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  • Why We Love Human Hair Extensions

    Why We Love Human Hair Extensions     Hair extensions are used by teenagers and celebrities alike to achieve different hair lengths, textures, and colors. Natural colors are a preference, but we think everyone can agree that natural human hair creates the best hair extensions. We sell both synthetic and natural hair extensions at Canada […]

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  • The Benefits of Short Hair Extensions

    The Benefits of Short Hair Extensions     If you have short hair and you want long, lustrous hair without the wait or expensive hair growth treatments, short hair extensions are the perfect solution for you. At Canada Hair, we provide top quality synthetic and all natural hair extensions for everyone to have the beautiful, […]

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  • 5 styles to try with your hair extensions

    You may have bundles of hair extensions but are having trouble selecting the kind of hairstyle to adopt. Here we have five great hair extensions styles that will not only bring out the best in you but will also give you confidence. The center part This is a hair extension style that may not be […]

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  • Micro Rings Hair Extensions | Canada Hair

    Micro Rings Hair Extensions

    Micro rings hair extensions are a popular method of hair extensions installation. This is because it can be installed quickly. With these hair extensions, you can dramatically change your look by having longer, fuller, and more luxurious hair instantly. But if you are new to this, it might sound complicate and confusing. We are here to […]

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  • Affordable Hair Extensions Canada

    Affordable hair extensions Canada

    Affordable hair extensions Canada: discover a reliable place to buy affordable hair extensions in Canada. We are a Canadian company that offers affordable hair extensions in Canada. Discover Canada Hair We are a national distributor of hair extensions in Canada. We work with many top hair salons and hair shops so we know exactly how […]

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  • Synthetic Hair Extensions


    Synthetic Hair Extensions are a great choice of hair extensions! Even if throughout the years people wanted to use only natural extensions, the reality is that the synthetic extensions managed to become more and more popular. Not only are they designed with a lot of value and great results in mind, but they also have […]

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  • Best hair extensions for thin hair?


    Best hair extensions for thin hair: Hair extensions are some of the best accessories that you can find on the market if you have issues with your fine hair. They allow you to bring in the volume and appeal you want, all while bringing in front some really interesting options. If you like the idea of […]

  • Clip in hair extensions
  • How to put clip in hair extensions?


    Install Clip in Hair Extensions in easy steps! If you want to get the best possible clip in hair extensions, you can visit Canadahair.ca as fast as possible! But what do you do after you acquire the extensions, how can you install them properly? There are many methods that you can use in this regard […]