How to choose your shade of perfect luxury hair extensions?

You have finally decided to get hair extensions, found the right stylist and method so it is time to purchase your hair, but there are so many shades it is hard to know which colour to purchase. Fear not, here at Canada Hair, we want to help you so have written this handy guide to take the stress out of your decision.

1. What colour is your hair?

For most people this is a simple question and usually has a one word answer e.g black, brown or blonde. However it is a bit more difficult than that. Most people have natural highlights and their hair will not all be exactly the same colour. This is more visible with the lighter shades. Also have you noticed that in the summer your hair gets lighter, as the sun will affect the strands, so the time of year can determine the colour of your hair.

Hairstylists decipher between colours using a chart that has 10 shades from darkest black to lightest blonde. So while you may think your hair is just brown, it could be a dark brown, golden brown or light brown. Each colour has a number that is universally recognised so that wherever you are in the world you know that you are discussing the same shade.

You can find an example here

From this you can select the colour that best matches your hair.

In some places you will see a colour described by more than one number, it may have 3 digits such as 613 or a decimal places 9.7, while other companies may use letters like 8A. The first number corresponds to the shade of the hair as described above, and the letter or following number is used to identify the undertone.

Undertones make the hair reflect different colours. Dark hair usually has a warm undertone made up of red and orange, but lighter hair has more cool tones such as yellow, blue and violet.

This undertones are what gives the hair it’s personality, it is what makes blondes super ashy, blacks look violet and redheads look golden. Choosing the right shade and undertone is crucial to making your extensions look as natural as possible. If the hair colour is a perfect match, there will be a seamless blend between your hair and the extensions.

2. What type of extensions will you be using?

At Canada Hair, we sell the most common types of hair extensions such as: Clip in, Tape in, Micro beads, Fusion, and Sew in/weft. All of these are available in a large range of colours so that you can find the perfect match.

We also stock fun colours so that if you want to step away from the norm, you can have bright and exciting colours to make you really stand out. These colours can be matched to your length and used to add highlights and edge to your current style without having to change your natural colour of use harsh chemicals.

3. What if you can’t find your exact shade.

Sometimes you may not be able to find the exact colour of your hair, this usually happens when you have custom highlights or a synthetic colour. If you find yourself in this position is doesn’t mean that you can’t have hair extensions. You can purchase the type you want as normal, but choose the lightest shade possible.

Once you receive your extensions, take them to your hairstylist as they will be able to colour them for you to match your exact shade. We do not suggest this in most cases and the process must always be done by a professional. At Canada Hair we use high quality remy hair, this is human hair that can be coloured but this also means it is prone to damage and must be treated with care.

If you purchase hair from us and find it isn’t the perfect match, you can return it to us with no hassle as long as you follow our guide here, in fact we will even cover return shipping so you have nothing to worry about.

If you have any questions about finding the correct shade of hair extensions send us an email at

How to choose your shade of perfect luxury hair extensions?
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