. Kim Kardashian

Mrs West does deny wearing extensions but she also denies having any plastic surgery so we can’t take her word. Plus there is no way she can go from black to platinum blonde TWICE, without suffering any damage.

Kim is probably partial to fusion extensions as they are the most difficult to detect. These extensions are for the ladies who are dedicated to the cause.

We think if you paid for it, it is yours anyway!

5. Victoria Beckham

Posh Spice is forever our classic fashion fav, she is known for her sleek ponytail and glossy black hair. Some people find the ideal style and don’t deviate from it like Victoria.

If you are looking for your own classic look then the humble ponytail may be for you.

Clip ins are perfect to recreate this look at home without having to spend a small fortune. This style is ideal in any setting and can be dressed up or down. At Canada Hair, we offer a selection of clip in ponytails just for this reason.

6. Kylie jenner

This is our pastel bob queen, not afraid to wear a wig and let everyone know. Although she is not the creator of this trend, Kylie has been credited with bringing it to the forefront.

If you are looking for a brand new style it terms of a colour or cut then a wig is the way to go. You are able to protect your hair and be super adventurous at the same time.

7&8. Nicki minaj & Cardi B

While these two ladies kissed and made up recently, we can decide who wins the hair battle between them.

Cardi held the braid crown until Nicki wore the floor length pink cornrows. Then Cardi has been stealing the show with a new style and colour for every event she attends.

These two rappers show us that your hair can also be an expression of your personality and show people what you are all about before you even speak.

7. Zendaya

Our childhood Disney fav shows us that it is never too early to wear extensions. As we watched her grow from a teen to an adult, we got to see how she experimented with length and texture usually opting to wear curls.

If you prefer volume or more texture in your extensions, play around with tongs, flexi rods, rollers and diffusers and bigger is always better.

We would love to know which of your favourite celebrities wear extensions. Let us know in the comments below.

Which celebs are rocking hair extensions
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