Repair Damaged Hair Extensions

Damaged hair extensions

How to repair damaged hair extensions

Repair Damaged Hair Extensions with this detailed blog post!

There’s no denying that hair extensions can get damaged from time to time. Be it sun exposure or a variety of other problems, there are many factors that can contribute to the problem. Thankfully, there are many ways you can address the situation fast and with the best results.

Repair Damaged Hair Extensions

Trim the hair extension ends

Trimming their ends will reduce the damage that you can do to the hair extensions.

Repair Damaged Hair Extensions

Never use chemicals and colors

Refrain from using chemicals and colors on your hair extensions. Most of the time they will just cause damage and won’t offer any redeeming quality. So, just try to stay away from them the best way you can.


Less hot tools

Hot tools can also damage the hair extensions so, if you can, refrain from using this type of tools. A little heat is ok but always use a heat protectant.

how to repair hair extensions


We recommend you to brush the hair extensions as gentle as possible each day. Also, try to braid them before you sleep as it can come in handy if you want to do good maintenance.

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Essential oils

Using some essential oils, like argan oil for example, can help you a lot.

These oils will allow you to hydrate your hair and they will also make it very easy for you to nurture your hair the right way.

This will help repair damaged hair extensions.


Also, you can try to use masks as often as possible. Many people use regular conditioners to repair damaged hair extensions but masks are a whole lot better in this regard. We recommend you to use them as often as possible since they will deliver a very good experience in the end.

Wash properly

The recommended option is to not overwash them. You can wash the hair extensions, but washing them too much will not be a very good idea. They won’t receive the natural oils of the scalp so it’s a good idea to just avoid washing them too much in the first place, that’s for sure.

hair extensions maintenance


In conclusion, if you have to repair damaged hair extensions, there’s no need to worry. Check these instructions and visit Canada Hair for some of the best and highest quality hair extension care products. Check them out right now and you will not be disappointed!

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If you have any questions in about how to repair damaged hair, please don’t hesitate to send us an email. We will be happy in assisting you with your questions/comments.

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Repair Damaged Hair Extensions
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