Enjoy Beautiful Curly Hair Without Styling with Curly Hair Extensions

Curly Hair Extensions

Benefit from beautiful curly hair without styling by using curly hair extensions

Curly hair extensions aren’t just for our curly-locked ladies. For anyone and anytime you want to add some bounce and shape to your hair, from ringlet curl to soft wave, rock our curly hair extensions. For those with naturally curly hair, hair extensions can provide the extra length you may be lacking but wish you always had. And for those with naturally straight hair or wavy hair, hair extensions in Canada can give you the shape and texture without damaging hot tools.

curly hair extensions

Types of Curly Hair Extensions

There are different types of hair extensions that range in how they are installed, if they need the help of a professional hairdresser, and how permanent they are. The main types of hair extensions are clip-in, micro loop, tape-in, fusion, and wefts.

Clip-in curly hair extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are the easiest and quickest way to get longer, fuller hair. Simply part your hair and clip them in! No hairdresser required! Choose from several colors and between synthetic and real Remy hair.

 Micro loop curly hair extensions

While clip-in extensions should be taken out at the end of each day, micro loop hair extensions don’t have to be removed each night and are permanent. Without any glue, micro loop extensions attach to your natural hair with the individual loops.

 Tape-in curly hair extensions

Made with a strip of transparent tape that is used to attach to your hair, tape-in hair extensions are great for thin hair that may show loops or glue more easily. They are installed by a hairdresser to ensure they are secure and discrete.

 Fusion curly hair extensions

Fusion hair extensions are pre-tipped with a keratin bond and are applied by a professional hairdresser. They are attached to the hair by heating the bonds and applying them on your natural hair in small sections all around your head to achieve the desired look.

 Weft curly hair extensions

Hair wefts or weave hair extensions are among the most popular types of permanent extensions because no glue is required and they are applied b a professional to ensure they are secure and done correctly. Hairdressers braid small sections of your natural hair and sew the sections of the weft into the braids.

How to Take Care of Curly Hair Extensions

For general tips for taking care of hair extensions, use hot tools as less often as you can. Condition the hair extensions with deep conditioning treatments and leave-in conditioners regularly, brush extensions gently every day, and try not to shampoo your extensions too often.

Over-washing can dry them out and reduce their shine.

For curly hair extensions, avoid rubbing the hair against itself, and wash in a downward motion. Apply a conditioner or mask and wait at least ten minutes for the product to penetrate. Gently blot the hair dry and apply a leave-in conditioner or curl activator. Let your hair extensions air dry for the best formed curl.


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Enjoy Beautiful Curly Hair Without Styling with Curly Hair Extensions
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