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summer hair tips
There are a few things that summer just wouldn’t be the same without. Pool water, the ocean, tanning lotion, and plenty of hot sunshine give us a gorgeous tan and a relaxed attitude, but aren’t always so great for our hair.

Combat the heat and damage of summer while achieving beautiful natural hair and hair extensions with these tips.

Don’t Shampoo Too Often

Shampooing your natural hair and hair extensions too often can strip away the natural oils and dry them out. To keep your hair silky and smooth, wash your hair 2-3 times a week, and even less often if possible. When shampooing tape in or bonded hair extensions, be gentle and avoid rubbing at the roots.

Brush Daily

Brushing your natural hair and extensions every day will keep them from tangling and turning into balls of knots. To avoid yanking out extensions, use a brush designed for hair extensions.

Hydrate Your Locks

The joys of summer like chlorine, salty sea water, and sun can damage hair and dry it out if you don’t moisturize your locks regularly. Use a conditioner every time you shampoo, and do a conditioning treatment once a week to hydrate and keep your hair from looking limp and dull. For tape in or bonded extensions, keep conditioner away from the tips to prevent the tape from coming loose and the bonds from wearing away.

Keep Extensions Mostly Dry

Water is the biggest threat to bonded hair extensions, which can weaken them. Whenever you go swimming, pull your hair into a braid or low bun and avoid letting the extensions sit in the water for too long. Once out of the water, towel dry or blow dry the base of the extensions to keep them strong.

Invest in Protein Treatments

In combination with conditioning at home, heading into the salon for keratin protein treatments will strengthen your strands and add shine.

Style Your Hair Without Heat

Take advantage of the more casual vibes of summer with no-heat styles. Chunky braids and low buns are perfect for natural hair with hair extensions for reducing heat damage and maintaining the integrity of your hair. Ponytails can put excess tension on hair extensions and should only be worn occasionally.

Want more summer tips for hair extensions? Head over to Canada Hair, your number one resource for top quality hair extensions in Canada.

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Summer Hair Tips & Tricks Infograhpic
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