Understand how fusion / pre-bonded hair extensions work

Fusion hair extensions

Understand how to install pre-bonded hair extensions

Fusion hair extensions are one of the earliest method of hair extensions. It is still a technique of hair extensions used until today. The reason behind that is that fusion hair extensions, also called pre-bonded hair extensions, hold firmly to your hair. The last thing you want when wearing hair extensions is for them to be slipping or falling! In this article, we explain in details what are fusion hair extensions, as well as its advantages. 

Fusion hair extensions

Fusion hair extensions

Fusion hair extensions are also called pre-bonded hair extensions.

They are hair extensions that come in strands. Some hair extensions retailers will have the glue pre-installed on each strand. If you buy pre-bonded hair extensions on our website, the glue will already be pre-installed on each strand of hair.

Thankfully, the glue that can be found on the tips is made out of keratin. As a result, this will not damage your hair at all nor will it be harsh to your hair either. It will allow you to get a very good experience all while protecting your hair against the incoming damage. 

Installing fusion hair extensions

The installation and removal process of pre-bonded hair extensions are a little complicated for someone that doesn’t have experience. We strongly recommend you have pre-bonded hair extensions installed by a professional hairdresser who has solid experience in installing these extensions. Otherwise, you risk having damaged hair if the installation process isn’t done correctly!  

In short, the glue at the end of each strand will be melted to your hair. One of the best advantage of fusion hair extensions is that they hold firmly to your hair. The ones offered on Canada Hair are made of 100% real human hair quality (also called indian remy hair). Therefore, the pre-bonded hair will naturally and discretely blend with your hair. You can get longer and fuller hair quickly with pre-bonded hair extensions without anybody noticing you are wearing hair extensions.

Since these fusion hair extensions are undetectable and lightweight, you won’t have a problem carrying them around. People will enjoy your new look and you won’t really feel them since they are very light to begin with.

Understand how fusion / pre-bonded hair extensions work
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