Best hair extensions? Discover which hair extensions are the best!

Best hair extensions? Before we take a dive into deciding which method of hair extensions are best, let us explain what they are and why they have become so popular in recent years. Hair extensions are a great way to conceal hair loss, add volume/ length and even completely change your hair colour and style.

They can been seen in all walks of life and were common throughout history where they were worn by royalty, in theatres and in the courts of law. At this time it was common to see men and women in wigs or extensions although now, hair extensions are usually just aimed at women.

The process for selecting from the range of semi permanent hair extensions depends on a few more factors and personal preference. As each of these styles require installation by a professional, it is best to find which stylists in your area are qualified in the various techniques.

What to keep in minding before choosing the best hair extensions

Current hair – if your hair is severely damaged or you are suffering from extreme hair loss, then extension may not be suitable for you in the short term. Although they do not cause damage to the hair, if you are starting with a weak or fragile canvas then you may run into problems. We suggest if the hair is under 3 inches long it would be best to wait a few months before installing hair extensions. Anything shorter than 3 inches leaves you wide open for slippage and who wants to pay for beautiful hair only for it to fall out a few days later. While you wait for your hair to grow or rejuvenate you can wear wigs, which are now just as versatile.

Duration of style – Do you want a style for a day, week, month or longer ? The timeframe that suits you will have a direct impact on the method you choose. For short duration or one off events then the only option is clip ins. If you need something a little longer, sew ins or tape extensions will be prefect. The remaining styles of fusion and micro bead extensions are for the committed ladies who want to wear extensions long term.

Budget – at Canada Hair, we started of as a super high quality (and price) extension company but felt bad that we were limited to having only celebrities and the very rich as clients. We decided that price shouldn’t be a barrier to good hair. Now we stock quality remy human hair in all of the types mentioned about.

There is something for everyone and you are not limited by colour or length. We even have a few synthetic lines which are even more affordable however, once you try our human hair extensions you will crave the real thing as it gives you more choice over the final style and using heated tools.

Hair extensions can be divided into two main categories

Temporary– which include clip in extensions

Semi permanent – which include sew ins, fusion, tape and micro bead extensions.

Clip in extensions

Clip in hair extensions are often the starting point and entry level hair extensions. They are the most user friendly as you don’t need a professional to install or remove them. They are the best hair extensions if you wish to have longer and fuller hair stress-free. This significantly decreases the cost also making them a more affordable option. They are very low commitment as you can instantly add or remove them, perfect for changing your look to attend an event or special occasion.

The clips are safe and gentle on your hair, meaning even a novice can safely use them without fear of damage or breaking their natural hair. We find that clip ins are a bestseller on our site and sales always go up during prom and the holiday season.

Clip in extensions are great value for money. As they are only worn for short periods of time, they often last much longer than their more expensive counterparts.

You should remove them before bed and try not to get them wet except when washing (so don’t wear them in the shower or when swimming).

However, the beach is totally fine as long as you wash them soon after. We advise this because the clips can become damaged, this can also occur if they get very hot during styling. Always use a heat protectant before styling and allow the hair to cool, as this will set the style.

Aim to wash your clip in extensions every 15-20 wears, this is roughly every 3 weeks if you wear them every day.

Sew in extensions

If you want something a little more long term the sew in extensions are the simplest next step from clip ins. With this style you get all of the versatility of clip ins without the daily hassle of installation and removal. Expect to pay between $60-$100 for a stylist to install them, no maintenance is required. The price of hair can vary as there is such a wide range of qualities, lengths and colours, if you make your purchase as Canada Hair, we charge approximately $100 for mid back length. You can view the full price list on our site Please keep in mind that sew in hair extensions aren’t for everybody. If you have thin or fine hair, stay away from sew in extensions. Indeed, this type of hair extensions is the best if you have coarse/thick hair.

Finding a hairdresser who is skilled in this method can be a little hard. Typically all afro hair stylist have mastered this technique and can do it on any type of hair. If you are not in a large city they may be hard to find, also many caucasian salons don’t offer this service but will do tape extensions which are very similar.

The main reason it isn’t more popular is largely due to the time it takes to install, for a business it is not very cost effective as it takes a longer time compared to the other methods of hair extensions for a much lower price. If you are not used to having braids done, it can also be quite painful, especially if the stylist is not very experienced.

On our site we sell quality remy hair that is very silky in texture. This is best suited to caucasian hair, or afro hair that has been relaxed or chemically straightened.

Tape in extensions

Tape in hair extensions are a lifeline for fine or thinning hair. In other words, tape in hair extensions are the best hair extensions for thin or fine hair. It is a comfortable and lightweight alternative to clip ins and sew in extensions for those who don’t want too much fuss. It is very easy to find qualified stylist who can do this style and it is super quick with most installations only taking around an hour. The price will vary from one hairdresser to another. Generally speaking, it costs anywhere between $100 to $300 to have tape in extensions installed.

The downside is the price. The hair used can be very expensive especially when compared to other methods for the duration they last. You’ll need 4 to 6 packs for a full head. Depending on the length, color, and quality you are looking for, expect to pay a few hundreds dollars only for the hair extensions.

As for the installation, if tape in extensions are installed incorrectly, it can slip or fall. Always avoid to having the tape in wefts installed too close to the scalp. Keep in mind that these extensions don’t last a long time, even though they are quite expensive. Plus if you have naturally oily hair, it will last only 5 to 6 weeks. You can reuse the tape in extensions, but that will mean a second visit to the hairdresser and therefore you will have to spend more money. At best, these extensions can last 3 months.

Micro loop extensions & Fusion extensions

If you want something that will last for months and gives the most natural look then you should opt for micro loop or fusion hair extensions. These are both right at the top of the premium scale but as the current choice of global celebrities, it is easy to see why. Both of these methods require a highly skilled stylist and the best hair extensions, which have usually been meticulously coloured to provide a perfect match to your natural hair. Expect to pay top dollar for the installation and the hair but it is worth every penny and the finished look is always red carpet ready.

Micro loop hair extensions are a hair extension method that doesn’t require glue. It’s also known as micro beads or micro ring or micro link. Basically, it’s hair strand with a bead at the end of each strand. This bead will be used to hold your natural hair. One common problem with micro beads extensions is that they may slip or fall if not installed correctly. It’s not the cheapest hair extension method, but it’s not the most expensive neither. If you never had extensions before and would like to wear permanent hair extensions, micro beads are a great choice. People usually prefer this method over fusion if they are worried about using too much heat or the glue. Previously the beads used to be quite big and bulky but now it is possible to get clear beads. Some salons use metal micro links which are opened and closed with a special pair of pliers, many women used to complain of hair loss as if they were not installed correctly, the hair could become trapped and break but thankfully this method is becoming less common.

Fusion hair extensions are one of the first method of extensions to be used. It’s also known as pre-bonded hair extensions or keratin tip hair extensions. It’s the best hair extensions if you wish to wear extensions that will never slip. It’s widely used by celebrities since these extensions will hold firmly to your hair. But keep in mind that if the hairdresser doesn’t install these extensions correctly, it may damage your hair since it uses glue and heat. We don’t recommend this type of hair extensions if you never had extensions before, as there is a lot of maintenance and they can be very expensive for a novice. In short, we recommend clip in extensions. But if you would like to wear permanent extensions, then go with tape in extensions if you can afford it or go with micro beads extensions. If you are an experienced user, sew in extensions are great because they are affordable and fusion extensions are amazing because they hold firmly to your hair.

When you have chosen your prefered method, there are a few other points to keep in mind to make sure that you get the full use of your extensions. Remember extensions are always safe when they are cared for and installed correctly.

How to take care of hair extensions

Avoid bleaching or dyeing hair extensions. Yes, human hair extensions can be dyed, but that should only be done by professional hair colorists. It’s easy to damage the extensions when dyeing them. This can happen even if you buy the best hair extensions on the market (virgin unprocessed European hair). Since hair extensions are most of the time already dyed, doing it a 2nd time can damage the extensions. has a friendly return policy. If you don’t like the color and you respect our return policy, we will refund you completed and pay all postage fees. So you literally have nothing to lose by giving a chance

If you have thick hair, you need more hair extensions so that the result looks real.
Always invest in good hair quality. All sellers on the internet claim that their hair is 100% human hair, but that doesn’t mean anything. You can find supposedly 100% human hair on ebay and amazon for 25$, whereas another seller will offer them for $300. Who are you supposed to trust? The rule of thumb is to go with an honest hair extension seller that offers a transparent friendly return policy, just like


And remember ‘Always have permanent hair extensions installed by a professional!’

We really hope this guide helped you to make a decision about which method of hair extensions is best for you. All of our hair is available to purchase at our website If you still have any questions feel free to email us at, we look forward to hearing from you.

Best hair extensions? Discover which hair extensions are the best!
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