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Can I Curl Or Straighten My Wig?

Can you curl your wig? Yes, but only for wigs made of remy human hair.

The wigs you will find on are available in different colors, styles, and hair qualities.

Our synthetic hair wigs can't be styled with hot tools, because they're made of synthetic hair.

The only wigs that can receive heat from hot tools are the remy human hair wigs.

With this hair quality, you can straighten and curl your wig without any issues.

Remember to:

  • Always use a heat protectant spray to protect your hair against heat damage and if you heat style your hair often, use a strong conditioning treatment to keep your hair moisturised.
  • Use a styling tool that has a temperature dial that can be adjusted to an ideal temperature of 120 celsius or 250 fahrenheit
  • For best results, use ion styling tools. Negative ions help to lock moisture into the hair cuticles for softer, smoother and healthier wigs.
  • Never style wet wigs.
  • Instead of blow-drying your wig, let your them air dry to lock in moisture.