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Wigs Dos And Donts

Here are the dos & donts for wigs!

Here's what you should do:

  • Wash your wig as rarely as possible. You don't need to wash wigs often. Washing them as rarely as possible will extend your wigs lifespan and they will maintain their shine & natural appearance. Depending on how much you perspire, the wig will last about 3 weeks to a month between washes.
  • To extend the time between washes, try to minimize exposure to styling products that will cause product build-up, like mousse, and hairspray.
  • Use good quality hair shampoo and conditioner. Always use gently & hydrating products. Stay away from ones that contain sulfates and alcohol.
  • Gently brush your wig before washing it, start from the bottom and work you way to the top. This will prevent further tangles that may lead to shedding.
  • Rinse your hair under running, lukewarm water from roots to tips. Do not soak the wig, as this may lead to tangling.
  • If you need to trim or style your wig, please bring it to a professional. There are hair salons that can help you trim or style your wig. Don't attempt to do this yourself!
  • Whenever you're not wearing your wig, keep it safe and covered to avoid dust.
  • Your own hair is important too so please always keep your hair clean and conditioned. Don't be under the impression that because you're wearing a wig, you can leave your hair to be dirty or dry.
  • Always braid or pull your hair back so that it doesn’t show when you're wearing your wig.
  • We recommend you use a wig cap, it makes it easier to hide your hair, and to keep it clean.
  • Remember to always brush your wig regularly, always start from the bottom and work your way up

Here's what you shouldn't do:

  • Don't use too much hair sprays or hair gels on your wig, this may lead to tangling & the hair can become greasy.
  • Never scrub the hair too hard.
  • If you're wearing a synthetic hair wig, never apply any heat using hot tools. Synthetic hair can't be styled with heating tools. As for remy human hair wigs, you can style them using hot tools but remember to always use a heat protectant spray and to always use your heating tool at the lowest temperature possible.
  • Never blow-dry your wigs!
  • Don't sleep, shower, or swim with your wig under any circumstances.
  • Avoid salt water and chlorine water, you're better off avoid swimming altogether. But if you're going to be swimming with your extensions, always wear a swim cap.
  • We recommend you don’t alter the hair colour of the hair extensions & wigs in any way. These extensions & wigs aren’t virgin hair, and therefore have already been processed. Dyeing, toning, or applying purple/blue shampoos to them may reduce the quality of the hair extensions & wigs. We consider purple/blue shampoos as a hair dye since their main purpose is to alter blonde hair tones. We cannot be held accountable for the outcome if you decide to modify our products, your order will not be refunded nor will you receive a replacement. If you don’t like the colour you received, simply follow our return policy in order to get a full refund. If you still wish to dye the extensions, always avoid bleaching the extensions. Test one weft before dyeing the full set. Keep in mind that by dyeing your hair extensions, you can no longer return them. If you decide to dye the extensions, you do it entirely at your own discretion an own risks.

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