What is Remy Hair: A complete explanation of remy human hair extensions

What is remy hair?

Remy hair: You may have heard of the term remy human hair extensions.

No, it’s not a ”brand” of hair extensions.

It’s a type of hair quality, although you have different hair qualities, remy human hair extensions are frequently named as the best hair extensions.

what is remy hair

What is Remy Hair?

Many ladies choose remy human hair since it is high-quality authentic human hair perfect for extensions and wigs due to the natural appearance.

What is remy hair? Remy hair is when the cuticles surface of the hair are not stripped but preserved compared to non-Remy hairpieces. This technique of maintaining and aligning cuticles produce extensions that look very natural.

Your hair remains velvety and will tangle a lot less.

Hair Characteristics

Remy hair remains the most prevalent kind of human hair extension in the market because of exceptional quality and cost.

The cuticles are in one piece and flow in one direction. So kinks and matting are avoided as the strands follow a single direction from the origin to the top.

Non-remy human hair is generally gathered from the locks that fall on the floor and is relatively inexpensive. The collection process causes the strands to go in various directions.

Types and Benefits of Remy Extensions

Remy human hair comes in three versions which are straight, wavy, and curly.

These are first-class pieces with a natural look considering that these are made from real hair.

The strands intermingle better with genuine hair and can withstand any kind of treatment.

Meanwhile, the overall consistency or feel and luster look good with your preferred hairstyle.

The wearer does not have to stick to a single color or style. It also responds well to most of the styling products sold in the market.

This kind of extension is far more robust compared to other categories and generally lasts longer.

Every piece is designed expertly and meticulously to make sure that all users are satisfied with their overall appearance. You may choose from clip-on or permanent varieties depending on your wishes.

Acceptable Hair Varieties

Majority of remy human hair varieties are considered virgin locks although not all are automatically virgin.

Some of these varieties have undergone changes in textures or coloring to make them look curly or twisted, wavy or curvy, and straight.

In short, the hairpieces had to go through chemical processing during the manufacturing stage.

By and large, it is worth investing in these extensions if you wish to modify your hairstyle through any acceptable technique such as straightening, perming, dyeing or other chemical techniques.


We hope you enjoyed our short blog post on remy hair. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

What is Remy Hair: A complete explanation of remy human hair extensions
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