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What Are Clip-in Hair Extensions? Are They Permanent?

Say Goodbye to Glues, Tapes and Metal Rings With Canada Hair's Clip-In Extensions!  Affordable. Easy. Safe Clip-in hair extensions are your quick, temporary and hassle-free solution to achieve longer, fuller and beautiful hairstyles in a matter of minutes! As the name implies, the extensions literally clip into your hair. Since clip-ins are not for permanent use and do not require bonding or other methods that can damage your hair, they are completely safe to use. Best of all, you can do it in the comfort of your own home. No trip to the salon required! All Canada Hair hair extensions come in sets that differ in weight and the number of total wefts. This is to ensure that no matter your hair type (thin hair, short hair, medium hair or thick hair) our clip-in hair extensions can blend in naturally with your unique hair type and is virtually undetectable.