Black Friday Deals on Hair Extensions, Wigs & More

This Black Friday, you’ll be looking for the newest products to update your home, and the latest gadgets to improve your life. So why not add “update my look” to your shopping list? This coming Black Friday, you can have the beautiful hair you’ve always wanted, with the high quality and affordable hair extensions, wigs, haircare products, and tools from Canada Hair. And the best part? You can skip the long lines and shop at home.

Black Friday Deals on Hair Extensions

100% Natural Human Hair Extensions

Canada Hair offers the highest quality natural human hair and synthetic hair extensions to help you achieve your hair goals, no matter what they may be. Do you dream of having long locks past your shoulders, but your natural hair just won’t grow? Do you crave more voluminous hair that looks beautiful up or down? This Black Friday, take your self-care up a notch by giving yourself the beautiful, full hair you’re dreaming of. We have temporary and permanent hair extensions in blonde, brunette, black, auburn, and fun colors.

  • Clip-in hair extensions—Clip-ins offer the most flexibility with your hair extensions and simply clip in and out of your hair, no hairdresser needed. Clip-in extensions need to be removed before bed and washing your hair, and you can wear them as often as you want.
  • Tape-in extensions—Tape-in extensions work just like they sound; they attach to the hair with tape, and are applied by a professional hairstylist. Tape-ins blend naturally with the hair and look completely discreet.
  • Fusion/pre-bonded extensions—Fusion hair extensions come with a pre-bonded keratin tip that is applied to the hair with heat. They are very natural looking and offer seamless results.
  • Micro loop extensions—Micro loop hair extensions are popular permanent options that many people prefer because they don’t use heat or glue to attach to the hair.
  • Hair wefts—Hair wefts are long strips of hair that attach to the scalp in horizontal sections. They are most recommended for thick, coarse hair that can hide them easily.

Gorgeous Natural Wigs

If you suffer from hair loss or hair thinning, you can instantly have a full head of silky soft hair with a human hair wig from Canada Hair. Our Black Friday deals can give you the hair of your dreams, whether that entails covering sparse areas, replacing a complete head of hair, or simply wanting a fun change. No matter your reasons for wanting a wig, you will get to choose from the highest quality natural human hair available, in a number of shades ranging from brunette, black, blonde, and vibrant auburn. Even if you’ve never had long hair past shoulder length, or if you have naturally straight hair, you can enjoy your dream hair right on your own head with a wig in long, medium or short length, and straight, wavy, or curly.

Salon-Grade Hair Products and Tools

Once you’ve treated yourself to Canada Hair’s Black Friday deals for hair extensions and wigs, don’t forget to grab the salon-quality haircare products and styling tools you need to keep your hair healthy and shiny, and ready for any occasion. We have top professional haircare brands, specialty brushes and combs, hair color, and professional-grade straighteners, curling irons, and blow dryers.

Top Quality Products, Black Friday Prices at Canada Hair

This upcoming Black Friday, treat yourself to a new look and fall in love with your hair, just in time for the glamorous holidays.

If you’re a Canadian resident, Canada Hair has all the selections and options you need to add length, volume, color, and effortless style to your look, while saving money and spending way less time getting ready in the morning!

Black Friday Deals on Hair Extensions, Wigs & More
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