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Advantages wearing wigs

What are the advantages of wearing wigs

Advantages wearing wigs: Cosmetics and makeup techniques have been around for a quiet a while now.

The early Viking men wore makeup on ships whenever they undertook an expedition (so manly!)

Greeks, used juices extracted from berries to redden up their cheeks.

The wealthy of Egyptian civilizations paid huge fortune to buy cosmetics, brought by merchants from far off lands. Just for the purpose of looking better. These cosmetics mainly consisted of wigs made out of beeswax and human/animal hair. They wore the wigs on top of their shaven head and regular hair. Even the statues that have survived depict those wearing wigs.

Advantages wearing wigs


In short, we humans are obsessed in looking better.

In the modern world, manufacturing process of wigs have has changed a lot. Wigs are no longer made out of beeswax to keep them together (thank god). The wigs are no longer unreliable, with the hair in the piece holding together for quite a long time.

Advantages wearing wigs

Advantages wearings wigs

Wigs are inexpensive

With the industrial revolution they are not limited to the elites of the society as they have become quite cheap. With the cheap and variety of wigs available at the world disposal, wigs are worn by quiet a proportion of the society.

Wigs give you a younger look

Another reason why wigs are getting the popularity is that they take off the years off your age so subtly. According to a recent study, most wigs are being purchased by women over the age of 60.

Wigs boost self-esteem

Unfortunately, with the advent of modernity, where a lot of things have changed for good, it has bought some disadvantages to the world. With the advancement in medicine, a lot of diseases, that proved to be fatal in the early days, are now curable.

But these cures come with a price – side effects.

Drugs used in treating cancer and a lot of the drugs commonly used to treat infections, have listed hair loss as one of the most common occurring side effect.

However, thanks to these artificial hairs, you can cover the missing hair. A headdress could easily deceive your colleagues while your hairs make a recovery.

Wigs boost self-esteem

Wigs are versatile

It has been revealed by a lot of leading stylists that a lot of models wear wigs to give their hair a luscious look. According to them, because of the volume of their hair, few outfits could suite them; so in order to make them fashion a variety of apparels, stylists are asked to put on artificial hair.

Not only they give a nicer look, but they also can try different shades from time to time.

This gives you a better choice of choosing between different hairstyles.

This gives you the limitless possibilities of choosing different shades and length that you could try on without altering your regular hair.

So next time you are thinking of getting the hair-do, cutting them to suite a particular trend or dying them using a chemical that will damage your soft hair – invest in a wig, and avoid doses of regret that will haunt you for a long long time.

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Advantages Wearing Wigs | Canada Hair Wigs and Extensions
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