Different types of Drag Queens & which Wigs work best for them!

drag queen wigs

If you’re a drag queen wanting to serve fishy realness, you cannot settle for hair out of the bag—gurl, you want a wig that looks stylish and fierce and has you feeling your oats! Here’s what to look for based on your drag style so you can turn it out:

• Diva
You are the queen of all queens. You take center stage and need a hairstyle that helps you shine in the spotlight. Flamboyant waves with volume and bounce are your crowning glory. Bam!

• Beauty Queen
Your face is beat for the gods, so you’ve got to have the hair to match. Your wig should accentuate your features—anything from a cheekbone-enhancing bob to soft layers to sleek straight hair that gets your glamazon on.

• Fashionista
No hoochie mama here—you are the epitome of eleganza extravaganza in the latest looks. Your fashion-forward style extends to your mane, so you keep an arsenal at the ready—you wouldn’t be expected to have just one outfit, so you can’t be expected to have just one wig.

• Drag Mother
You’ve got the experience and seasoning that can make the difference between looking busted and looking polished. Classic and classy styles never go out of fashion—you’re serving charisma like a pro and your hair is part of your complete look. You may go long (but not too long) or you can go short and tease it for volume.

• Camp
You are over-the-top fabulous and when you turn it out you go big. You want a wig that captures that personality and persona—look for exuberant curls or something with unusual color such as magenta or purple.

Whatever drag look you’re going for, you can find fabulous wigs at Canada Hair. The 100 % synthetic wigs are durable, comfortable and—because who wants to be limited to just one look?—affordable. Lengths, styles, colors—the possibilities are endless because there’s so much to choose from. Pick one (or more)and become the flawless queen you want to be.

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Different types of Drag Queens & which Wigs work best for them!
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