Can I bleach my hair extensions?

Buying hair extensions can be a daunting process. Firstly you will have to choose which method you would like. Deciding between temporary and semi permanent extensions will be based on your lifestyle, budget and how often you can visit a stylist or if you even want to.

Then you have to choose the type of hair. We have several blogs highlighting the pros and cons of synthetic vs human hair.

Synthetic hair is available in almost any shade you can imagine. This makes it very easy to select a colour that matches your hair. However the quality and versatility of synthetic hair is quite limited.

With synthetic hair extensions, although much progress has been made in terms of texture and appearance, those who have any experience with extensions will be able to tell it isn’t real.
Also when it comes to styling you can’t use any heated tools so are stuck with the texture and can’t straighten or curl it. Using synthetic hair has other limitations including the fact that it is impossible to change the colour. The fibres do not react like human hair, therefore commercial methods of bleaching and recolouring are useless. Plus this is a process that requires lots of expertise and should always be done by a professional, never use a box dye or over the counter, shop bought product.

If you decide to make a purchase of human hair, you are opting for superior quality even though it will cost significantly more.

Most human hair on the market comes from multiple donors and they are all natural hair colours available. Most people will be able to find the correct shade for them without any problem. However if you have a custom colour it can be a little harder to match.

At Canada Hair we pride ourselves on being a large stockist of Remy Human Hair. Most our customers can quickly find the perfect extensions for themselves just by browsing our website.

Can I bleach my hair extensions

However sometimes we get emails asking if it is possible to dye our extensions. We use remy hair as opposed to virgin hair and thus say that it is not a good idea to dye it.

Human hair extensions are made from 100% real human hair. To ensure that you get the highest quality hair, we process the hair first. This means it is chemically treated to ensure it is clean and safe for you to use straight after your purchase. When hair has been looked after in this way it is called Remy hair.

Virgin hair means just that, it is cut and shipped to the consumer as is. With virgin hair there can be a lot of variety in texture and quality so by taking the extra step to prepare the hair for you, we can guarantee our product every time.

As the hair has already gone through one chemical process, to then go on to bleach or colour the hair after would significantly reduce the longevity and destroy the hair strand.

If you make a purchase and find it is not the correct colour to match your hair, just follow our simple returns process to get a full refund or exchange, no questions asked. In fact we even cover the return shipping cost to make it really simple and easy for you.

Our dedicated customer service agents are always available to answer any questions you may have and then assist you at any stage of your purchase.

Our blogs are full of information to help you select the best hair extensions in Canada. We always have a full stock of numerous shades and lengths so just browse our products catalog at and find top quality hair extensions today.

Can I bleach my hair extensions?
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