Hairstyle Mistakes that Age You

 Have you ever been called the eldest sibling even though you’re the youngest? Are you tired of looking older than you really are? Our hairstyle is a major factor in determining how old we look, apart from our facial features. Your hairstyle has the power to make you look 10 years younger or 10 years older than you actually are. Therefore, if you feel like people always tend to see you older than you really are, there might be something about your hair that’s compelling them to do so. We bring you a few very common hairstyle mistakes that age you. Avoid them and voila! You’ll look younger and smarter! 

Avoid using hairspray

While hairspray is a favorite among old people because it makes their hair look more voluminous and reduces flyaway hair, it actually makes them look older than they are. This is because it makes the hair look stiff and hard and stiff hair looks old. Instead, keep your hair flowy and moisturized. Not only will this protect your hair from the damage caused by hairsprays, but it will also allow them to flow, giving you a younger and fresher look.

Change is good

Sticking to a single hairstyle for too long can also make you look old. It’s good to try out new hairstyles, especially if you have hair that can be easily tamed because every hairstyle can be tried on them. So, go out there and explore other hairstyles! You never know which hairstyle you’ll love the most. Even if you try on a few that you don’t like, it’s still better than sticking to the same old hairstyle throughout your life.

Go smart with hair color!

Your hair color needs to be compatible with your skin tone. A single hair color can give you a dull and boring look. Go for at least two shades of hair at one time by giving your hair some highlights and low lights! Remember to take a professional’s view before trying on anything permanent and when you decide to get a hair color treatment done, please don’t do it at home! Let it be done by a professional because they know exactly which color will suit you according to your skin tone and they know exactly what products to use according to the type of hair you have.

While you’re at it, you might even want to try funky colors like purple! Be confident!

Very long hair speaks old.

It’s not a good idea to keep your hair below the level of your waist. Shorter hair gives a more youthful look while longer hair gives an older look. I’m sure you’ve seen someone’s transformation from extremely long hair to short hair and you’ve wondered to yourself how young they look after the haircut! Well, this is exactly what your transformation is going to be like when you let go of your long hair.

Don’t be afraid to let go of your long hair. Short hair is easier to manage and take less maintenance so you can take better care of them as well! Besides, they’ll grow long in no time!

The absence of layers

It’s never a good idea to cut your entire hair to the same length. It makes your hair look boring and old and therefore, makes you look older than you actually are. You can avoid this by asking your hairdresser to cut your hair in layers and different lengths for a better and more youthful look. You can also add bangs if they suit the shape of your face. Just don’t keep your hair boring and of the same length throughout!

Flattening your hair excessively.

Flat hair is dull and boring and brings more attention to the wrinkles and fine lines on your face since the hair itself doesn’t catch any attention. Not only this, but most often, flattening is done through hair straightening techniques that involve a lot of heat and greatly damage your hair. Damaged and flaky hair greatly ages you!

If you have naturally flat hair, you could shake them up by tying them into braids after a shower. They’ll be flowy and wavy when you open the braid!

Learn the art of gray hair color, not by experimenting, but by researching.

Gray hair can be a pain in the ass for anyone who wants to look young. When you start getting gray hair, there are two ways to go about after that. You can either enhance your natural gray hair to make it silky and smooth so that it doesn’t make you look old or you can cover it using gray hair color. The former involves using specific shampoos that are designed for gray hair. These shampoos have UV filters and greatly moisturize the gray hair. The texture of gray hair is different from normal hair. It’s kinky and rough. Therefore, it needs special shampoos.

For the latter, use a hair color that is especially designed to target gray hair as they can be a lot harder to target than normal hair.

Parting your hair wrong

A middle hair part doesn’t suit everyone and neither does a side part. If you don’t part your hair according to your face type, it can make you look way older than you actually are. So, explore other parts and see which one looks the best on you! Ask around for an opinion too, especially from your hairdresser!

Not embracing your hair if they’re curly

People who have naturally curly hair tend to keep straightening their hair. Not only do straight air make you look older but straightening them repeatedly also causes them a lot of damage. Instead, it’s better to just embrace your curls as they are because they’ll make you look a lot younger than you actually are!

So, what are you waiting for? Explore your hair now and see what kind of hair you have. Give them the treatments they deserve. At the end of the day, the only way to have natural young hair is to keep moisturizing them and taking good care of them!

Hairstyle Mistakes that Age You
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This article was written by Olivia. After working as a celebrity hairdresser for several years, she joined as the editor-in-chief. In her free time, Olivia loves fitness, dancing and traveling.

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