Best Hairstyles For Diamond Shape Faces

Have you ever wondered why when you try out a style you have seen in a magazine or on a celebrity and it looks completely awful? There is a science behind hairstyling and a lot of it depends on face shape.

Your face shape is a really big factor when determining the best styles. It can let you know whether to go long or short, where to place your parting and what kind of bang you should have, if any.

In this blog we are focusing on the diamond face shape. This face shape is characterised by a wide central portion with prominent cheek, however the forehead and chin are narrow giving the face a diamond shape. While some people may be hindered by a pokey chin, they usually have a great jawline giving them a model look.

Famous Diamonds include Ciara, Haile Berry, Vanessa Hudgens, Madonna and the Selma Blair.


• Full fringes – this can overshadow an already small face. Blunt fringes that are straight at whatever length will look super harsh, unless you are emo/goth inclined.


• Have a side swept fringe that leaves most of the forehead visible. Face framing will shape the hair by adding subtle layers so the hair falls gentle between the cheeks and shoulders depending on length.


• Centre partings and blunt cuts, especially those that stop at the cheek or jaw. These styles will make the face look even wider.


• Side partings will help to balance your features and open up the face more to highlight the eyes and nose.


• Flat straight styles that are all one length or lots of volume in the middle of the head, such as pixies with long bangs or fringes. These will change the shape of the face but draw the attention to the wrong areas making it look smaller by default.


• Opt for styles with lots of volume and texture. If you want to have a shortcut, have choppy layers and the hair pulled away from the face. This will open up your features and give you a more rounded look. For longer styles a diagonal bob will elongate the face and give the illusion of the widest part being the chin. Long tousled looks with lots of layers add movement and depth to your hair, they will look even better with highlights for more dimension.

Best types of hair extensions for Diamond faces

If you want to get extensions and are trying to figure out which method will be best, based on our guide above you should opt for Fusion. These extensions allows for the most versatility when styling. Your stylist can cut them to perfectly suit you after installation so you are ready to rock. If you want something a little less long term, go for tape extensions, it is all about placement here so make sure you pick a stylist with lots of experience. Choose you next set of extensions at now.

Best Hairstyles For Diamond Shape Faces
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