Artificial hair integrations Explained (Hair Extensions)

Only a few of us are blessed with long and full hair. The majority of women will have thin and relatively short hair. This is why artificial hair integrations are popular.

The term artificial hair integrations is a fancy term for hair extensions.

Artificial hair integrations = Hair Extensions

But what are artificial hair integrations exactly? Is it for anybody? Does it really work? Are they expensive? Are they safe?

In this article, we will explain to you everything you need to know about artificial hair integrations, commonly known as hair extensions.

At all times, keep in mind that you can simply send us an email with your question. Whether you are a customer of ours or not, we love hearing from you and assist you the best we can.

In this article, we will cover:

  1. What are artificial hair integrations?
  2. What are the different artificial hair integrations methods?
  3. Are artificial hair integrations safe?
  4. Are artificial hair integrations expensive?
  5. What do I need to wear artificial hair integrations?
  6. Where to buy artificial hair integrations?

Artificial hair integrations


What are artificial hair integrations?

As explained earlier, artificial hair integrations is a fancy term for hair extensions.

Most of us will dislike our hair on occasions. For some people, it might be a nightmare.

Perhaps you visited a hairdresser, and he or she messed up your hair? Or maybe you just want special hair for a special occasion.

In short, you wish to have long and full hair immediately.

As of today, there are no alternatives to hair extensions.

Many shady companies will offer magic pills or hair care products that will supposedly grow your hair quickly. Most of the times, the products are described as a ”miracle”.

As a reputable Canadian company that specializes in offering Canadian women the possibility of having long and full hair, we can tell you that such miracle doesn’t exist.

Let us say this one more time: there are no magic pills and no miracle solutions to grow your hair quickly. 

Of course, some reputable companies such as Matrix, Rusk, and Redken will offer hair care products that will help with hair growth.

Those hair care products are available on Canada Hair website and they work great.

They are quality hair care products manufactured by respectable companies. But let’s face it, they will not give you that celebrity look where your hair will be long, full, and luxurious. It just won’t happen (unfortunately).

The only proven and guaranteed way to have long and full hair is with the help of artificial hair integrations.

Artificial hair integrations can be made of 100% human hair or synthetic hair.

Synthetic hair is usually very cheap and a great choice if you don’t want to spend too much on extensions. However, they don’t always look natural. You cannot apply hot tools on synthetic extensions nor can you dye them.

100% human hair is the most popular artificial hair integrations.

The majority of the hair extensions offered on Canada Hair are made of 100% human hair.

The major difference with this hair quality is that it looks considerably more natural than synthetic hair. You can apply hot tools on the extensions; you can wash them, and dye them.

In other words, you can do with human hair artificial hair integrations whatever you would do with your own hair. But keep in mind that they are more expensive than synthetic hair.

It is also crucial that you get quality human hair extensions. Most retailers will supposedly offer 100% human hair extensions, but the extensions will turn out to be cheap human hair mixed with synthetic hair.

This is why you should buy from Canada Hair and not from eBay, Etsy, or Amazon. We are a professional and reputable company located in Canada with thousands of satisfied customers. We also accept returns hassle-free for a full refund so you have nothing to lose. We’ll get into the details of our company later on in this article.

What are the different artificial hair integrations methods?

This is where most people will get confused. They think of hair extensions as a complicated and expensive product. Let us break it down in a simple way:

Clip in extensions

If you never had hair extensions before, buy clip in hair extensions. These extensions are great because you don’t need a hairdresser to install them. You can do it yourself. Clip in extensions come in 7 hair wefts of different widths. The wefts have pre-installed clips. You open the clips, part your hair, and attach the extensions to your hair. It’s as easy as that. It’s a straightforward process and not complicated. In fact, clip in extensions are the most popular type of extensions. Canada Hair’s best seller is definitely clip in extensions. You may also notice several retailers offering only clip in extensions, because that’s what the majority of women want.

Clip in extensions are perfect if:

  1. You never had hair extensions before
  2. You don’t want to spend money having them installed
  3. You wish to wear your extensions occasionally (wedding, prom, etc.)

As it’s the case with everything in the world, there are cons and pros from wearing clip in extensions.

Let’s start with the cons of wearing clip in extensions:

You need to remove these extensions before going to bed. You can sleep with them if you want to, but we bet you’ll feel exhausted the next day because you will be uncomfortable sleeping with your clip extensions installed on you. We highly suggest you remove these extensions before going to bed.

We suggest you don’t swim with the extensions. Swimming pools have chlorine and ocean water is salty. This can damage the extensions and reduce their lifespan.

The pros of wearing clip in extensions:

The greatest advantage of clip in extensions is simplicity. Anybody can install these extensions in a few minutes without special equipment or products. Don’t visit a hair salon to have clip in extensions installed, you can do it yourself in an instant. The first time you install clip in extensions, it may take you 5 to 10 minutes. After a few times, you will be an expert and will install the extensions in 2 or 3 minutes.

Another great aspect of clip in hair extensions is that they are great for special occasions. Surprisingly, artificial hair integrations are not that popular when compared to makeup. Therefore, if you wear clip in extensions, you will make a dramatic change in your look. It looks natural, extensions sold on Canada Hair will blend seamlessly with your hair, and you will stand out as unique.

Permanent hair extensions

The second type of hair extensions is permanent hair extensions. Some retailers may call them permanent hair extensions (but it’s not permanent, it will not last forever).

Permanent hair extensions are essentially extensions that have to be installed by a hairdresser. You may try to do it yourself or with the help of a friend, but it’s risky. We absolutely recommend you to visit a professional hair salon that has solid experience in installing the type of extensions you wish to have.

Taking into account that permanent artificial hair integrations need to be installed by a hairdresser, they will generally be more expensive than clip in hair extensions.

There are different types of hair extensions methods.

The first hair extensions method to be introduced was sew in hair extensions, also called as weaves or wefts. This type of permanent artificial hair extension method comes in 1 large weft. This large weft will be cut so that it can be sewed horizontally on small braids of your hair. Traditionally used by black people, there are also people with Caucasian hair that use this type of extensions. Although it is not as popular as it used to be, it is still a fairly used artificial hair integration method.

The second type of permanent extensions to be introduced are fusion hair extensions. Fusion extensions can also be called pre-bonded extensions. Contrary to sew in weaves, the extensions will come in many hair strands. Each hair strand will have a pre-bonded keratin strip at the end. In short, it’s glue. That glue will be melted to a strand of your own natural hair. The glue is melted with a fusion hair connector hot tool. This is how the extensions are attached. Celebrities love this type of extensions because they hold firmly to your hair.

The third type of hair extensions is micro loop extensions. Similarly to fusion extensions, they come in different hair strands. The only difference is that instead of glue, there will be a bead. That bead can also be called a loop. Micro loop extensions are also known as micro beads hair extensions and micro links hair extensions. Instead of melting glue to your hair, the bead will be used to hold on to your hair. Once a strand of your hair is inserted into that bead, a plier will be used to firmly clip the bead to your hair.

The fourth type of hair extensions is tape in hair extensions. As of today, tape in extensions are the most popular hair extensions method when it comes to permanent artificial hair integrations. Tape in extensions are also the best extensions for thin hair. Additionally, tape in extensions are more comfortable and lightweight than other extensions. These extensions are to be installed with a strip of adhesive.

Are artificial hair integrations safe?

Yes, hair extensions are safe for your hair.

Why so many people believe that hair extensions can damage your hair?

This is because the hairdresser can always mess up and damage your hair. The problem is not the extensions, but the way they are being installed. This is why many people prefer clip in extensions because no hairdressers are required.

On the other hand, if you need permanent hair extensions, many women will prefer micro loop extensions or tape in extensions because no glue and no hot tools will be used. This adds a layer of security because even if the hairdressers don’t install your extensions properly, it will not damage your hair taking into account the absence of glue and hot tools.

This is why we strongly suggest you choose a professional hair salon or hairdresser that has solid experience installing hair extensions. Take a look at the hair salon or hairdresser reviews before booking an appointment.

Are artificial hair integrations expensive?

This is a subjective question, we cannot tell you if it’s expensive or not, but we can certainly give you approximate prices.

The first thing to keep in mind is that hair extensions come in different prices.

If you browse hair extensions on eBay, notice how inexpensive they are. You can apparently get human hair extensions from eBay for as low as $30 CAD. Sounds fishy right? Well that’s because if it’s too good to be true, then it’s probably not true. In the case of eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Aliexpress, and other marketplace, the extensions always seem to be made of horrible quality. The marketplace attracts a large number of sellers that will try to get a quick buck and then disappear.

It is to your advantage to pick a well-established company, like Canada Hair.

Just like any other professional hair extensions company, we are more expensive than extensions offered on eBay and other marketplaces.

This is because we offer better quality. As simple as that.

It’s not worth it from a business point of view to offer cheap hair. Our ultimate goal is to cultivate a long-term relationship with you. This is why we only offer excellent hair quality when it comes to artificial hair integrations. We also have a hassle-free return policy, so that if you are unsatisfied with the color or you simply changed your mind, you can return the extensions to us for a full refund. We’ll also pay all postage fees, so that you have literally nothing to lose. That’s how confident we are.

Of course, many hair qualities exist. The hair extensions that Nicki Minaj has cost $75,000 USD. That is roughly $100,000 CAD.

The quality of her extensions are better than any other extensions… but they are $100,000 CAD.

Canada Hair addressed this issue by offering quality hair extensions at affordable prices. We are not cheap, and we are not expensive. We are the best bang for your buck when it comes to extensions.

Synthetic clip in hair extensions are $40 on our website. Be sure to browse this product regularly, as it frequently goes on sale.

Clip in extensions made of real human hair start at $100.

If you wish to wear permanent hair extensions, you will need to keep in mind the cost of installing the extensions as well. Although we cannot tell you how much a hairdresser or hair salon would charge, since prices are different from one person to another, we can give you a rough estimate.

Sew-in weaves are starting at $99 on our website (only for the extensions). If you wish to have them installed by a hairdresser, you would need to pay an additional $100.

Fusion hair extensions and micro loop are starting at $30 for 20 strands. You would need 80 strands to 120 strands for a full head. For simplicity, let us say you need 100 strands for a full head so that would come at $150 as the starting price (only for the extensions). To have these extensions installed, a hairdresser would normally charge anywhere between $2 per strand to $5 per strand. To keep things simple, let’s say $3 the strand.  For 100 strands, that would come to $300.

Tape in extensions are the most expensive hair extensions, and for good reasons. In addition to being lightweight, invisible, comfortable, and reusable, these extensions are the best extensions if you have thin hair. Tape in extensions will start at $100 (only the extensions). You would need 2 to 3 sets. To install these extensions, a hairdresser may charge anywhere between $50 to $150.

What do I need to wear artificial hair integrations?

Now that you have a clear picture of what artificial hair integrations are, you may ask yourself if you can wear hair extensions. What exactly are the requirements to wear hair extensions?

The only thing to consider is that you have enough hair length. The shorter your hair, the less natural the extensions will look (pretty ironic, right?). If you have a minimum hair length of 5 inches, hair extensions will look perfect on you.

If you have hair length shorter than 5 inches, we think you shouldn’t buy hair extensions. Obviously, we’d love to have new customers, but we want customers that will be satisfied with the result. Unfortunately, most women with hair shorter than 5 inches will dislike hair extensions because they will not look natural. You may also face difficulty having them installed in first place. Yes, it sucks, but if a hair extensions company tells you that you’re better off not buying hair extensions if you have very short hair, then you should take our word for it. The great news is that you can send us a picture of your hair and we will tell you if you can wear hair extensions or not (we can also suggest you which hair extensions method and which color to choose). Simply send us an email 🙂

Where to buy artificial hair integrations?

Buy hair extensions on Canada Hair.

As our name implies, we are a Canadian company that specializes in hair extensions.

We’ve been offering hair extensions to Canadians for many years. Our extensions are made of quality human hair so that it can last a long time and blend naturally with your hair. The result is discrete and dramatic on the same time!

We are fully compliant with the law, so all transactions are 100% secured. All orders ship from Canada so you can trace your order online 24/7 and you will not pay any duty fees. You will also receive your order in record time because we are both in the same country. We have an easy hassle-free return policy, so if you wish to return a product to us that respect our return policy, you will get a full refund. We will also pay all postage fees so that you lose $0.

We hope you enjoyed this article, let us know in the comments if you ever had hair extensions or not. We love reading your comments and as always, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us 🙂

Artificial hair integrations Explained (Hair Extensions)
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