How to gym proof your hair extensions

Having hair extensions should never get in the way of your fitness goals. Whether you are a yogi, crossfitter or occasionally gym bunny learn below how to wear your hair in active sessions and still look cute.

How to gym proof your hair extensions? Here are a few tricks and tips:


Depending on your skill level you can make them as simple or complicated as you like. A normal three strand braid will keep all of your hair out of your face. You can learn how to braid on youtube and some easy styles to get started with are: the simple braid, french braid and the dutch braid. As you get more confident you can play around and even do a few on the side or a braided headband.


If you work out as soon as you wake up then there is no need to take of your satin scarf from the night before. (if you have no idea what a satin scarf is or why you need one then click here to read our blog on how to get your hair ready for bed).
You can colour coordinate your scarves to match your gym outfits so it looks very intentional, plus as your head is covered you will get hotter faster and sweat more, which is like bonus cardio!

Cold styling

Using lots of heat on your extensions can be very damaging so why not kill two birds with one stone. Use your workout time to also style your hair. Flex rods and sponge rollers are an amazing way to style your hair without heat. You can put them in the night before or just before you work out and when you are done, you will have the juiciest curls or a faux bouncy blowdry. You may not want to try this if you are shy or dont want to explain what all the rods sticking out of your hair are. The guys may think you are crazy but the girls will call you a genius.

Sweat bands

The humble sweatband is probably the most overlooked piece of gym apparel. If you tend to get extra clammy around the forehead region then you don’t want that dripping and ruining your subtle natural makeup look. (No judgement we have all worked out will a full face of makeup to impress the _____{insert instructor, teacher, cutie at the next station}). Not only will it keep your hair from sticking to your face and making you look extra flustered but it will stop sweat from entering your eyes and more importantly ruining your eyelash extensions.

Top knots & ponytails
If you are really serious or just short on time then a few hair ties is all you need. Keep the bun or ponytail secure to stop it from falling loose during vigorous activity and keep the ends tucked so they don’t hit you or anyone else.

How to gym proof your hair extensions
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