4 customers hairdressers secretly hate

Hairdressers have an international job that gives lot of flexibility. But there’s one big drawback: they frequently meet people with annoying habits. If you have one of these habits, your hairdresser secretly hates you.

The customer who is always late

Although this sounds obvious, keep in mind that hairdressers hate latecomers.

Let us repeat it: Hairdressers hate latecomers!

If you miss your flight at the airport, you are only penalizing yourself.

But when you miss a hairdresser appointment, you are penalizing other people as well.

Your hairdresser will be late on all her other customers.

She will look disorganized.

Imagine your hairdresser’s customers doing everything they can to be on time, but then must wait after you because you were late.

Hairdressing is one of these jobs where customers don’t hesitate to secretly leave and choose a different hairdresser or hair salon, lol

Indeed, customers rarely express their dissatisfaction with their hairdresser. They instead just leave and choose a different one.

In short, if you have a habit of coming in late, you might be making your hairdresser lose customers.

The customer who cancels last minute

By canceling last minute, you deprive your hairdresser of potential revenue on other customers. Awkward.

She might not want you as a customer anymore.

She may also have a policy regarding last minute cancellations. For instance, a deposit might be required prior to the appointment. If you fail to cancel within the agreed time, you will not be refunded the deposit.

If you need to cancel an appointment with the hairdresser, please do it in a timely manner. Try not to do it last minute.

Hairdressers have a difficult job. Things like these make their lives easier.

WARNING: Your hairdresser must be professional and respectful with you, even if you are late or cancel last minute.

The customer who brings her own products

Your hairdresser uses professional products so that you can be satisfied and get the best result possible. These products are quality hair salon products.

Your hairdresser is used to work with her own products all day long. She might even have received a special training on how to use these products.

In other words, don’t bring your own products unless your hairdresser is aware of it.

The customer who brings noisy children

If you have children who are loud, run everywhere and touch everything, don’t bring them at the hair salon. If you are this customer, you are draining your hairdresser’s energy for the rest of her day.

BONUS: The customer who doesn’t tip

If you don’t leave a tip, your hairdresser secretly hates you.

What happens if I don’t tip a hairdresser?

4 customers hairdressers secretly hate
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This article was written by Olivia. After working as a celebrity hairdresser for several years, she joined CanadaHair.ca as the editor-in-chief. In her free time, Olivia loves fitness, dancing and traveling.

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