Best Hair Extensions Storage Method

Buying hair extensions will finally give you the possibility of getting long, full, and luxurious hair.

It is really important to take care of your hair extensions. This will determine how long they will last so if you take good care of clip in hair extensions, they can last up to a year (and sometimes even more!) One important aspect for having healthy looking hair extensions for a long time is to store them appropriately.

But, where is the best way to store your clip in hair extensions?

The best way to store them is in a airtight container. For example, a shoe box is perfect to store clip in hair extensions. A regular box bought from the dollar store would be fine as well. You don’t need to spend a fortune to store your hair extensions. The best hair extensions storage method is simply a regular box.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Store the extensions when they are dry. Preferably, let the hair extensions air dry and avoid using a blow dryer.
  2. Store he extensions away from direct sunlight, since it may damage and lighten the extensions. Preferably in a dark place like a closet or drawer
  3. Make sure the clips are closed
  4. Ensure the box is clean and doesn’t have any dirt or bacteria


Best Hair Extensions Storage Method
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