7 benefits of tape in hair extensions

Tape extensions are the hottest method of hair extensions right now. More women are benefiting from using them and are switching from other semi permanent extension methods everyday. To explain why they are taking over and becoming a bestseller, we have written this blog to let you know the top seven reasons why you should consider getting tape extensions at your next hair appointment.

7 benefits of tape in hair extensions

Use on fine hair

Many women use hair extensions to add extra length to their hair but another benefit is the extra density. If you were blessed with beauty and not fullness then tape extensions can help.

These lightweight extensions are super gentle on the hair meaning that even if your hair is super fine, you are still a candidate.

Each strip is sandwiched between your natural hair so it can be anchored and this reduces any tension. So you are able to get better overall coverage makes your hair instantly look at least twice as thick.

Can be worn in a ponytail

The installation of tape hair extensions is done in a way that the extension is hidden in between sections of your natural hair very close to the roots. This means that you are able to style your hair however you please without fear that your extensions will be visible. So you can wear your hair down, half up, in a low pony, a messy bun or whatever style tickles your fancy. The only people who will be able to tell you are wearing extensions are your hairdresser and people who saw you before the installation. They might even be fooled into thinking you found a miracle hair growth product. Your secret is safe with us, although we hope you will at least recommend us to your close girlfriends, as everyone deserves good hair.

Next step from clip ins

If you are used to wearing clip ins but are looking for something that does not need daily installation and removal, then tape extensions are the perfect next step. In fact you will hardly notice the difference except that you will not have to fuss with taking them out every night and putting them back in the next morning. Tape extensions are placed in the hair in a similar fashion, just that the clip is replaced with a strip of adhesive making them last upto six weeks. This is perfect for holidays, special events or anytime you decide that you want to be able to have your hair ready at a moments notice.

Can be reused

Unlike many of the other extension methods where the hair is single use only, with tape extensions you can have the adhesive strip replaced when it starts to lose its grip. So one purchase of extensions can be installed several times depending on how well you look after them, thus saving you lots of money in the long run. Your hairstylist, who does the instalation for you will be able to give you all the information you need about this process, however if you have any questions about it you can always email us and one of our agents will be able to guide you in the right direction.

Quick installation

A good hairdresser should be able to install a full head of tape extensions in under an hour in fact the average time for this service is usually 30 mins (that is without styling). This is a blink of an eye in the hairdressing world. Many of the other semi permanent extension methods can take upwards of 4 hours even with the best of stylists. This way you will be in and out of the salon in a flash. Plus as the time is so short, you can expect to pay a fraction of the price compared to fusion or micro beads for example. With that extra cash in your pocket you can treat yourself to a manicure, your favorite take out or even another set of Canada Hair extensions for the extra special occasions.

Cheaper than other methods

Although you may have to pay more upfront for the hair, as tape extensions does require quite a few packs, you will be making huge savings in every other area. You can use the same set of extensions over and over again as long as you keep them clean, tangle free and in good condition, just as you would your natural hair. To make sure you keep you tape extensions looking as good as possible, read our other blogs on how to maintain them here.
Easy to maintain and style at home

Once you have read all of our tips and insider tricks about caring for your extensions, you will find wearing them such a breeze and will even forget the extra hair is not directly growing out of your head. We believe that as you paid for it, it is already yours. For up to six weeks (4 if you have naturally oily hair). You will not need to fuss over clip ins, have itchy braids if you have a sew in or worry that one of your strands of extensions is slipping.

Here at Canada Hair, tape extensions are a firm favourite as we explained. We have a huge range of hair to suit every shade and length. If you would like any more information about tape extensions check our our other blogs or if you have a burning question just send us an email and we will get back to you ASAP.

7 benefits of tape in hair extensions
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This article was written by Olivia. After working as a celebrity hairdresser for several years, she joined CanadaHair.ca as the editor-in-chief. In her free time, Olivia loves fitness, dancing and traveling.

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